12 Best Anime For Beginners To Watch In 2022!

Anime series can be watched by anyone, whether it is a comedy, romantic, or any other genre. If you are new to anime series and are confused about where to start, then you are at the right place. You can start your anime series journey with the 12 anime series which you can watch as a beginner, which is provided here. Read further to know more!

1) My Hero Academia

12 Best Anime For Beginners To Watch In 2022

Written by Yōsuke Kuroda and directed by Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Ōkubo, and Masahiro Mukai, My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero anime television series that is based on a Manga series of the same name. The series follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, who aspires to become a superhero even though he does not possess any superpower ability. After seeing his potential, All Might made him his successor. Both the Manga and the anime series received positive reviews from the critics and the audience. It is praised for its story development, character specialization, and the action it contains. The series has a total of five seasons and an upcoming sixth season is coming. Well, if you have plenty of time and are amazed by the superhero’s abilities and its actions you can give it a watch.

Where to watch My Hero Academia: You will find this series on the original networks of JNN and NNS along with some English networks like Animax and Adult Swim

2) One-Punch Man

12 Best Anime For Beginners To Watch In 2022

The next series on the list is One-Punch Man which is also a superhero-based genre. Written by Tomohiro Suzuki in the direction of Shingo Natsume and Chikara Sakurai, the series is released on October 5, 2015, and is ongoing with two seasons and OVAs. Originally written by ONE as in the form of webcomic and manga series, the series holds good ratings and reviews. It is praised for its uniqueness, fighting skills, and action. The series revolves around a hero named Saitama, who joins Hero Association. He is so strong and possesses unique powers and abilities, that no other superhero possesses. His character is strongly depicted and you must be satisfied after watching this anime.

Where to Watch One-Punch Man: The series is released on Adult Swim, Animax Asia, and TV Tokyo.

3) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The series is released on April 5, 2009, and is written by Hiroshi ōnogi and directed by Yasuhiro Irie. Adapted from the original manga series of the same name, it is the second installment in this franchise with the first being Fullmetal Alchemist which was released in 2003. The plot revolves around two brothers, who chose to follow in their father’s footsteps to be involved in alchemy. They also try human transmutation to bring back their mother’s soul, but we’re failed. The series has grossed marvelous ratings and a whole 100 % ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. You should try this!

Where to Watch Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: It is released on networks like JNN, TV5, Channel 31, and Super Channel.


4) Little Witch Academia

12 Best Anime For Beginners To Watch In 2022

Written by Michiru Shimada and directed by Yoh Yoshinari, Little Witch Academia is a Japanese anime franchise. It has two short films, two manga series, and a two-season anime series, which aired from January 9, 2017, to June 26, 2017. The series got a 100 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is described as one of the 100 best animes of the 2010s to win the hearts of the audience. It is called the charming coming of age story, which revolves around a girl named Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, who got enrolled herself in Luna Nova Magical Academy and follows the path of Shiny Chariot and soon founds her magical rod. As the world called the magic outdated, she tries to bring back that power and the effect, with also saving the rod from the rivals of Shiny. This can be fun-loving series as it all revolves around magic, and its consequences, so just give it a watch.

Where to watch Little Witch Academia: The series is available on Tokyo MX, BS11, KTV along Netflix too.

5) Erased

The next anime series on the list is Erased, which is written by Taku Kishimoto and directed by Tomohiko Itō. The series got released on Fuji TV and Aniplus Asia and has a Manga series, light novel series, live-action film with a spin-off too. A long 12 episodic anime aired from January 8, 2016, to March 25, 2016, whose plot revolves around a man named Satoru Fujinuma who possesses an ability known as Revival, which helps him to time travel and sends him back in time. He goes back to time to save the life of his three childhood friends and the death of his mother too. Well, time-traveling series and movies create a unique interest, and this series too will give the same experience. The series has gained an incredible response from all over the world, and the manga series have to do a great job.

Where to Watch Erased: Binge it on Aniplus Asia and Fuji TV.

6) Cowboy Bebop

12 Best Anime For Beginners To Watch In 2022

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese anime television series led by the team of writer Keiko Nobumoto and director Shinichirō Watanabe. The science fiction-based series mainly focuses on Spike Spiegel in 2071. The Earth has been destroyed by a spaceship, and the inhabitants encircle the rocky area. The series, in the later parts, shows the deadly battle of Spike and Vicious over Julia, who later got killed. The series grossed the love and likes of the audience, not only from Japan but from all over the world, especially in the United States. It has gained a whole 100 % ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and won many awards and nominations. Cowboy Bebop also has a Manga series, films, video games, and a live-action film too.

Where to Watch Cowboy Bebop: It is released on vast networks like TXN, Wowow, Adult Swim, Razer, and many more.


7) Plastic Memories

Written by Naotaka Hayashi and directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, Plastic Memories is a Japan-based fantasy series that aired from April 5 to June 28, 2015. Liked and praised by the audience and the critics, the series presents a story between androids, which are known as Giftia, and the human. They are known to have a temporary life span of around nine years, and after that, they lost all their memories and feelings. To do this task, a team has been assigned which includes Isla, a giftia, and a human Tsukasa Mizugaki. But, the series takes a twist when they both fell in love, but Isla was at her last stage of time. Will she die? Or, their live wins? To know the suspense, just watch the series out.

Where to watch Plastic Memories: You can watch the series on Tokyo MX. It aired on later dates on GYT, GTV, ABC, and GBS networks.

8) Cells At Work!

Study with fun! If you love biology, then this series would be of your taste. Originally ran from July 8, 2018, to February 27, 2021, Cells At Work is a Japanese anime written by Yūko Kakihara and Kenichi Suzuki in the direction of Kenichi itself with Hirofumi Ogura. The story takes place inside the human body, where trillions of cells do their jobs together to make the body healthy. The series mainly focuses on red blood cells, AE3803, and a white blood cell U-1146. The biology teachers of so many schools and universities praised the quality of work the makers have done, and how innovatively and exact every pinpoint of the story is. They said that it will become great and easy for the students to understand every aspect of their education and will also influence them to do their homework.

Where to Watch Cells At Work: Watch it on GYT, Tokyo MX, and Animax Asia.

9) Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is an adventurous anime based on a Manga series and is written by Yuichiro Kido and directed by Shinya Iino. Originally running from July 5, 2019, till the present date, it gained positive reviews from the audience. According to Crunchyroll, it is one of the eight most amazing series and has ranked its position to the top position. The series shows how a 15 years old boy Senku Ishigami decides to rebuild civilization after humanity was mysteriously petrified 3700 years ago. However, the game is not that much easier, and he has to fight to be strong and focused.

Where to watch Dr. Stone: The series got released on Tokyo MX, KBS, and Adult Swim along with many others.


10) The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The next series on the list is The Ancient Magus’ Bride, which is based on a Manga series and is written by Aya Takaha along with Norihiro Naganuma who has also directed the anime. Originally ran from October 7, 2017, to March 24, 2018, the series deals with Chise Hatori, a Japanese High school student who sells herself in an auction to Elias Ainsworth, after being ostracized by her family and society. From here on, her slice of love story starts, in a different way. The series is praised for its art, action, and characters. The way the series delivers the story is quite amazing, and it is recommended to watch this at once.

Where to Watch The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Binge it on Tokyo MX, HBC, and BS11 networks.

11) Yuri On Ice

Written by Mitsurō Kubo with Sayo Yamamoto, who has also directed the film along with Jun Shishido, Yuri On Ice is a sports anime television series that ran from October 6, 2016, to December 21, 2016. Liked by the audience, though some criticized it too and won many awards, the series depicts the homosexual relationship of Yuri Katsuki, a fighter skater with his coach Victor. It became essential how they both perceive their relationship with continuing their career.

Where to Watch Yuri On Ice: Watch the series on TV Asahi and BS Asahi with others.

12) Parasyte The Maxim

The last but not the least, Parasyte The Maxim is a horror anime series written by Shōji Yonemura in the direction of many. It ran from October 9, 2014, to March 26, 2015. Well, you, at first time, find this series concept strange and different, but as you continue with the series, the hidden meaning becomes clear. It is a story of Shinichi Izumi and his relationship with warm-like parasites who have invaded the earth and targeted their hosts. The story further shows the relationship of humans with other creatures, humanity, love, and affection. Well, it is highly recommended that you should watch this series for sure.

Where to Watch Parasyte The Maxim: You will find the series available on Nippon TV, Animax, and Anime Network.