When To Expect Lovestruck High Season 2 Release Date?

Lovestruck High is the upcoming American dating reality show. The show will start streaming in May 2022. Dating shows are creating a new buzz in the entertainment industry nowadays. Youths and teens are the major viewers these shows attract. This dating show is coming with a new concept in the story. Hence, it is predicted that Lovestruck High may have several seasons. However, the making of season 2 depends on the success of season 1. Notably, there is no official statement released in this context. 

Lovestruck High Season 2 Release Date

Lovestruck High Season 2 Release Date
Lovestruck High Season 2

Season 1 of Lovestruck High is releasing on 18th May on Amazon Prime Video. The dating reality show will be narrated by Lindsay Lohan. As of now, 15 single contestants are going to compete in this show. 

Season 1 will have eight episodes in which viewers can spot lots of drama, romance, and sexual content. However, if the season will be liked by viewers you may expect a season 2. The upcoming show is being promoted as a new kind of dating show with various twists and turns. Hence, the audience has greater expectations from the show and its content. To know why the series is interesting and exciting, continue reading the article. 

Lovestruck High Season 1 Release DateMay 18, 2022
Lovestruck High Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Lovestruck High Season 2 Release Date

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Lovestruck High Season 2 Story

In Lovestruck High season 1, the search for their dating partner by 15 participants will be done in their High School. Now among their classmates, these 15 students have to find their dating partners. The newness of the dating show is that it is an LGBTQ+ inclusive dating show and the date search will be done on the school campus. 

The participants will go through various challenges throughout the season. And at the end of the series, one couple will be declared Prom Royalty. The winning couple will also receive a reward of $100,000. With the end of all episodes of Lovestruck season 1, we may know whether season 2 will come or not. If yes, then when, where, and with what storyline. 

Lovestruck High Season 2 Cast 

Lovestruck High Season 2 Release Date

Apart from the idea, the cast is also exciting youths and teens for this dating reality show. The Lovestruck High season 1 will be narrated by prominent American actress, singer, and producer Lindsay Lohan. Apart from Lohan, you will also see Ria Lina as Principal Nelson, Russel Hicks as coach Hughes, and Chloe Zietounian as miss Kelly. If the second 2 will come, there are chances that the makers will retain these four for their star cast. 

The makers of Lovestruck High dating reality show have announced the name of contestants for the first season. The 15 contestants are- T Franklin Jess Doolan, Geoff Cheung, Junaid Ahmed, Meghan Vail, Basit Eniafe, Max O’Dyre, Charlie Curtis, Jody Williams, Yasmine Raveea Morsi, Haus Zalzale, Alex Dean, Dan Elward, and Theo McDermott. 

Notably, the contestants for season 2 will be different and yet to announce. With the announcement of season 2, the makers will announce the season 2 cast. 

Lovestruck High Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Lovestruck High season 2 is yet to release. However, you can find the trailer of season 1 on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. Studio Lambert’s unique dating reality show is full of drama. The precap of the high-voltage drama, romance, competition, challenges, and sex could be watched in the trailer of the first season. If the makers decide to bring a season 2, it will definitely be more dramatic and exciting than the first one. 

The series is considered to be watched by only adults above the age of 18. With unlimited drama, love, romance, and comedy: this show is going to be a youth’s attraction. 

Where To Watch Lovestruck High Season 2?

Directed by Rob Fisher, the American dating drama Lovestruck High season 1 will release in two days. The makers and streaming platforms are all set for its launch. The first episode of Lovestruck High season will be available for viewers on Amazon Prime Video. After that, all eight episodes will stream on the same platform. Therefore, season 2 when launched, will also stream on Amazon Prime Video to maintain the continuity of the show. So, to watch Lovestruck High dating drama with all its season be ready with your Prime membership now. 


Season 1 of Lovestruck High is yet ton released. But chants about its season 2 have started in the industry. There are various predictions regarding season 2. However, officially there is no news about a season 2. The makers and star cast are currently looking forward to season 1 only. 

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