ImMature Season 2 Release Date Confirmed!

Indian drama comedy web series, ImMature presented by The Viral Fever. The upcoming 5 episodes in Age story depict the life of Dhruv, a young boy who wants to grow up as soon as possible. Dhruv tries to draw his first crush Chhavi attention, who is a class topper, with the help of his friends Kabir and Susu. This shows a gang of friends developing together as they have their heartbreak, their first love, their first drink, and others. The show is about the growing phase and the difficulties encountered during the same. Watch all episodes of ImMature for young people to join the gang in their journey.

Who is Sameer Saxena?

The Viral Fever Originals, Head and CCO, Sameer Saxena. Before 7 years Arunabh Kumar established, TVF (The Viral Fever). In India, it is the only first YouTube channel to begin creating web series. TVF is home to some popular series such as Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Yeh Meri Family, Tripling, and Kota Factory.

immature season 2 release date
Sameer Saxena

As 2019 ends, we catch Sameer Saxena, who shared that TVF will enter new categories and will soon launch regional content in three languages. He is also focus on creating new non-fiction shows. He said – We are going to create shows in regional languages ​​and will start with Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi and hopefully expand to other languages

The show ImMature was the only web series in India to appear at the Cannes International Series Festival under the Digital Content category. It has served Colombia, Cuba, Canada, France, South Korea, the U.S, and Spain. Competed with other products.

Discussions are underway for TVF screenings at some other prestigious celebrations, Saxena said about doing more shows with the Canneseries, according to India West. With appreciation from all quarters for our series, TVF is popularizing the Indian will continue to play its role. Web series. Indian digital content is going to travel the world.

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ImMature Season 2 Crew

Prem Mistry, direct the season first of ImMature and Nishad Zaveri, Suprit Kundar, and Abhishek Yadav, are the scriptwriter the show features one dispute per episode as Dhruva tries to steer his life in high school. To enhance his knowledge. ImMature has also characterized sinister circumstances and odd characters that appear derivative from Indian pop culture.

ImMature Season 2 Release Date

The imMature first season is streaming on MX Player the Indian digital platform for free from 20 February 2019. The series has surpassed the figure of 8.8 stars on IMDb and collected 3.5 stars on The Times of India. Here’s good news for the fans, the second season of Immature has been renewed by the makers and yes, you are going to see a brand new season very soon. According to the recent trailer, ImMature Season 2 Release Date is 26 August 2022.

ImMature Season 1 Release Date20 February 2019
ImMature Season 2 Release Date26 August 2022

ImMature Season 2 Cast

immature season 2 release date
Cast of ImMature season 2

See, the stars acting in the first season have done very well and the audience has liked them very much, so it is not likely that the producers will change the cast in the upcoming season. Therefore, if the producers would go through the interest of the audience, they did not change the main stars of the play. If that occurs, we will see the same cast doing their previous roles. The stars to be seen in the second season –

Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv Sharma, Chinamay Chandraunshush as Kabir Bhuller, Rashmi Agdekar as Chhavi Upadhya, Visshesh Tiwari as Master Susu, Sameer Saxena as Dhruv’s father, Komal Chhabaria as Dhruv’s mother, Dilip Meralal as Gole wala, Indiuben Mehta as Old lady on Walker, Jitendra Kumar as Drama Teacher, Sachin Negi as Nukkad, Vijay Rawal as Karan, Ranjan as Ranjan, Nikhil Vijay as Shantanu Mehra, Biswapati Sarkar as Hindi Teacher, Hamika Bose as Nandini/Natasha, and Gopal Datt as Vice Principal.

How Many Episodes ImMature Season 1 Has?

The first season is shown with the help of 5 episodes of the story of the millennium. Well, the upcoming season episode has not revealed any details about why I can’t give you any specific details about it. However, it is being speculated that there will be 5-8 episodes in the next season.

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ImMature Season 2 Story

In the series, we watch Dhruv Sharma who is bad at decision making and constantly faces difficulties at the time of taking any decision while his friends are good at providing opinions. Kabir Bhullar is the leader of the group which is connected with Susu. That is why Kabir seems strong in answering Dhruv’s puzzling questions. The three friends are wandering and going through a life of curls and spins. And, all this remains zig-zag until Dhruv watches a girl Chhavi Upadhyay a wise and bright student of the class. Dhruv has a crush on her but he is scared to admit his love for her.

Buy a motorcycle –

One day Kabir compels Dhruv to buy a motorcycle instead of riding his dull cycle. But he knows that his guardian will not give him a motorcycle because his educational records are not good. Nevertheless, Dhruv tries to convince his parents to use all the tactics and he becomes half victorious in achieving so as he discovers his sister’s pink scooty.

At that moment he was not knowledgeable that this scooty would bring a huge modification in his life. Now, a story begins between Chhavi and Dhruv starts. Many aspects like exams, games, lecture skipping, have appeared. We also discover Susu crying only because her teacher got busy. After this, Dhruv hears from somewhere that Chhavi is in love with another boy. He too becomes depressed like Susu, now Kabir asks Dhruv to bounce back to his lover after consuming liquor. He aims to war Chhavi’s love Shatanu with entire dignity and realizes quite calmly as he listens that they are separated.

Now, finally, he gets a chance to tell Chhavi about his immense love for her. A day after talking to her at school, she starts feeling ashamed as Chhavi is ready to go on a date with her after her exams. Now, the two are feeling a bit uneasy as they will go on their first date, but after a while, they start liking each other’s companionship.

End of story –

Originally, Dhruv shies a little on his first date, and after that, he easily chooses Chhavi to go to school together. He also gives her a T-shirt full of dignitaries, where some nice lines are written, telling a pleasing goodbye. Because he is presently going to Kota for more studies. This means it is the end of the story.

If immature season 2 comes, the story will maybe resume from here. Probably we will get to watch the story related to Kota because Dhruv is walking there. But, it will be intriguing to watch how Dhruva molds himself to the Kota environment? So, let’s wait for what will appear in the arriving months?

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