25 Best FullMetal Alchemist Episodes That You Should Not Miss!

Fullmetal Alchemist is a popular 2003 dark fantasy adventure anime series. Here is a list of 25 of its best episodes. 

1. Fullmetal Alchemist (Episode 1) 

A man named Isaac McDougal, who used to be a former State Alchemist, who left the state military to be anti-government, creates havoc in Central City, the capital of Amestris, under the name of Freezing Alchemist. He uses his water alchemy on his victims, heating it up till they burn or freezing them until they are frozen alive. The President, Fuhrer King Bradley,  keeps Colonel Roy Mustang, who was currently visiting the capital, in charge of capturing the fugitive. He asks him to take the help of the Elric Brothers, Edward (a temporary resident and a fullmetal alchemist) and Alphonse (who is covered with metal and ready to fight). Edward takes him on alone and gets scolded by Colonel Mustang as the stunt was dangerous enough to get the young man in serious trouble. Isaac tries and succeeds in releasing himself and attempts to kill President Fuhrer using the Philosopher’s Stone. Fuhrer manages to kill him and the stone in him somehow disappears before it is retrieved to check. 

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2. The Town Of Heresy (Episode 3) 

The Elric brothers hear about a priest in Lior named Cornello, who is capable of performing miracles. They come to know the truth of the guy, who is a fraud and uses a kind of Philosopher’s Stone to bypass the law of Equivalent Exchange. Edward defeats Cornello and reveals his true identity in front of the town’s people. Cornello later gets killed by two other people while he is trying to hide. 

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3. An Alchemist’s Anguish (Episode 4) 

The State Alchemist Brigadier General Basque Grand is killed by a mysterious man who has an X-shaped scar on his brow. To repay the favour of the Elric brothers, Roy introduces them to Shou Tucker, a Life Sewing Alchemist, an expert in chimaeras. He grants them permission to go through his library after seeing Edward’s potential. Alphonse comes across Shou’s daughter, Nina, and her dog, Alexander. Edward continues his research and finds time to keep Nina company. Shou has to submit his assessment and is pressured to do it well as he’ll get fired if he fails to hand in good work. He does something extreme, crossing the Elric brothers. The scarred man kills Shou and his chimaera. 

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4. The Hidden Truth (Episode 7) 

The first branch of the Central Library gets burned down and all of Marcoh’s research is lost. Maria Ross and Denny Bloch help the Elric brothers to track down a woman named Sheska who used to work in the library. Sheska’s unique trait is remembering everything she reads and they ask her to copy Marcoh’s notes. The notes are encoded and Edward successfully decodes the codes, realising the Philosopher’s stone is made of human beings, mostly prisoners. They try to sneak into Laboratory 5 and get attacked by armoured guards. 

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5. Separate Destinations (Episode 10) 

Edward explains his experience in Laboratory 5 to Major Armstrong and Colonel Hughes. They are warned to stop their investigation and not look into it any further by Fuhrer King Bradley. They take a journey to meet their terrifying teacher in Dublith. Colonel Hughes is inspired by the papers and plans on doing research on the massacres happening around the country. He tries to contact Roy but gets killed by Envy, who disguises himself as Maria Ross. Roy attends Huges’ funeral and makes up his mind to find Huges’ murderers.

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6. One Is All, All Is One (Episode 12) 

The Elieic brothers visit their alchemy teacher, Izumi Curtis and her husband, Sig, in Dublith. They have a chaotic reunion and Izumi mentions meeting Hohenheim, hearing that Edward gets upset. He thinks of the day they met her teacher and how she helped stop flooding, using her alchemy. Watching her skills and getting inspired, the Elric brothers troubled her to teach them. She left them on an island and told them to survive one month there, without using their alchemy. They learnt a lot of things on the island and trained hard to learn about their surroundings. The next day, he asks Izumi about their unique powers and Izumi informs them about their special bodies. She also informs them of a failed attempt at human transmutation from her side. 

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7. Fullmetal Vs Flame (Episode 13) 

After arriving at the East City, Edward challenges Colonel Mustang. During their report, he suspected that Mustang was hiding something and keeping things from them. He takes the chance of suggesting a duel, to which Roy refuses. Fuhrer approves of the match and they have to fight. Edward and Roy have a great match but Roy goes a bit easily at the end, ending the match in a draw. He volunteers information about a military doctor named Marcoh, who fled the battlefield.

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8. The Ishbal Massacre (Episode 15) 

Alex Louis Armstrong is faced with Scar, while the Eliric brothers flee with the help of Marcoh and discover their Ishbalan opponent. They learn of the time when Fuhrer sent State Alchemists to defeat Ishbal, with whom they have been in conflict for a long time. The Alchemists used alchemic enhancers, lesser Philosopher’s stones, to defeat the Ishbalans. Two doctors (Winry’s parents) were killed for helping the Ishbalans and the deed was done by Roy Mustang. In the present, Scar finds the group and disassembles Alphonse, moving forward to destroy Edwards’ automail arm. Marcoh uses a Philosopher’s stone to help with their rescue and save themselves. Later, the military arrives and Marcoh is saved. 

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9. Death Of The Undying (Episode 19) 

Hawkeye and Fuery try to defeat Gluttony, but fail, receiving help from Col. Mustang blows him away with his flame alchemy and Roy, Riza, Havoc, Alphonse and Barry reach the Laboratory 3 basement. They split into groups and the Roy-Havoc group meets Lust. He stabs Havoc and injures Roy. The Alphonse-Hawkeye group finds Barry’s rotting body and is met by Lust. He tears Barry’s body and is interrupted by Roy when he tries to kill the remaining people. Roy uses his makeshift alchemy circle in his hand and Havok’s lighter to incinerate Lust until she can’t regenerate anymore. Bradley watches the group and walks away instead of helping them. Edward finds his father back at Risembool. 

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10. Father before the grave (Episode 20) 

On meeting his father at Risembool, Edward joins him and they go to his mother’s grave. Hohenheim, Edward’s father, asks Pinako about ‘the thing’ transmuted by his sons. Edward listens to their conversation in secret and, the next day, he asks Pinako to dig up the thing Hohenheim was talking about. He thinks the thing could help him cure Alphonse. He returns to Central and informs Alphonso of his theory. He contacts Izumi and asks her about her experience with human transmutation. They reach the conclusion that the dead cannot be brought to life no matter what and the Elric brothers decide to continue to find a way of restoring their bodies. 

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11. Backs In The Distance (Episode 22) 

Long and Ranfan are faced with Wrath and Gluttony. During their attempt to escape using a flash grenade, Wrath reveals his homunculus’ eye. Winry notices the news about the Elric brother’s fight with Scar, on her way back from Maes Hughes’ grave. She rushes towards the scene of the fight and Edward reveals the murderer of Winry’s parents. Winry, in a fit of rage, points a gun at Scar. He thinks of the war of Ishbal, when his brother was trying to Xingese alchemy with the pure intent of bringing peace, and Ishbalans wanted to use it against the mighty State Alchemists. Their family was attacked by Kimbley and almost everyone was killed. His brother sacrifices his arm to save Scar, and Scar kills the Amestrian doctors, who were treating him, upon gaining consciousness. Alphonse moves Scar away from the scene and Edward calms Winry, holding her as she cries. 

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12. Girl On The Battlefield (Episode 23) 

Ling, along with Ranfan, tries to escape Fuhrer King Bradley and Gluttony is sent to capture Scar. Edward leaves Winry and goes to help Alphonse. Gluttony tries to consume Scar and Bradley witnesses Ranfan’s arm. Ling arrives and uses Edward’s help to bind him. She escapes using Haweye’s help and insists on using his aide. Mei helps Scar escape, losing track of her panda, Xaio Mei, who is picked up by Alphonse. The Elric brothers see Winry off at the station and Edward promises to make her happy the next time they meet. Roy picks them up and takes them to a house where Ranfan is being treated. They argue about Gluttony and on overhearing Roy’s name, the homunculus transforms and destroys a part of the house, enraged by the death of Lust. 

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13.  Doorway Of Darkness (Episode 25)

Ling and Edward are inside Gluttony and search for possible exits. On hearing her story, Scar helps Mei to look for Xio Mei. Envy informs Edward and Ling that they have no way to escape as they are inside a fake Gate/Doors of Truth. He reveals himself as the one who started the Ishbal war. He disguised himself as a soldier and shot a child. Hearing this, Edward is enraged and on being hit, Envy transfers into his true form, a monster. At the Central HQ, Bradley explains that there is no way he could lose to Roy and has Roy’s subordinates reassigned to Riza. Alphonse convinces Gluttony to take him to his creator, who, much to his surprise, is from Central City. 

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14. Reunion (Episode 26) 

During their losing battle with Envy, Edward halts the fight and promises to return all of them back to the real world. Scar and Mei follow Alphonse and Gluttony to underground passages. Edward plans to do a human transmutation on himself to open the Doors of Truth and use Envy’s Philosopher’s stone to send everyone back. He reveals his realization of the use of homunculi on Xerxes’ people to transmute a Philosopher’s stone, centuries ago. In Central HQ, Bradley relates to Roy’s childhood story and his journey to becoming a Wrath. Edward activates an alchemy array which passes through the Gate. He finds Alphonse’s withering body and as the gate reopens to pull him out, he promises to come back. 

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15. Teacher (Episode 27) 

Edward, in his failed attempt to escape Izumi, gets tied up and Alphonse takes them to the town of Dublith. They remember the time when Izumi saved a town which was flooding, using her alchemy and how they got inspired watching her save lives, and how she gave in and took them under her wings as pupils. At the end of their flashback, Edward, Alphonse and Winey arrive in Dublith, where Izumi’s husband runs a meat shop. An incident involving a dead cat takes place and Izumi reveals that she is aware of what happened to the brothers and hugs them while trying to console them. 

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16. Father (Episode 28) 

Alphonse arrives at Father’s lair and is in front of Homunculi’s creator. Gluttony busts and his fake gate releases Edward Ling and Envy. Father inquires of the brothers and heals them after knowing their identity as Hohenheim’s sons. Ling is worried and informs the brothers that Father doesn’t look normal. Father asks Gluttony to eat him as he won’t be a sacrifice, followed by Edward and Alphonse’s attempt at combat. Father disables their alchemy and they get subdued by Envy. Long is subdued by Gluttony and Father decides to use Ling as a pawn. He will use a bit of the Philosopher’s stone which will come out of his body and transform him into a new Greed. Ling wishes to be immortal and accepts the spirit of Greed. The new greed inhabits Ling’s body and he has no recollection of his previous life. Scar and Mei arrive and Mei reunites with Xaio Mei. Scar and Mei attack Father and his supporters. Scar, Mei and Alphonse attempt to escape, but Alphonse gets taken into custody and Scar disappears. Edward gets subdued by Greed and Father orders them to be taken to Wrath. 

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17. The Ishvalan War Of Extermination (Episode 30) 

Riza relates to Edward and Marcoh relates to Scar. The war went on for seven long years before Fuhrer King Bradley ordered State Alchemists to eliminate the Ishbal population. During a flashback, Mustang is met by Hughes and Hawkeye after a long time and their eyes are filled with murder intent. Hughes looks for a future with his girlfriend, Gracia. Zolf. J. Kimbley, a State Alchemist, uses the Philosopher’s stone to kill people. The head of the Ishbalan cleric offers to exchange his life for that of his people, but the offer gets rejected by Fuhrer. The war ends and Roy and Riza become his assistants. At present, Riza tells Edward that Roy will pour judgement on everyone involved in the war, regardless of who was the manipulator. Envy goes to check on Marcoh and finds a dead body with ‘vengeance’ written with blood on a wall. 

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18. The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant And The Mystery Of Warehouse 13 (Episode 37) 

Jean Havoc gets the help of Falman, Breda and Fuery to find out about Roy’s behavior as instructed. During the investigation, Havoc gets devastated after learning the colonel has a girl he likes. Mustang orders to find a match for Havoc. Frank orders Sheska to collect records of the 5th Laboratory. She does the job while searching for Hughes’ murderer. Major Armstrong introduces Catherine to Havoc and he arrives at the mansion. Catherine wanted to date someone like her brother. Mustang’s subordinates are frightened by ghost stories from their military warehouse. Archer asks Sheska to destroy the gathered materials. Mustang tries to investigate the warehouse incident, which takes unexpected turns. Archer and Armstrong get dispatched to the East, and Mustang and his team get attached to the mission. 

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19. Homunculus (The Dwarf In The Mask) (Episode 40) 

Oliver arrives at Central. She gets questioned by Fuhree about General Raven. She wishes to get Raven’s position and Fuhrer promises her the position. Riza informs Roy about Selim being a homunculus. Father flashbacks to the days of Xerxes. Hohenheim was a slave who became an alchemist with the help of a homunculus in a flask which was his master’s. The King of Xerxes asked for the secret of immortality from the homunculus. An alchemy array is constructed around the country to complete the procedure of obtaining immortality. The homunculus tricks the king and, somehow, Hohenheim is the one who enters the circle. The procedure results in the death of all Xerxes’ citizens and the transfer of their lives into the homunculi and Hohenheim. Homunculi decides to take Hohenheim’s form. In the present, Hohenheim meets Izumi and Sig, rearranging her internal organs to suit her health, admitting the fact of being a Philosopher’s stone in human form. 

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20. Upheaval In The Central (Episode 50) 

Mustang’s team is cornered by the soldiers. Mustang’s Ishval Squadron saves them. The Briggs Fortress soldiers join the battle and Mustang’s team gets saved by Maria Ross and Rebecca Catalima. Mustang calls the person who helped Ross return from Xing and is surprised to hear Havoc. Edward’s group manages to sneak underground using the 3rd Laboratory and split. Edward, Scar, Dariya, Jerso and Zampano go in one direction, while Hohenheim and Lan Fan go in the other direction. One of the mannequin soldiers awakens. 

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21. Combined Strength (Episode 52) 

Alphonse battles Pride and Kimbley using his Philosopher’s Stone. In Central, the Armstrong siblings fight with Sloth, the fastest of the homunculi. Edward, Scar and the other chimera fight with the homunculi army. Yoki drives over Pride with his car and helps others escape. Pride decides to consume Kimbley. At Central HQ, the homunculi free Oliver from the troops and she tells them to make a choice between dying or taking a stand. Envy chases Mei. Roy and Riza arrive at the room where Edmund and the others are. 

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22. Beyond The Inferno (Episode 54)

Riza fires at Envy. Roy arrives and helps Riza and Envy’s body starts to decompose. His embryonic form gets trampled under Roy’s foot. Riza points her gun at Roy. Edward and Scar arrive. Edward takes Envy and all of them try to calm Roy from his madness. Envy commits suicide after being humiliated. The Armstrong siblings continue their fight with Sloth and the Briggs troops attack the front gate. Buccaneer, Falman and Izumi arrive to stop them. Hohenheim confronts Father. 

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23. Eye Of Heaven, Gateway Of Earth (Episode 60) 

Denny reunites with Maria at the radio station. May challenges Father and the Elric brothers to fight Pride. Ishbalans set up alchemy rays around Central. The eclipse takes place and Father attempts to open the Gate. Greed attacks him but he succeeds in activating the centre of his array. The gate opens, taking the life of the Amestris people as energy, and the Father calls the God of the Gates to absorb it.

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24. The Other Side Of The Gateway (Episode 63) 

Father struggles to keep God in him and grabs Greed’s Philosopher’s stone. Greed is ripped out and he dies with a smile. Father gets pulled into the Gate with Truth and it closes. Hohenheim volunteers himself to bring back Alphonse, but Edward rejects the offer. He sends himself into the gate where Truth informs him that he won’t be able to use his alchemy. He retrieves Alphonse and the radio station informs them of the death of Fuhrer and his son. Edward delivers the tiny Selim to Mrs Bradley. Alex thanked Hohenheim for his son’s existence. Hohenheim dies the next day in front of his wife’s grave, where Pinako finds him. 

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25. Journey’s End (Episode 64)

Knox and Marcog visit Mustang at the hospital. Roy studies to help the Ishbalan people. Marcoh suggests using the Philosopher’s stone to restore his sight, thinking that the race will benefit from it and honour would be given to the sacrifices. Mustang accepts the offer but wants to use it to heal Havok first. Scar recovers and Oliver informs him of Miles’ plan to help Mustang with the Ishbalans. Scar decides to help them. Edward and Alphonse reflect on Xingese leaving Amestris and Ling promises to protect May’s clan when he becomes the Emperor. Winry welcomes the brothers to Rockbell. Two years later, the brothers discuss the vast world. In Central, Grumman, the now Fuhrer, talks to Miss Bradley. At the Hughes house, Alphonse reveals that the brothers wish to thank everyone. Alphonse travels East, past Xing to learn secrets and Edward travels West with Winry after proposing to her. 

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