Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones That Has Different Fanbase!

Game of Thrones is one of the best television series worldwide. The craze for American TV series is not only in the state, but internationally also Game of Thrones has a very wide fanbase. The action, adventure, and fantasy series were first released in 2011. It has a total of 8 seasons released between 2011 to 2019. Notably, the story of the Game of Thrones is inspired by the popular novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Directed by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, this American TV series has won hearts and awards. Game of Thrones ran for a period of nine years and produced a total of 8 seasons. Over the years, it has made various television records. From the highest viewership on HBO Max to paying the highest to actors for a TV series, Game of Thrones has claimed many records on its name.

The story of The Game of Thrones majorly focuses on the Seven Kingdome of Westeros and the Essos continent. Notably, these are fictional places. In the TV series, you will see, various conflicts for the throne, positions, powers, etc. There are various sub-topics and side stories that also follow in the course of this web series. Game of Thrones is overall a great TV series internationally. But if we look at its individual seasons, then you will also find some flaws and drawbacks in individual seasons. After the release of Game of Throne’s final season which is season 8, viewers showed a little disappointment over the climax. Many viewers did not like the way the series wrapped and said that the season was not according to the pre-settled standard of the series. Like season 8, other seasons also received criticism along with appreciative reviews. That is why the ranking and viewership of all seasons are different. Today we are going to introduce 8 seasons of Game of Thrones on the basis of their rating points and ranking on the internet. Hence, read the full article to find out the Best Seasons of Game of thrones-

Season 8 (2019)

Game Of Thrones Season 8

The final season that is season 8 of Game of Thrones has the lowest rating. Released in 2019, this season only got 6.33 rating points out of 10. It means that the fans of the series do not really like its climax. However, the six-rating point tells that the season is average, not worst. The season was more disappointing because first, it made fans wait for a long time and came to be only a six-episode season. However, the book A Song of Ice and Fire from which the series is inspired has not reached its climax yet. So, the fans can expect a better climax of Game of Thrones in the book.

In season 8, you will see the story of Game of Thrones taking a huge turn. It ended with the unexpected. There was a fierce fight in Winterfell which took the lives of many but ended up with the defeat of the White Walkers. But the main battle is yet to happen. The battle for the Iron Throne caused destruction. Cersei was helpless with the intensity of the attacks on the Westeros. However, so many incidences happened in the course of the war, but the climax of the war bought was least expected. This is one of the reasons, why fans did not like season 8 much.

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Season 5 (2015)

Game Of Thrones Season 5

Other than the final season that is season 8 of the Game of Thrones, no other season has received low ratings. On IMDb, season 5 of Game of Thrones has received an 8.83 rating out of 10. Because of this much love from people, Game of Love is popular internationally. Notably, season 5 of the series is inspired by A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons which is the fifth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Some stories of this season are extremely well written and acted that caught lots of viewers’ attention. But there are some quite disappointing episodes. That is why the rating of the season fell a little. But overall, Game of Throne season 5 is a must-watch season as it directs you to two much better seasons that is season 6 and season 7.

In season 5, we saw after the death of Joffrey Baratheon and Twin Lannister, that Westeros has a tough time. Queen Cersei tries to take control of the situation during these days, but she herself stuck in traps and problems. On the other hand, you will see Stannis Baratheon in action who has burnt her daughter Shireen when Melisandre claimed that it would be good for the battle. In the east, Daenerys gets the support of Tyrion to get back the Iron Throne. However, things are not very great for her as well in this season. Even after escaping from prison, in the previous season, Sansa did not get her freedom. But now her life has become more difficult in the Westeros. She was married forcedly then she was also rapped. In the whole of season 5, her situation is the most painful which you do not want to see on repeat. As the season proceeds, the other state and other corners of the region are also getting many places. In season 5, you will see the story of the Night watch. Jon Snow becomes the new commander and they are also on their mission now. Season 5 of the series is more like a developing season which forms a base for upcoming seasons 6 and 7. It is filled with politics, traps, and collecting powers for getting the Iron Throne. Hence, it is at number 7 in our list of Best Seasons of the Game of Thrones.

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Season 2 (2012)

Game Of Thrones Season 2

After the huge opening of Game of Thrones with record-breaking season 1, season 2 was released in April 2012. This season of the series was based on A Clash of King which is the second book of the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. However, in the list of Best Game of Thrones seasons, this season remains in 6th position. The IMDb rating of the Game of Throne season 2 decreased from season 1 and remained 8.92 out of 10. However, this did not decrease the fan following of the TV series or its fanbase. The second season was more like a development in the stories explained in season 1. Additionally, it is filled with action, adventure, and thrill.

In season 2 of Game of Thrones, first of all, you will see The Seven Kingdoms on the battlefield with the Northern King Robb Stark. After the death of King Robert, the iron Thorn is with Joffrey Baratheon. For the Seven Kingdoms, a situation develops where everybody wants to take their thrones and independence back from the Seven Kingdoms. In the Seven Kingdom, Joffrey’s uncles Renly and Stannis Baratheon also claim the Iron Thorn. Stannis is a great warrior who is very cruel to his enemy. You will find him playing a considerable character in season 2 of Game of Thrones. While on the other hand, in Essos Daenerys’s power-gaining process is still on. The three dragons of her are huge and powerful and they have become her precious weapons. But currently, she has a limited power not enough to fight with Westeros and claim on Iron Throne. Hence, the Essos is currently working on fetching more strength and support from other states. However, in this season you will witness several battles, cruel death, and even betrayals. Secondly, the season is also filled with some love stories and emotions. But more than anything, it is a bridging season that takes you to one of the best seasons of the series that is season 3 and season 4.

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Season 3 (2013)

Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Season 3

Season 3 is ranked in 5th position in the list of Best Seasons of Game of Thrones according to its IMDb rating. The season has received 9.05 rating points out of 10. However, in terms of dialogues, storyline, and characters; season 3 is undoubtedly one of the best. In this season, you will find some of the favourite scenes of the game of Thrones series. Released in late March, Game of Thrones season 3 is based on A Storm of Swords book from the novel series of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In this season also, you will witness Westeros’ battle with the enemies who want the possession of the Iron Throne. However, the young king Joffrey Baratheon has managed to secure his throne and the kingdom. Renly Baratheon has been assassinated which means deduction of Joffrey’s competition for the throne. On the other hand, also succeeded in defeating Stannis Baratheon with the help of his allies. In this battle, the side which did not accept defeat was the Northern King Robb. Even after the defeat of Stannis and Renly, Robb has not taken his steps back and is working on new techniques for the conflict.

These victories have made Joffrey a powerful king of the state. Later in the series, you will see Stannis Baratheon and his war politics. As the sons of Cersei are not the legitimate kids of late king Robert, Stannis is the only legitimate heir of the dynasty. His army is very limited and exhausted, but he still believes that he has a considerable part to play in the war and he can change the course of the battle for the Iron Throne. On the other hand, Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are growing big and powerful. And she is determined in gathering an army to proclaim war on Westeros for the Iron Throne. Amid all this, a new challenge appearing for Westeros are the White Walkers coming from beyond the wall. Notably, in the whole of season 3, you will see a number of characters and their considerable part. Various unexpected events, political games, and battles remained the main attraction of this series.

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Season 6 (2016)

Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Season 6

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is the fourth-best season of the popular American series. released in 2016, this series caught the attention of viewers from around the globe. With a 9.06 rating, it is one of the favorite seasons of Game of Thrones fans. The story of this season is taken from various chapters of the fourth, fifth, and sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. This season fulfilled all the shortcomings of Game of Throne season 5. In season 6 you will see some of the best action sequences and battles of the whole series. If you have not watched the 6th season of the series, then let me tell you it is a must-watch.

In season 6 of Game of Thrones, women are seen in power. While Cersei took control again and punished all her enemies to become the queen again. Dany took control over Khalasar after killing their head Khals. At the end of season 5, we saw Jon Snow dead but he was not dead and came back in season 6. Not only this, but Jon will also reunite with his love Sansa in this season of Game of Thrones. While Arya, who had developed great skills in the previous seasons lost eyesight in season 5. But in season 6, her eyesight is also back and she will be seen in action. You will also get to know some unrevealed secrets and stories through some flashes in season 6. This season also focused a lot on the White Walkers. While one of the best battles of the series that is the battle of Bastards also took place in this season. There is so much we came to know via this battle. After the battle, Daenerys and Tyrion also met with Yara and Theon. All 10 episodes of the season got very good reviews. For the action and adventure lovers, season 6 of Game of Throne will always remain one of the best of all time.

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Season 7 (2017)

Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7 is still the series Throne lovers would love to watch on repeat. Released in 2017 on TV and digitally, this season has received a 9.1 rating out of 10 on IMDb. Everything about season 7 of Game of Thrones was best. It is also said that the makers of Game of Thrones have put all the best things in season 7 that is why season 8 was a flop. The story of Game of Thrones is inspired by the novel series A Song of Ice and fire. But all parts of the series have not been released yet. So, season 7 is only inspired by the outlines of upcoming novels.

In this season, first of all, you will see Arya poisoning everyone responsible for Red Wedding. While the alliance of Jon and Daenerys continued. Now White walkers also became a major part of the series and every season their part is becoming more considerable. In this season, you will also see Cersei killing the daughter of Ellaria to complete her revenge on her. One of the best parts of this season remained the reunion of the Stark siblings. After the return of Arya, she, Sansa, and Bran finally met after a long. In the final episode of the series, it was also revealed that Jon and Aegon are the real heirs of the Iron Throne. And they are all set for the big encounter in the final season. In season 7, you will see politics, plotting, and traps; but over all these the trust and smartness won. That is why this season is liked by viewers a lot.

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Season 1 (2011)

Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Season 1

The popularity of a series is majorly based on its start. Therefore, if the first few episodes or the first season of a series get a positive audience response, then the story gets its audience. It was the same case for Game of Thrones season 1. The season has got a 9.1 IMDb rating out of 10 which is very good. The first season is mostly based on A game of Thrones novel from A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. This season had a total of 10 episodes. From the very start, the web series has created new viewership records on HBO Max. however, the thing which attracted viewers the most is that even after adopting the story from a novel series, the makers of Game of Thrones are not coping with the novel. There was a various incidence in the novel that are not in the TV series and vice-versa.

The season started with the introduction of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Essos. In Westeros as the winter starts, King Robert Baratheon makes Eddard Stark his deputy. With his appointment, Eddard starts the investigation of his master and previous Hand of King John Arryn’s alleged murder. On the other hand, at Essos, planning has started to eliminate King Robert and reclaim the throne which he took from them earlier. You will see a few alliances in this season for gaining more power and force. In the season we saw Daenerys’s rise, Viserys’s disliking, King Robert’s death, and a guilty secret of Cersei coming out. However, the secret and King’s death have changed the whole dynamic of the story. Ned or Eddard who found the secret and his family were in serious crisis. And finally, beyond viewers’ expectations, Ned executed. He has become one of the favorite characters of the season. And his death was an emotional moment for fans. But it is the unexpected incidences that catch the audience’s attention.  Season one ended with various suspense, thrills, created heroes, and villains. This is how season 2 of Game of Thrones is the 2nd best season of the popular TV series.

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Season 4 (2014)

Best Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Season 4

Season 4 is undoubtedly the best season of Game of Thrones season 4. On IMDb, it has a 9.3 rating points out of 10. Notably, all the episodes of Game of Thrones season 4 have received great viewers’ responses with many getting more than 9 rating points on IMDb. This season was released in 2014 and is still the favourite of all the fans of Game of Thrones. However, the episode is inspired by the second part of Strom of Sword and a few incidences from the other book of the novel series by George R. R. Martin. It is believed that Game of Thrones season 3 is perfect in terms, of acting, production, writing, direction, events, dialogues, and all other aspects of good filming.

In this season, first, you will witness the death of Northern King Robb in the battle. Joffrey’s grandfather Twin Lannister has a considerable part in this season. However, Joffrey is killed in the early episode of the season only which created a different political situation in the state. Ned’s daughter Sansa who was arrested by Joffrey is also succeeds in escaping the prison. In this season, you will also see the considerable role of the state of Dorne in the political scenario which remained out of the war for the Iron Throne till now. amid different circumstances in the West, everyone in the state remained unaware and carefree about the development taking place in the east. Daenerys who earlier only had three dragons, now also had her competitive army.

She is fighting for liberation. Hence, the slaves whom she frees by fighting become part of other forces out of admiration. Apart from West and East, you will also see certain developments in the events of North in the 4th season of Game of Thrones. In this season, you will see the most important events of the Game of Thrones TV series. The season is overall a blockbuster. You will see fierce fights and top-class politics in season 4. Every character is enhanced in the season. All these things make Game of Thrones season 4 a huge success. Hence, it is listed at the top of our list of Best Seasons of the Game of Thrones.

Where To Watch Game Of Thrones?

All 8 seasons of Game of Thrones were originally released on HBO Max between 2011 and 2018. It is one of the most-watched TV series on HBO Max. However, the fantasy series is digitally streamed on Disney Plus. Hence, in India, you can watch all the episodes from 8 seasons of Game of Thrones only on Disney Plus Hotstar. Notably, to watch all seasons of Game Of Thrones on Disney Plus Hotstar, you need to have a subscription to the digital streaming platform. As Game of Thrones is not part of the free video of the app. Hence, make sure to subscribe to the Disney Plus Hotstar membership to watch one of the best fantasy series worldwide.

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