Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 Release Date And Other Updates!

There have been many animes in the past that have been adopted or inspired from old famous Japanese manga novels or famous Japanese video games, now shadow verse is one such anime, which has been inspired by an online card trading video game that came out first in the year 2020 and after such a success with the first season, the makers of the show along with Zexcs studious decided to renew the show for a second season, which will have a new protagonist but based in the same universe. Recently we have received the 11 episodes of shadow verse flame, and since then there has been a lot of question regarding the 12th episode of the show, now one thing that we can already confirm you is that the broadcasting schedule for the show remains the same and thus there will not be any delay in the release of episode 12, to know more about the release date and the title of episode 12, you need to read a bit more of the article.

Now for those of you who don’t know anything about this show, this show is based in a universe where there has been a recent disaster in which the shadow verse or the trading card game plays a very important role in saving the world, and thus this time after the disaster, the game has been taken very seriously by all people and there is a different academy this time where students are trained to become shadow verse professionals. the story this season follows is of a novice who has joined the academy because the academy’s founder wolfram called him to join it and follows his journey through the academy and saving the world with his friends.

Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 Release Date

Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 Release Date

As we know the first season of the show made its release in the year 2020 and after that, the second season of the show made its release in the year 2022 and till now we have received a total of 11 episodes, we are sure that this season of the show will have more than 12 episodes, and following the broadcast schedule which is new episode will release every Saturday, we can firmly say that the 12th episode of the show will be making its release on the 18th of June,2022. There hasn’t been any delay in the production works of the upcoming episode and this episode like all other episodes of the previous season will be a 21-minute episode. there is a great chance that this anime will come to an end by June or July this year and there will be upcoming seasons based on the story which has been shown in shadow verse flame.

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Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 Story

The new episode of the shadow verse is titled “that’s what makes shadow verse fun” and much regarding the upcoming episodes hasn’t been out yet, nor have there been any spoilers, as we have seen in the last episode the fight between light and Tsubasa hasn’t ended and Tsubasa has still got something which can be a strong move against light, now we know most of the fans are rooting for light but we will see lights’ thought regarding shadow verse and how he slowly connects with other people through it and why it is so fun to him.

Shadowverse Flame Episode 11 recap

The shadow verse episode 11 which is titled “ I don’t want your understanding…” has been very chaotic and we see a great deal of mental struggle that Tsubasa, the president of the third badminton club has to go0 through as she challenges the seventh flame club and on lights part, we see him accepting the offer of the battle from Tsubasa, becau8se as he hasn’t been able to recruit proper members for the club, this can be a way to know and find new player, now some part of the battle has been shown in the 11th episode, but from the staring only we have seen li9ght overpowering g the battlefield. , overall it has been a great episode and there will be a continuation of the fight in episode 12.

Where Can We Watch Shadowverse Flame Episode 12?

Shadowverse Flame Episode 12 Release Date

There are many television channels in Japan where the show has been broadcasted every Saturday and over the internet, the platform which brings the show earliest to its fans is Crunchyroll, now there are many other platforms over the internet which will let you stream the show.

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