20 Worst Episodes Of Naruto That Has Disappointed Fans!

Naruto is a fantasy action, adventure Japanese manga series, by Masashi Kishimoto which got published on September 21, 1999.

The anime was adopted on October 3, 2002, it continued for 5 long years after it ended the series introduced Naruto: Shippuden which covered the story of the characters when they got older and how their life turned out later on. The series begins 12 years ago when an evil monster nine-tailed demon fox one night attacked Konoha village and killed many innocent villagers when none of the ninjas could fight him village leader Fourth Hokage sealed the nine-tailed demons into a newborn baby who was later known as Naruto by using a Jutsu and sacrificed his life. Naruto is not only everyone’s favourite but also one of the most popular anime series of all time, the manga is also the best-selling manga of all time. Even though it is an amazing anime series Naruto has episodes that fans can skip most of these episodes are filler episodes that can be avoided by the viewers who are just getting into Naruto. The following list consists of the lowest ranked Naruto episodes on IMDB which are easily skippable.

1) S1 E26 Special Report: Live from the Forest of Death!

Everyone arrives at the site of the second exam, the 44th training field also known as the forest of death. Naruto spots a weird-looking rock above the grass the rocks start following him around Naruto recognizes that it’s Konohamaru pretending to be a rock. Naruto asks him what he wants Konohamaru acknowledges his intelligence and shows some respect for figuring it out. The rock then blasts and Moegi, Udon and Konohamaru come out and introduce themselves as the Konohamaru gang. Naruto tells him what’s going on he is about to take his second exam for the chunin exam so he has no time to play around with these kids now. Konohamaru gang reminds him that they are not here to play either and they are here for the interview.

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2) Season 1 Episode 202 The Top 5 Ninja Battles!

This episode is a special presentation of the top 5 famous sweat and tears ninja battles. Naruto and Sakura present the famous battle scenes in the series so that fans can vote for their favorite battle scenes later on. They begin the rankings with the 5th position which is the Naruto vs Sasuke leaf hospital roof where Naruto and Sasuke enter the building Naruto seems super excited about the battle meanwhile Sasuke does not give any response to his excitement. Naruto calls himself a hero and says who would have thought he would appear right at the start, that means he surely got everyone’s heart. Sakura then gives her commentary and begins to compliment Sasuke for his coolness, naruto reminds her not to give her commentary before the beginning of the battle.

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3) S1 E174 Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art – Money Style Jutsu!

Kunihisa picks a marble and asks his father how this marble can be sparkly and pretty and still have no value at all his father gets shocked by his statement. Naruto asks his grandmother is serious and she tells him to calm down she tells him that he is an important person and there is no one more suitable than him. Naruto speaks to himself and approves this as a mission appropriate for his abilities. He says that guarding an important person has such a nice ring to it Tsunade tells him to listen carefully she asks Shizune to hand over the details to Naruto. The person that Naruto would be guarding turns out to be Kunihisa who lives in the capital an old heir of an old acquaintance of Tsunade.

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4) Season 1 Episode 208 The Weight Of The Prized Artefact!

Tsunade assigns Naruto with a delivery protection mission and tells him that this mission has a higher risk of a danger than regular delivery. She then gives him a brief introduction of this national importance treasure in monetary value this treasure is worth buying one or two mountains. She tells Naruto to deliver this treasure safely to Kale Avenue where it will be out at the auction. While walking towards the location Naruto finds Kiba, who tells him that Lady Tsunade has told him to come as pursuit personnel just in case something happens to the delivery item. Kiba asks Naruto has he heard something Naruto replies that nothing special other than it is an incredible treasure. Naruto and Kiba start to move when a stranger stops them and asks them if they cant see the trespassing sign.

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5) Season 1 Episode 161 The Appearance Of Strange Visitors

Might guy and Lee were moving into the jungle for an extraordinary mission. Might guy asks lee if this mission is a rough one and can he do it Lee replies that he will be okay and he can go anytime Might guy starts laughing in joy and says as expected of his prodigy. They again start moving towards the location while Mondai and Potcha were keeping an eye over them from hiding themselves in a tree. Pocha says that there is no doubt that they are doing an expedition mission by carrying those large bags with them. Mondai says that they are so lucky to encounter such an ideal pair so quickly, that they then begin to infiltrate the operation and the two of them end up falling to the ground.

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6) Season 1 Episode 192 Ino Screams! Chubby Passion!

Tsunade tells Ino Yamanaka that the daughter of a certain feudal lord requested that she go on this assignment and that she must act as the princess’s stand-in. Tsunade claims that the Ino looks strikingly similar to the princess Therefore Princess has requested that Ino Yamanaka should be the one carrying out the plan Yamanaka asks Tsunade why the princess needs a double is someone targeting the princess, and Tsunade tells her that nobody is targeting the princess rather she is the one who is targeting others. She then tells Ino to not worry about a thing since she is already an admirable hidden leaf shinobi. Furthermore, she has also arranged an assistant for Ino an excited Naruto comes inside the room and Tsunade tells Ino that the other guys are busy so she has to settle with this one.

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7) Season 1 Episode 162 The Cursed Warrior

Tsunade receives a report that in the land of the village, a remote area a cursed warrior apparition has been disturbing the castle town and misleading the public. So they have asked Tsunade to send someone to exterminate the ghost but she declined them because they can’t go so far as to accept the extermination of a ghost a person arrived at her office and requested her to accept it at any cost the person thought that she is declining the offer because they are not paying enough money for the request then went on to tell about how the land of birds is experiencing financial difficulties. Tsunade told him that money was not the issue but the person went as far as trying to commit harakiri but ended up giving all his pocket money.

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8) Season 1 Episode 188 Mystery of the Targeted Merchants

Naruto and his group realize that they are being targeted Hinata tells the guys to not argue with others and that they should formulate some sort of strategy. Haruna tells Naruto that they should split into two groups and formulates a plan and makes the group understand what they need to do. They begin to divide the group into two Naruto and Choji form a team to deal with the pursuers, Naruto tells Choji to go ahead without him as he is going to out the place where the traps are. Choji tells him that he should not go alone as he may encounter pursuers along the way but Naruto tells him that it’s fine because waiting to be attacked is not his style and leaves Choji.

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9) S1 E194 The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle

When the clouds started to look threatening, Kayo was in her palanquin when her samurai advised her that they should find a place to stay for the night so they might get rained on. Kayo gives her approval so the samurai leaves to look for lodging while they were on their way they find themselves surrounded by some fog and after a weird noise all of them vanish from the location. Tsunade tells Naruto, Hinata and Kiba that this happened to the mistress of the land of honey, Lady Kayo was on her way to visit the household of her parents in the Land of Candy. Attendants from the land of candy went to meet them thinking that it was odd that their arrival was delayed only to find that the palanquin and poles have been cast away at the mountain pass.

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10) Season 1 Episode 184 Kiba’s Long Day!

Tsunade assigns Naruto with the task to monitor Akamaru, she tells him that he must have heard about the incident where someone from outside infiltrates the village. Naruto tells her that he knows about the incident, and Kiba and others have resolved the issue without any trouble. Tsunade tells him that before Kiba and the others had the intruder in custody he swallowed a pellet and killed himself, in the investigation that followed, it was revealed that the enemy was a shinobi from another land that uses a unique tactic. So they are assuming that Perhaps he took his own life to seal that power Naruto asks her what this unique tactic she tells him it is something you would call a biological weapon.

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11) S1 E187 Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

Renga and his group observe the situation from a distance and assume that the preparation is complete. Jiga asks him is this the land of greens he was talking about Ruiga answers that well its a small land but it could be a good stepping stone for getting ahead in the world. Renga says that they have already bought off half of the public officials so the land will be overturned on their signal. He declares themselves as the feudal lords of this land. Haruna, Yurinojo and Kikunojo with her group decide to leave the land Naruto, Hinata and Choji leaves arrive at the land of greens for the mission Naruto seems rather excited about the mission as everyone else was busy with the mission he was doing nothing but odd jobs in the village.

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12) Season 1 Episode 189 A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Ruiga captures Naruto inside a bubble and tortures him with fishes but Choji arrives at the right moment to bursts the bubble and saves Naruto. Choji was about to attack Ruiga when Naruto tells him that it won’t work on him Ruiga then explains that the water absorbs all the shocks and it gives him an iron wall defence. No matter what techniques they use to attack Ruiga none of them works because the water he gets from the earth is infinite. Choji says that his ninjutsu is endless so, for now, they should run away, when they were running away Ruiga uses his summoning jutsu and throws it after them. Naruto figures out that something is weird about him as he is holding his tonfa like a dowsing rod.

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13) S1 E191 Forecast: Death! Cloudy with Chance of Sun

Haruna tells Naruto that she will not count on him and proceeds to go by herself Naruto makes up his mind that he will go with him because he promised Hinata that he would protect the princess. Haruna asks him about Hinata and he tells her that she fought with the second Janin and ended up getting hurt badly Haruna questions him that they said that they did not accept the mission of protecting her. Why does he concern themselves with her Naruto tells her that not only he but Hinata and Choji do not like it when somebody before gets hurt or sad that’s all. Naruto tells her that they should get going now if they pass the valley ahead they will get to the town.

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14) Season 1 Episode 178 Encounter! The Boy with a Star’s Name

A pigeon arrives at Tsunade’s office carrying a secret message she calls Shizune and shows her the protection commission from the village hidden in the stars. She tells her that the village hidden in the stars is small in terms of scale, but they are very proud and they have often caused trouble. Shizune asks her if she will accept it Tsunade answers that she can’t simply disregard it, Naruto and Sakura were eating some refreshments Sakura tells him they will form a three-man team with Neji as the squad leader. Naruto says to her that the village hidden in the stars is a shinobi village isn’t it then they should do their own protection without asking others.

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15) S1 E160 Hunt or Be Hunted?! Showdown at the O.K. Temple!

Kiba finds a wanted flyer about a man who calls himself Tokichi a major criminal who has killed a family of three he has a bird-shaped birthmark on his chest. Hinata says that she does not know if it’s him since his face is covered with scars but he does have a bird-shaped birthmark. They find a hunt and spend the night there when everyone wakes up Sasanami was about to leave so Naruto asks him where is he going Sasanami tells him to stay out of it since Gosunkugi belongs to him. Naruto says what would he be able to do in his condition and shows him the wanted flyer he explains the incident last night about the bounty hunter who attacked them at the bar.

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16) Season 1 Episode 181 Hoshikage, The Buried Truth

Neji asks Akahoshi why he took down Naruto with Natsuhi, he tells him it was an accident if he did not apply the finishing blow to Natsuhi at the last moment they would have been in danger instead. He cants recall an instance of the ninja art: kujaku being defeated up until now he will be missed he tells the hidden leaf shinobi that his mission is over. Neji says that he still has not taken back the star Akahoshi tells him that they will search for it by themselves and thanks him for his help. Natsuhi who is taking care of Naruto inside a cave heals him and he wakes up from his deep sleep he recalls his memory from when he fell from the cliff and Natsuhi saved his life.

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17) S1 E168 Mix It, Stretch It, Boil It Up! Burn, Copper Pot, Burn!

Naruto seems excited to eat Ichiraku ramen after a long time because he has been away from home for the missions. Choji also seems delighted to have a bowl of ramen after the mission as it spreads to every muscle of the body and becomes energy tomorrow. Naruto says that eating ramen drives fatigue away when they arrive at the shop they find out it has been temporarily closed. The two of them get sad to find out it’s closed because they endured all the tough missions looking forward to ichiraku ramen. When Naruto starts to leave Choji says that he can smell Ramen Naruto gets back and finds out that Ramen is being made inside they secretly get inside the shop and smell a different kind of soup.

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18) Season 1 Episode 179 The Remembered Lullaby

Lee, Neji and Tenten find Naruto and Sumaru Lee asks them what happened here as they heard the emergency transmission from the training room. Naruto tells them the star was stolen, by a ninja enemy who flies using chakra Tenten says that she has never heard about a flying shinobi. Neji tracks the location of the ninja and confirms that he can fly Lee says that if he can fly using chakra he must be an incredible Shinobi. Tenten says so that’s true Naruto says in frustration did she not believe his words earlier and tenten says that right naruto says what is this all about does he have that little credibility. Shizune asks lady Tsunade the star of the village hidden in the star is a meteorite Tsunade replies that it is true.

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19) Season 1 Episode 177 Please, Mr Postman!

Naruto was exhausted after his important solo mission when in reality they just did not have enough manpower for the castle restoration which is not a job of a shinobi. He talks with himself on his way and says he won’t hold up if he did not rest somewhere if spots a bathhouse from a distance and decides to take a bath and starts running towards the bathhouse speaks to himself how he sounds like an old man. A postman who was moving with the speed of life crosses his path he falls in trouble so Naruto saves his postal articles and the postman from falling. It turns out that the postman was a delivery ninja he thanks Naruto for his help and collects all the postal articles.

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20) Season 1 Episode 164 Too Late for Help

The samurai thank the kids for their good work because Komei has confessed he plotted the cursed warrior to mislead the public and to take the feudal lord position. Naruto asks is that what Komei said the samurai says it turned out to be such a trifle the cursed warrior’s vanishing was a soldier distinguishing himself as the warrior using a strong nitro hydrochloric acid to melt his flesh. With that the cursed warrior incident was resolved now the land of birds should return to the beautiful and quiet land it used to be. Naruto says that the cursed warrior still is not But Neji interrupts him and says to not say anything. The samurai tells them that they are relieved of their duty so they can have a safe journey back to their village.

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