25 Worst Episodes Of One Piece To Date!

One piece is one of the big anime and belongs to the category of the most legendary anime of all time. With great humour, engaging stories, interesting characters, various areas, adventurous places, a great ship with a terrific crew and a big sea. The series is short of absolutely nothing and is loved and acknowledged by every anime creator and viewer ever. The series doesn’t lack content and has enough to last you months even if you start to binge-watch it. The show has a reputation for creating animated masterpieces and is practically unbeaten and even newbies and non-anime watchers are aware of the work. The series is well known for its amazing and entertaining episodes and nothing could go wrong with this anime, which has been in the long run forever, engraving its name into various awards. Although the series is perfect, the anime has a few episodes which are like a joke to the creator. The episodes mostly belong to the special series which are like extras introducing one-time characters and places. Although the episodes are not liked by many, they are still watched and loved by others who are happy to receive content. Here is a list of 25 such episodes for you to look back on, or rewatch. 

1. Protect the TV Station by The Shore

Season 12 – Episode 11

Chopperman and Namibia are struggling with low funds. Dr Usodabada wants to make things difficult for Chopperman and thinks of plans which would bring Chopperman down while helping his image. He tries to replace Sanjilops and Zorgilla with a new crew, as they aren’t of much help to him. He plans to take over the TV station and televise his demands. The idea is not a matter of interest for anyone, but Chopperman, who desperately wishes to join the rare Air Force C-Max Collector’s items. They get involved in a del wrestling match and Chopperman emerges victorious. They even do a mecha battle showing the same results. The fight leaves the evil Doctor Usodabada flying and Chopperman turns into a celebrity after the fight, which becomes a great help to their troubles.

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2. Boss Luffy Appears Again

Season 13 – Episode 25

A Grand Jipang race is going to be held; the teams taking part in the race have to carry a portable shrine to the finish line. The winners of the race will be awarded the chance to see a legendary wish-granting treasure. The beings in the Kazaguruma restaurant trust their craftsman Franky and sign up for the competition. Franky starts with the construction of the shrine and Usopp finds a talking amnesiac skeleton, Brook, while he is fishing in the river. The Ghostly Thriller Company tries to cheat their way out, sabotaging the other teams participating in the race. Brook recovers his memory and chooses to leave the group and join his previous group. The series introduces a character named Omao, who works with Onami at her restaurant. 

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3. Thriller Company’s Trap

Season 13 – Episode 26

Luffy learns of Brook’s past from Robin, and they decide to help him. Brook tries to defeat the Thriller company alone but gets captured. Instead, Luffy and Zoro arrive at his rescue and they rebuild their Portable shrine (Mikoshi). The model is inspired by the Thousand Sunny and competes with Thriller Company’s Oars-shaped Mikoshi in the race. They use their special abilities and Luffy throws away Hogback, Perona and Absalom for trying to disrupt them during the race. They win the competition and their prize money gets confiscated from Igaram for destroying the town. Nevertheless, they still receive the wish-granting treasure and are shocked to find the girls’ panties. The panties will grant the wishes if a beautiful woman is to wear them. Mao punches Brook for suggesting she wears the indecent thing. Her clean punch makes him lose his memories again.

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4. New Obsessive Fleet Admiral Sakazuki

Season 20 – Episode 4

In New Marineford, Sakazuki, the new Fleet Admiral Arrives. He hears the news about Luffy and remembers the chaotic events that he faced because of the nuisance. 

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5. The Brothers’ Oath! 

Season 13 – Episode 76

On meeting Ace again after a long time in Alabasta, they both have a flashback of their childhood days when they used to be small and used to play together. He receives his Vivre Card and comes across Blackbeard in Jaya. He is unaware of his identity. He later hears the news of Ace’s execution in Marineford and realises the person he briefly met back in Jaya was actually Blackbeard. 

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6. Romance Dawn 

Season 21 – Episode 16

The story takes place in an alternate reality where a strange bird crashes into Luffy’s small boat while he is sailing in the sea. He looks up and finds a big ship where a girl named Ann has been kidnapped. The bird seemed to be hers. 

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7. Zoro’s Pursuit! Ice Oni Tag! 

Season 21 – Episode 116

In this episode, In order to protect Momonosuke, Yamato fights Sasaki and the Animal Kingdom Pirates Armoured Division. Zoro tries to get rid of the Gifters who have turned into Ice Oni. Ice Oni is a virus created by the Queen, which he considers to be a masterpiece. The queen suggests playing a terrible game in order to decide the ownership of the antibody of the virus, the only known cure for the Oni Virus, created by the Queen himself. 

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8. Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper

Season 11 – Episode 56

In this episode, we learn of Sanji and Chopper’s backstories. 

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9. A Man’s Way of Life! Zoro’s Techniques, Usopp’s Dream

Season 11 – Episode 54

In this episode, we learn of Zoro and Usopps’ backstories. 

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10. Conspiracy of Red Nose 

Season 11- Episode 66

During the seventh day of the new year in Grand Jipangu, Nami, Sanju and Chopper travel to the Shogun’s castle, to deliver a large number of rice cakes which will later be thrown from the castle, and distributed amongst the citizens. One of the cakes will have a jewel in it. Gradually, a lot of the townspeople accumulate below the castle in hopes of catching one for themselves and, if lucky, they can even find the precious jewel. Buggy and his men plan to seize the cakes, one of which would be containing the jewel, and plan to intercept them on their way to delivery. His plan goes South and he takes Princess Vivi hostage. Detective Luffy shows up and saves the day. The cakes get safely distributed and the citizens are happy while they eat the cakes. 

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11. The Three Admirals 

Season 13 – Episode 77

The Marine Headquarters’ preparations for execution are in full swing, while Luffy is on his way to rescue and aid Ace. Shichibukai and three more admirals get summoned and get ready for Whitebeard’s attack. The episode follows a lot of recaps for the explanation and the past of Admiral and Shichibukai are continuously brought up and explained. Akainu remains a mysterious character in the episode and has no flashbacks or recaps whatsoever. 

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12. Side Story! Clash! Luffy vs. The King of Carbonation! 

Season 21 – Episode 5

Luffy fights Cidre and Cidre’s guild fights Boa Hancock. Some of the men fighting to inform Zoro and Sanju about them being forced to follow the Cidre Guild, whose sole purpose is to earn profit by any means necessary. The battle looks almost won and hence Cidre removes his dangerous and powerful suit but gets defeated by Luffy anyway. After the win, he finds an invitation to the Pirate Fest. 

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13. All for my Comrades’ Sake! The Darkness Within Robin! 

Season 11 – Episode 57

In this episode, the reasons for Nico Robin’s actions and her backstory are summarized. 

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14. A Dream Or Reality Lottery Trouble

Season 11- Episode 65

During an alternate reality of the Edo Period, Grand Jipangu, a small kind girl, Rika, takes an ill Tot-San (father in Japanese) to her house. She nurses him to cure and heal him so he can turn healthy again. Buggy the Clown, an evil crime boss and one of the town’s highest officers, plots to get rid of Detective Luffy, who is an eyesore to him. He misunderstands Rika as being Tot-San’s daughter and kidnaps her to collect his debt. Luffy comes to her rescue after discovering the story, but Buggy and other high officials are planning to exile him for hurting innocent citizens. Much to an irony, The Shogun’s daughter, Vivi, strips him of his powers and position for joining forces with criminals. 

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15. Tears Which Weave the Bond of Comrades! Nami’s World Map

Season 11 – Episode 55

Following Luffy’s announcement of saving the world while the drawbridge is lowered, Nami thinks of Robin’s past while recalling her own past memories before joining the Straw Hats. In her flashback, Nami forbids Luffy to interfere with her hometown matters and returns to her house, where she creates a mess in anger which is witnessed by Nojiko. She inquires Nami about the reasons for her actions, worried if it were because of Straw Hats.

She says she was reluctant to leave them and would’ve stayed with them forever if things in the village weren’t this bad. Nojiko understands Nami and her care for the crew. Nami joins Arling’s pirate crew to earn enough money and buy her village and later confronts Arlong, who bribed the Marines and allowed them to steal her money. Arlong denies her accusation and implies he never broke his promise. He suggests that she earn the money again by working for some more time. He threatens her with the lives of her village people. Gen and others learn about this and decide to fight Arlong for wronging Nami.

Nami tries to stop them, worried it might get dangerous and that she’ll start to think of new ways to buy them for free. She is finally convinced and the villagers set out to face Arlong. Nami tries to call Luffy by stabbing her tattoo and gets upset at Luffy for meddling. She then cries, asking for his help. Luffy, along with Zoro, Usopp and Sanju, break into Arlong Park. He destroys the room Nami had been held captive for years and fights Arlong. The whole building is crushed and Luffy rises victorious in the battle. Nami starts crying. In the present, she fights for Robin just like Luffy and the others fought for her. 

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16. Stolen Freedom! The Nobles’ Trap Draws Near the Three Brothers

Season 14 Episode 19 

On their way to the Grey Terminal to buy materials to rebuild their destroyed hideout, they are followed. Sabo realises some people are following him. Later, Sabo, Luffy and Ace are caught by the Bluejam Pirates when they are underprepared for a fight. Sabo is saved by his father and threatens to leave Luffy and Ace if he wishes the best for them. They get divided. Sabo follows his dad to meet his new adopted brother Sterry, who was adopted when Sabo had run away from home. Luffy and Ace are offered a job by the Blue pirates.

They crave for each other desperately and hold themselves back for the sake of others. During his stay in High Town, Sabo finds out about Noble’s plan of burning the Gray Terminal from Sterry and rushes to see if it is true. Sabo’s father sends people to bring back Sabo. Sabo asks the townspeople about the fire and, to his shock, realises they are aware but just don’t seem to care to keep outsiders from the news. He is found by his father’s men while he’s on his way to the Gray Terminal and gets taken away. He shouts at Luffy and Ace, asking them to run as he struggles to free himself from his father’s men. 

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17. Side Story! The World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter, Cidre! 

Season 21 – Episode 4

The Straw Hat Pirates are outnumbered and ambushed by a group of highly skilled bounty hunters led by Cidre in the sea. They rely on Sunny’s Coup de Burst for their freedom and escape their attack, being stranded on a carbonated water island. Luffy gets separated from his crew to explore the Island and meets Board Hancock, an old friend, during his fight with the bounty hunters. They group up to go to the Cidre Guild and defeat Cidre. 

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18.  Zoro’s Slapstick Housework Help

Season 11 – Episode 92

Zoro tries to replace Katana and searches high and low in the city for replacements. He is short on money and gets picked by Micheal and Hoichael, two idle boys from the backstreets. They call him big brother and show him around. He is puzzled and they take him to visit their mother. They take him home with them and he has to feed the babies and take care of the laundry. He tries to escape and finally succeeds. The family gets taken away by violent debt collectors using force for being unable to pay the debt. One of the boys escapes and fills Zoro in on the situation. Zoro rushes to save the family and arrives just in time. 

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19. Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis! 

Season 11 – Episode 91

Luffy and Chopper help a girl named Abi to find her lost Yagara bull. The bull had appeared in her dream and her family had left the 100-year- old bull at her home during the Aqua Laguna period. On their return after the storm, the bull had gone missing. The three search high and low for the bull, but to no avail. A Yagara bull claims to have heard the voice of the missing one. They find a piece of his scarf and leave to track him in the underwater passages of the city. They come across an illusion and Abi gets sad and disappointed. They hear the voice of a Yagara baby who is wrapped in the rest of the missing bull’s scarf. 

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20. Luxurious and Gorgeous! Wano’s Most Beautiful Woman: Komurasaki! 

Season 21 – Episode 30

Wano’s top courtesan, Komurasaki, takes a procession to slowly reach the Orochi Palace, attracting a huge crowd and spectators along with Sanji and the others. Everyone is amazed and fascinated by her, but someone seeks revenge and gets in the way of Oiran (a high-ranked courtesan in Japan). 

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21 The Battle Against the Big Tiger! Who will be the Captain?! 

Season 14 – Episode 18

Ace and Sabo are chased by the tiger whom Ace attacked in the previous episodes. Luffy, Ace and Sabo train while they help Naguri, a pirate ship, after a triggered Ace attacks Naguri. After their training, the trip comes to fight the big tiger. Ace and Sabo fail to defeat it and Luffy almost gets killed by the tiger when Sabo and Ace hold his paws. They decide to work together and defeat it. Sabo tries to distract the tiger while Luffy uses his gomu gomu no mi powers to make a slingshot. Ace crouches and loads himself into the slingshot and gets released in the form of a gomu gomu no Rocket. The move works and Ace defeats the tiger. Since the three worked together to defeat the tiger, no one emerges as the captain. Naguri takes his pirate ship to the sea and Bluejam orders his crewmates to get in contact with Sabo’s father, informing him of the whereabouts of his son. 

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22. I Miss Him! Vivi and Rebeccas’s Sentiments! 

Season 20 Episode 7

A group of royals which includes the Neptune family and Sherry reach the top of the Red Line and continue their journey, following a large staircase leading them to Mary Geoise. Back at Pangaea castle, Nefartari Vivi and Leo meet for the first time. They learn of their connection with Luffy and are overjoyed. Vivi shares her story from 2 years ago, when she sailed with the Straw Hats to save her country, Arabasta. They had put x marks on their hands to prevent falling for doppelgangers. Luffy was against her idea of fighting for her country alone and declared they would be one with Vivi and protect her country at all costs. Shirahoshi overhears their conversation and inquires about their knowledge of Luffy. Ryuboshi butts in to avoid revealing Shirahoshi’s friendship with Luffy. Vivi and Rebecca are unsure of her identity as a friend or foe to Luffy and are cautious. Shirahoshi disregards her brother’s warnings and joins their conversation and the three have a good time with each other, thinking of Luffy and their wonderful and touching experiences with him. 

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23. Pirate King’s Inherited Will

Season 20 – Episode 5

Nobles from all over the world gather together for Daydream. Shirahoshi, from the Ryugu kingdom, sees the surface world for the first time. Fujitora and Admiral Ryokugyu have a conversation. The episode continues to show the recap from Marineford Arc showing Luffy’s arrival at Marineford. The Neptune family’s special arrival at the surface is also featured in the episode.

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24. Shirahoshi’s Path to the Sun! 

Season 20 – Episode 6

King Sterry from the Goa Kingdom meets Fish-Man Island envoy Garp. Shirahoshi continues to see the surface world. Lindbergh asks Sabo about his relationship with the king of Goa and a recap of Sabo’s part featuring his time in the Goa Kingdom. The episode also shows the Sanji Retrieval Team talking to Luffy about Sabo and Ace.

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25. The Crewmates’ Whereabouts – The Island of Giant Birds and the Pink Showdown! 

Season 13 – Episode 73

The episode reveals the whereabouts of Chopper and Sanji. Chopper gets awaked by the Giant birds who keep on troubling him. He escapes them and faces the island’s native people, who wish to eat him. Sanji wakes up lying in the lap of a beautiful shy woman on an island where everything turns girly. He chases the woman and comes to realise the strange and weird atmosphere on the island and the people at the woman’s house. 

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