High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates!

High on the Hog: How African American Cousins turned American is an American documentary show that takes you on the journey of American food history. The United States of America has experienced migrations from around the world. Hence, the present US culture is the combination of multiple cultures that came to the US. Today, a large US population consists of African blacks. They had come to the USA centuries back. And the culture and food they brought have now become American.

High on the Hog is a 2021 released documentary that is based on Jessica B. Harris’s book ‘High on the Hog: How African American Cousins turned American.’ In the documentary, the hosts travelled to various parts of the USA and Africa to trace the history of famous African American foods which are now turned into American food. The show was immensely liked by food lovers in America. The huge success of the show also brought the idea of a High on the Hog season 2. Now there is also various news regarding season 2, its plot, and its release. Here is everything that you want to know about the High on the Hog season 2.

High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date

High On The Hog Season 2
High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date

The High on the Hog documentary show was released in May 2021. After its success, Netflix in August 2021 announced that the High on the Hog season 2 will be streamed by them. It means that the makers have plans to make a second season. Afterwards, the host of the show Stephen Satterfield also announced the coming of High on the Hog season 2 via his Instagram post.

All this means, that season 2 of the show will come. However, the makers, hosts, or Netflix have not given any specific information regarding the release of the High on the Hog season 2. Notably, there is not even any information regarding the making of the show. But till the end of this year or at the start of 2023, viewers can expect a season 2.

High On The Hog Season 1 Release DateMay 26, 2021
High On The Hog Season 2 Release DateTo Be Announced
High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date

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High On The Hog Season 2 Story

High on the Hog season, 1 carried half part of Jessica B. Harris’s book through the four episodes they streamed. Now for season 2, the most expected storyline is the other half of the same book. However, there is no confirmation regarding this from the side of the makers or writer.

In season 1 of High on the Hog, the hosts travelled to some regions of West Africa, their local markets, and related areas. In the USA also, the hosts travelled to South Carolina, Texas, and the Northeastern Trailriders. In all these places, the hosts traced back the history of African slavery, the civil war, the liberation of slaves, and other such incidences. Hence, it is not just a travel and food show, it is also a historical show. However, during the whole journey, the African food and its inclusion in the American cousin has remained the centre of attraction.

Notably, it is the events that happened in history that caused the migration of  Africans to America and their food and culture embedded in American culture. Season 2 may go deep into this inclusion of food as the second half of Harris’s book covers the Migration of blacks to the west and their rebellion for civil rights.

High On The Hog Season 2 Cast

High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date

High on the Hog is a multicast documentary show. It has four episodes. In all four episodes, you can see different culinary experts talking about the history of African food and food relation between Africa and America. The main cast that you can see the season 1 were Stephen Satterfield, Jessica B. Harris, Gabrielle E.W. Carter, Romuald Hazoume, Michel Twittey, Adrian Miller, and others. Most of the cast and crew members of the show were African Americans.

Now about the High on the Hog season 2, Stephen Satterfield had already posted on Instagram and Jessica B. Harris is the writer of the book. So, these two are the most expected cast for season 2. Apart from these two, various culinary experts from around America especially the American blacks can join the cast. However, there is no official announcement of season 2 and the star cast.

Where To Watch High On The Hog Season 2 Online?

The High on the Hog season 1 was released on Netflix in May 2021. After the success of season 1, Netflix announced that it will release season 2 of the popular documentary show. Hence, whenever season 2 of High on the Hog will release, viewers can watch it online on Netflix.

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