I Am Georgina Season 2 Release Date: Show Returning?

The weekend is all here and you are deciding what to watch to give you good company, then this series can be a good choice and can be the next on your wishlist. If you are a lover of the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his lover, then I Am Georgina is the best for you. Released in the United States in the Spanish language, I Am Georgina ( Spanish: Soy Georgina ) is a real-life based TV reality show and a documented one.

I Am Georgina Season 2 Release Date

Its first season, which got released on January 27, 2022, on Netflix contains a total of six episodes with a time duration of approximately 40 minutes. The series got 6.2 ratings on IMDB and was liked by 82 % of people. According to the reports, it has been marked a perfect show for you and your family too. If we talk about the next season, then till now, there is no announcement about this, neither the two beauties have talked over it. But, if the show would be able to win the hearts of the fans, as it shows, then we will soon encounter news of its next season.

I Am Georgina Season 1 Release DateJanuary 27, 2022
I Am Georgina Season 2 Release DateNo Announcement

If you are interested in knowing the life of a celebrity couple then this show is definitely for you. Those who have already watched season one definitely might be wondering what could happen in season 2 of the show or more importantly, when is it going to hit the screens.

The show with the second season doesn’t have a release date yet. Does this mean the show has been canceled? Well, there’s no confirmation made regarding season 2 of the show. So, what we could do is give our predictions.

A show is usually renewed on two bases: The fanbase and reviews of the show and whether they have a perfect storyline for it. Season 1 was loved by many people, so there are chances for it to return by 2023.

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I Am Georgina Season 2 Story

I Am Georgina Season 2 Release Date

The life of a girl becomes heaven when she finds and gets her prince charming. The same did happen with Georgina Rodríguez, who was a simple girl, or you can say an unknown, but after becoming the girlfriend of the soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, her life got totally changed. The series is an in-depth look at her life. She has shown her life-turning events in this beautiful scripted series, ” I Am Georgina “.

With more than 29 million followers on Instagram now, she is a mother, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, model, dancer, influencer, and a successful lady of Ronaldo. Although she is a beloved celebrity and lives her glamorous life, there was a struggle and a fight in her starting days and years, which just vanished after she fell in love with her man and eventually get him into her life. The series gives you a deep instinct of their romance with how she lives her life. She has given the fans access to her personal life through this series.

Started her journey from a small community in a small town named Jaca in Spain, she relocated to many big cities in a finding of suitable work for herself, as she got fed up with her poverty. She wanted to become a ballet dancer but her parents could not afford the fees for the training. She worked as a waitress, shop assistant, and pair in England and finally moved to Madrid to pursue her career in retail. In an episode, she quoted, ” Before I sold handbags in Serrano. Now I collect them “when she was a shop assistant in one of the shops. One day, after meeting with each other, they both fell in love at first sight and met again a few days later and started dating, resulting in her getting fired from her job. The series has also shown their houses in Madrid and Italy. Now living such a glamorous and rich life, owning the great designers and brands, with expensive dresses and cars, the series has shown a little to a big thing.

I Am Georgina Season 2 Cast

I Am Georgina Season 2 Release Date

The series all focuses on Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo along with Ivana Rodríguez, who is the sister of Georgina.

I Am Georgina Season 2 Trailer

Watch the beautiful trailer of the series, as the trailer starts with Ronaldo and Georgina holding each other’s hands, showing their true love and leaving the fans in a beautiful dilemma of love. Watch the trailer and you will once again fall into a beautiful love journey.

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