Is There Any Update On Tales By Light Season 4 Release Date?

Tales by Light is a popular documentary series in Australia. Its first season was aired in 2015 and after that, the production company United Film Works came up with other two seasons. All the season of Tales by Light focuses on the journey of professional photographers to a few lesser-known places in the world. The places where these photographers travel either took some cultural or geographical importance. The 3rd season of Tales by Light came in 2018. Since then, viewers didn’t get any updates on the show. But the fans of Tales by Light are eagerly waiting for season 4 of the popular series.

As there were travel restrictions in the last two years due to the global pandemic, the shoot of a travel documentary was not possible. But now as the restrictions are removed from most parts of the world, fans of Tales by Light are expecting a season 4 of the series. Here is all the update about season 4 of Tales by Light.

Tales By Light Season 4 Release Date

Tales By Light Season 4
Tales By Light Season 4 Release Date

Seasons 1 2 and 3 of Tales by Light were released in 2015 1016, and 2018 respectively. Fans of the Australian documentary show were expecting a new journey of photographers in 2019 or 2020. But due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, there was no chance of exploring different places and making a show. However, with the reducing effect of the pandemic now viewers are eagerly waiting for Tales by Light season 4.

Season 4 is expected to go on air in 2023. Because it’s a travel base show, pre-production, as well as post-production, takes a lot of time. Then to visit different places, travellers have to decide on suitable weather conditions. That’s why there is no chance of a season 4 before 2023. Notably, there is no official announcement regarding season 4 of Tales by Light. The television partner Nation Geography, online streaming partner Netflix, and the production company United Film Works have not said any word regarding the making of season 4.

Tales By Light Season 1 Release Date24 May 2015
Tales By Light Season 2 Release Date25 October 2016
Tales By Light Season 3 Release Date26 August 2018
Tales By Light Season 4 Release DateNot Announced
Tales By Light Season 4 Release Date

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Tales By Light Season 4 Story

Tales by Light season 4 will be again a new travel journey of photographers. Viewers Can see some more lesser-known places, people, cultures, and geography. However, what will be the theme, storyline, or shooting location is not known yet.

In previous seasons, the photographers of Tales by Light have covered various geographies of the world. The episodes include some difficult geographical terrains, some unique cultures, and diversities. In the three-season of Tales by Light photographers captured the active volcano of Papua, the Whales of Tonga, and wildlife of East Africa, Antarctica, and South Georgia. Photographer Richard I’Anson also came to India to capture the tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park. These photographers took the viewers on a journey of wilds and difficulties in shooting in such an environment.

Tribes of Ethiopia, Salt pans of Utah, and Tribes of Australia are also captured by photographers. In different seasons of the show, episodes about the lives of these tribes, their culture, and their living have been shown. These episodes focused on preserving the ancient cultures of the country and world. There were also instances of underwater photography and shootings of life underwater. Season 4 will also take the viewers to such unique, beautiful, and adventure places. 

Tales By Light Season 4 Cast

Tales By Light Season 4 Release Date

In Tales by Light various photographers visited different landscapes of the world to explore something new and valuable. Every season, the documentary introduced new photographers. So, in season 4 also viewers will see some best travel photographers. However, who will be the part of the Tales of Light season 4’s cast is unknown to everyone till now.

In the first season, we saw Art Wolf, Peter Eastway, Richard I’Anson, Darren Jew, and Krystle Wright. While in season 2 we saw Jonathan Scott, Angela Scott, Eric Cheng, and Stephen Dupont. Additionally, in season 3 Simon Lister, Shawn Heinrichs, and Dylan River were part of the main cast. The director for all three seasons of the show was Abraham Joffe ACS

Where To Watch Tales By Light Season 4?

Season 1 and season 2 of Tales by Light were aired on National Geography Channel in 2015 and 2016. However, season 3 was aired on Ten Networks in 2018. But all three seasons are compelled for online viewing on Netflix. So whenever, the show comes there is a maximum probability of its streaming on Netflix. On television also, most probably it will be telecast on NGO channel. However, there is no official information about the telecasting and digital rights of Tales by Light season 4.

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