Who Is Charlie Heaton’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Charlie Ross Heaton is an English actor and musician born on 6th February 1994. He is best known for his role as Jonathan Byers, brother of Will Byers, in the popular sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things. He started his acting career with a short film, Life Needs Courage, and a crime drama series named DCI Banks in 2015. He is currently dating a co-actress on the same show, Natalie Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), before they made it official on December 4, Red Carpet. It is speculated that they have dated since long before the red carpet after Dyer reveals that it’s normal for coworkers to catch feelings when they participate in work and interviews together, and they are just like normal people.

The public and reporters have shown huge interest in the couple, and they are always asked about their relationship status in their interviews. They have sweet and strong chemistry both on and off camera and fans are so happy. They share a lot of cute pictures and clips of themselves having fun and enjoying each other’s company and torturing singles all around the world. Although the popular couple is envied by many, Natalie Dyer is not the only girl who has great chemistry with Charlie. He had an ex-girlfriend named Akiko Matsuura who shared great chemistry with him too. Although they didn’t end up together, netizens are happy to know that the two dated and have broken up on good terms. 

Who Is Charlie Heaton’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Who Is Charlie Heaton's Ex-Girlfriend?

Akiko Matsuura, age 28, is originally from Japan and is a well-known drummer and singer who has worked with numerous bands, including PRE, Comanechi, Big Pink and a side project, Sperm Javelin. She has a net worth of approximately $1 million. Akiko Matsuura, popularly known as ‘Keex’, was born in 1994 and is from Osaka, Japan. She is the only child of her parents. She plays experimental, punk and noise music, and currently resides in the United Kingdom to pursue her music career. She is a mysterious artist and has limited information on her personal life revealed, except for the things she mentions in her interviews. This means there is hardly any information about her revealed on the internet, but surprisingly enough, this lad is crazily popular among rock artists and has a lot of loyal die-hard fans who obviously stan her for her talent.

One cannot pass by watching her performance. She once mentioned that although her profession makes her stay in the country, she still misses her homeland and would prefer Tokyo over London. She also mentioned that she likes authentic Japanese things and clothes which are difficult to come across in London.

Akiko likes sushi, ramen soup in noodle bars and barbeque. She started to like barbeque in her childhood days as her parents were entrepreneurs who owned a barbecue restaurant in Osaka. She also enjoys American food like burgers but hates doner kebabs and diner-style hamburgers for the reason that they remind her of drunk people in the bars. She likes beer as her favourite alcoholic drink. She loves animals, and cats and dogs have a soft spot for her. Her public image is really nice and likeable and she is a woman of many strengths. This makes her one of the most inspiring female rock artists, for many rising stars and her fans.

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She has a bit of humour in her and is friendly to almost everyone she comes across. She likes accessories like rings and bracelets, has long black hair with bangs and considers them an important need. She also said that she thinks black hair is the only true rock hairstyle. She likes to read books and her favourite movie is Twilight. She attended a local elementary school in Osaka and enrolled in a high school in London, as she moved there with her parents. Akiko momentarily studied art and has good skills in painting.

Akiko began her career early, from her college days. She met guitarist Simon Petrovich at a mutual friend’s barbecue party and they instantly started getting along because of their love for barbecue and music. They collaborated to form the band Comanechi(the name was suggested by her). ‘Crime of Love’ was their first album and she met Charlie Heaton and Patsy as bandmates. The band failed to gain popularity and there were internal disagreements between the members which led to the band’s hiatus in 2013. She later joined the electronic rock band, The Big Pink, as a drummer and the British rock band, PRE.

She has taken leave from The Big Pink but is still a member of PRE. She is known to be extremely interesting in her on-stage performances. She claims to think that people who stand still while giving performances seem boring to her. She is quite active and never sticks in one place, performing and playing music in only her underwear, keeping the audience on their toes. She enjoys every bit of her performance while performing with all her heart. She does a lot of stage dives, which is given ample love by her audience.

One can witness her passion overflowing when she performs, and it is quite obvious that she lives for music and music is deeply engraved in her. She has also injured herself multiple times due to her stage actions, once falling on her face and badly injuring her nose. Akiko mentioned that she prefers to wear boots over heels and thinks they are more comfortable for performances; she will most probably fall doing the things she does on stage wearing heels. She is quite a catch in talent and is really popular among artists, who wish to collaborate with her because of her hard rock charisma and mind-blowing stage presence.

Akiko mentioned in one of her interviews that she didn’t have a desire to be too famous but loved the attention and is grateful. All she wants is to make good music and thinks being a part of a band is really fun. She dreams of creating a perfect single and works really hard to achieve her goal. 

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Akiko And Charlie

Who Is Charlie Heaton's Ex-Girlfriend?

Charlie joined Comanechi in 2013, as a drummer. Akiko and Charlie met each other at one of their mutual friend’s parties. A few weeks after Charlie’s entry to the band, their relationship was found out by friends. They were young and deeply in love. Akiko got pregnant and gave birth to their son Archie in May 2014. They were mere teenagers when they became parents and maybe the stress of being parents got to them, or they just fell out of love. They split up shortly after their son’s birth, agreeing on an amicable relationship with their newborn son. They haven’t announced their reason for breaking up yet, but it looks like they are happy the way they are for now. Charlie visits his son in London occasionally, despite his tight schedule and busy life. The news of them being parents became known shortly after Charlie was denied entry into the United States. Fans and the media were completely unaware of the fact that the Stranger Things actor has a son.

This created quite a hype for some time, as there were controversies regarding Akiko’s pregnancy in 2014, but was never confirmed by either party, and it gradually became a mere hoax. It seems that the ex-couple were planning to keep their son’s identity a secret for some reason. Too bad the actor was carrying a small amount of cocaine and was caught after drug sniffer dogs found traces of it in his luggage. He wasn’t arrested and sent back to the UK. The actor denied the charges and the possibility of drugs in his bags and apologized to his fans and his Stranger Things family for missing the premiere of Stranger Things. Charlie likes to keep his life with his son private and doesn’t post or release many photos of them together. Akiko is as mysterious as always and continues to live in seclusion with her son. With this said, there are rare photos of Archie available on the internet and finding the most recent ones is like finding a needle in a haystack. Although Charlie gets together with co-star Natalie, Akiko’s relationship status gets quiet as ever, with no scandals or theories. 

Who Is Charlie Heaton's Ex-Girlfriend?

This is all we have about the ex-couple and, in case of extra information being released in the future, we’ll make sure to make the additions and provide you with an article you’ll enjoy reading. Akiko is hardworking and is trying her best to achieve her dreams while taking care of little Archie. Raising a child while pursuing your dreams as a musician is not easy, and is tiresome and stressful. We hope to see Akiko healthy and happy, both on and off the stage. We also hope to hear more news about Archie and his parents in the near future.

As of now, Charlie seems happy in his relationship with Natalie. They wish to have a normal relationship with each other without pressure. Natalie is a bit worried about the public’s interest in her relationship, but is happy, claiming that their low-profile and private relationship is as humane and down-to-earth as any normal relationship. There is nothing special to it except for the outside attention because of the actor’s popularity. We are happy to know that the current couple is everyone’s dream couple. 

Where To Watch Akiko’s Videos?

Akiko’s videos are available on YouTube along with a lot more exposure to her predicted life. This article has been provided for you after the confirmation of events, but you can always enjoy the little details caught by fans which lead to more speculations about Akiko’s super mysterious self. Her videos with the band Comanechi are also available to watch on YouTube, along with some additional performance videos. 

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