Comicstaan season 3 release date Announced Or Still Under Process?

The stand-up comedy competition of Only Much Louder, comics is very popular among the public. After the first season of Comicstaan premiered on Amazon Prime Video, the series was considered the most-watched series in the country across the OTT platform. Comicstaan is a huge success and has already released a few seasons. The show’s makers have revealed that Comics will be making a comeback with a third season. Now fans eagerly await the announcement and release of the series.

Comicstaan Season 3 Release Date

Amazon Prime Comicstaan’s first season premiered on 13 July 2018. And, the second season on 2 July 2019, just after the one-year uncommon season. Comicstaan 3 official release date has not still been announced. However, some sources have said that the series could be released this year in late 2021.

Comicstaan Season 3 Release Date: Not yet officially announced, will update the page as soon as the date comes.

Comicstaan Season 3: Judges And Contestants

There is no doubt that season 3 of Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan will be a tremendous journey for viewers. The wonderful stand-up comedian in India has earned a lot of love and honor due to this stand-up comedy competition. Audiences hum their hearts on the songs of these comic icons and also see stiff competition among them.

Its season 1 was judged by famous comedians such as Tanmay Bhat, Sapan Verma, Kaneez Surka, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard, Kanan Gill, and Biswa Kalyan Rath. Comicstaan season 2 the judging committee contained Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Zakir Khan, and Kaneez Surka. To make season 3 more interesting we can watch some new faces.

As its second season contain seven episodes and featured a completely different cast for each episode. And the exciting news is that the registration process for this series has started this year.

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Comcistaan Season 1 Review

A little hesitant to remind yourself of Amazon’s new stand-up reality show, Comicstaan, and to see how far we have to go. In all fairness, at any point – or even none of the judges do it – pretend that the show is the last word in Indian comedy. But it’s all about perspective, right? To see a flock of aspiring comedians on stage, so harsh that only one of those scenes makes you want to get a tetanus shot, is often unpleasant. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a type of point – stage bombardment is a ritual-passage that every comedian and his audience must experience. And half the fun – as stingy as Comicstaan’s – is in watching the contestants as they improve significantly with each new episode.

As long as the show is good, this sub-room wheeling and dealing are fine. Nobody cares if Dave Chappelle is making millions of dollars on Netflix, but they were terrible at his specials. They were not. His two hours were some of the rudest and brutally honest of the previous year. But there is something so old about this whole exercise – Comics, which starts with a damn name – that it almost makes you feel like the judges whose excitement fluctuates from episode to episode.

Comicstaan Season 2 Review

Comicstaan Season 3 Release Date
Comicstaan Season 1 Contestants

Season 2 is arguably the greatly anticipated and largely published event in the Indian stand-up circuit attending the unfortunate holocaust of #MeToo allegations affecting the industry in 2018. It is Amazon’s second installment of the comedy reality series. Comicstaan second season has approximately the same as the first season. Seven outstanding comedians, specialists in their fields of comedy, imply to ten contestants in different genres of comedy. Patrons are also judges. Ten contestants will seem in front of a live studio audience and judges with each scoring point based on their performance.

Three episodes streaming so long, out of a promising eight. Kanan Gill is the mentor for the 1st episode, where he governed an interested bunch through the nuances of observational comedy. Zakir Khan remembered the contestants on the score of anecdotal comedy in the 2nd episode. And Kneez Surka behaved like a mentor for the third Episode, leading ten eager beavers to improv comedy.

We recommend watching Comicstaan Season 2 for our viewers. Even in its uniquely famous avatar, it is better than the smut that passes as a comedy in the Indian content space.

Nishant Suri wins the first season of Comicstaan. While Akash Gupta and Samay Raina held the award for the second season. And it would grab the attention to watch who will be the champion of Comicstaan third season.

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