Doomlands Season 2 Release Date Latest Details!

Doomlands is a Roku-exclusive adult animated series streaming on television, developed by Josh O’Keefe. The series follows Danny Boom and Lhandi, who is a bartender, as they fling alcoholic beers in their bar amid a post-apocalyptic world. They’ve been given orders to confront raging desert mobs, memory-stealing creeps, and obnoxious restroom graffiti. Until it became a pilot, the series was John O’ Keefe’s film project. During covid 19 pandemic, John O’ Keefe turned the series over to Quibi, which is now called The Roku Channel, and the serial began production.  Josh Bowen, who described the streaming series as Mad Max meets Cheers in the Mos Eisley Cantina, was ultimately in charge of its development. Bowen created the show with the help of his mom’s food in her basement. Mark Little, who has been in Canadian sitcoms such as Cavendish and Mr. D, plays Danny Doom, while Kayla Lorette plays Lhandi in the series.

Roku has ordered a second season of the animated comedy Doomlands. Season two of Look Mom! Productions’ Danny Doom Doom, Lhandi, and the crew of the Oasis will consist of ten 15-minute episodes and will resume from where season one ended previously, following the exploits of the famed Danny Doom Doom, Lhandi, and the team of the Oasis.

Doomlands Season 2 Release Date

Doomlands Season 2 Release Date
Doomlands Season 2

Although the show has been renewed for a second season, no dates have been confirmed about when the series will be available to stream, but one thing for sure is that the production of the second season is underway! In a statement, Colin Davis, head of scripted originals at Roku, stated that it was so fantastic to watch the world of Danny Doom connect with their streamers and that they look forward to taking us along for more laugh-out-loud hilarious escapades in season two.

Doomlands Season 1 Release Date28 January 2022
Doomlands Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Doomlands Season 2 Release Date

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Doomlands Season 1 Recap

The story of Doomlands is chaotic and there’s always something happening in it to keep the audience entertained. In the first season, we see in order to salvage his favourite sporting event, The Razorbowl, Danny Doom makes a dubious bargain with one of the Wasteland’s most nefarious people; in the process, Lhandi finds a piece of Danny’s life and gets a little too emotional. He goes up against his arch-foe, Sunny Sinclair, to show that he hasn’t been lying about his big wins all along. Until bar regular, Barry steals the Oasis’ singing fish and refuses to pay his bill, the crew follows him into the Wastes and into the swamps, where they find themselves in peril when Lhandi decides to take matters into her own hands.

Danny Doom discovers that Xanthena’s music can genuinely elevate the spirits of despondent Wastelanders, pushing her to stardom in the Wastelands. Lhandi gets the bunch tied up with a deadly gang of Riccardo’s in a vain attempt to forge a bond with herself and Onorato. After some mean toilet graffiti hurts Danny’s emotions, he has a breakdown and abandons the crew. Left according to their own, the crew must manage a very crucial visitor.

Onorato gives birth to a batch of eggs during a day’s straight tornado storm; stuck with no sustenance, Danny and the gang have to choose between camaraderie and famine. Jep strikes up a romantic relationship with one of the Oasis bar’s regular customers after doing Danny a favor. With circumstances leading to a possibility of true love, stuff gets nasty when Danny discovers he dislikes the idea of sharing Jep with anybody else. When the Wasteland’s lone beer supply is interrupted, the Oasis panics; it looks like a nightmare until Danny realizes Lhandi’s peculiar secret connection to the crisis. Lhandi launches a violent uprising against her mighty father to get back the beer while Onorato and Jep meet their hero and Xanthena enjoys a spa day.

Doomlands Season 2 Cast

Doomlands Season 2 Release Date
Doomlands Season 2

The main characters of Doomlands Danny Doom and Lhandi are voiced by the brilliant voice actors Mark Little and Kayla Lorette respectively. Other than these two main characters the crew also includes two other characters, one being the character with amazing singing abilities and Doomlands’ very own popstar- Xanthena. Xanthena is voice by the very talented Ashley Holliday Tavares. The character of Jep who is one of the most beloved characters on the show is voiced by Roger Bainbridge. All the cast members are excited to return for the second season and the audience can’t wait to meet their favorite characters on screen again.

Where to Watch Doomlands?

Just like season 1, season 2 of Doomlands will be available to watch on Roku Channel when it releases! Happy watching!

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