Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Release Date Details!

Build divide, the anime series, which has gained a lot of prominence since the release of its first season referred to as the code black is now being followed by the second season of the show code white, and this season’s reaction has been an absolute success. The anime is quite unique in its own genre and for all those people who don’t know anything about this anime. The anime follows a world, which is run by a card drawing game, and each card will give you different powerful characters, using it you can battle other people, and the strength you have in the game, gives the characters their individual worth, and you also have the right to challenge the king of the city to a battle through a competition where you need to rise up and if you can beat the king, you get any wish you have fulfilled. Now the series follows the journey of teruto who has the dream of beating the king and gaining the build and divide, and on his paths, he is supported by a lot of friends, who want to see him rise we also see him getting continuously guided by a character named Sakura.

Now, this show has got very good ratings and critics’ comment and is created by the liden films, and now with the new season in hand, there has been a lot of questions regarding the 10th episode as the 9th episode has been an absolute banger, now as you may know the release date is already out and there hasn’t been any delay, the 10th episode is coming in June only.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Release Date

Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Release Date

The first season of the show made its release in the year 2021 and with a total of 12 episodes, there has been a great hype, and now with the continuation of the show in 2021, we have already received 9 episodes, and the show is expected to have nearly 12 episodes, just like the previous season, or it may end with the 10th episode. Now as we know the 10th episode of season 2 is set to make its release on the 12th of June 2020, and like all other episodes, this episode will also have an approximate runtime of 21 minutes.

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Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Story

As we have already seen in the 9th episode the fight scenes have mostly been over, however, the main thing that awaits us is where we find hiyoro being asked by teruto, to give him all her powers, and we also saw someone’s shadow when kikka and Naomitsu won their individual battle, and we may end up seeing a bigger figure who has been creating all the obstacles in their path. Nothing more can be said and what happens to teruto while he is in captivity still awaits us, we may get a bit closer to freeing teruto, but we do have to wait a little longer to know any more.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 9 Recap

The 9th episode of season 2 has been a great hit, the season showed the end of the fight on the part of kikka and Naomitsu, after they bit their sibling and own shadows, though they have to go through a lot to do so, and we see some of the flashbacks, into there dark past, but overall it’s going to be a great episode, we will also get to see that teruto who is currently under captivity, meets Hiyori and he suddenly asks for her power and the rest of the scene was left for episode 10 to deal with.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Characters

For the 10th episode of season 2 some of the characters that have been confirmed till now, are teruto himself along with Hiyori, and in another scene, we will get to watch Naomitsu and kikku moving forward together, there may be other characters but nothing has been confirmed yet, and to know more we will have to wait till the 10th episode drops, which will be an absolute hit.

Where Can We Watch Build Divide: Code White Episode 10?

Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 Release Date

Build divide anime is currently available on many anime Japanese channels, followed by a range of OTT platforms, however, to get the earliest to the show, you can always keep an eye on the Crunchyroll platform, where the show is uploaded in the best quality and earlier than many other shows.

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