Is I Want You Back Based on a True Story?

The romantic – comedy genre has its own place and entertainment. You would rarely find this combo with a good story plus the cast. I Want You Back is such a great film that can make up your weekend. This is an American romantic comedy film which is written by Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger under the direction of Jason Orley. Released under The Safran Company and The Walk-Up Company, the plot of the film surrounds around couple relationships. Peter and Emma, not admitting their relationships are over and they will have to live forever alone, try everything to get back to their exes.

Is I Want You Back Based on a True Story?

The answer is a complete NO. I Want You Back is not based on a true story. It is purely based on the script written by Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. When the director Jason read the script, he eventually fell in love with it. He says that it is an honor of the scriptwriters that they chose him for the direction.

He further added that there are many movies, dramas, and series which have their central part based on heartbreaks and relationships, but how the duo showed this in their new series I Want You Back is just awesome. He was sure that this will be going to rock, and it did the same too. The audience liked it as it was a romantic one, and at the same time, it tastes good with a crunch of the comedy genre.

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I Want You Back Release Date

Is I Want You Back Based on a True Story

I Want You Back released on February 11, 2022, is able to gain 6.9 ratings on IMDb and 88 % on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also liked by 78 % of people. With such a good score, one website writes that a comedy-romantic genre is difficult to find as the cast expresses very well and does a great job. It is somehow able to fulfilled what its audience wanted. You should definitely give it a watch once.

I Want You Back Recap

Romance, comedy, fight and yes, you will find all this in a single picture. I want you back is a perfect romantic film that has its own fights with some comedy and love too. Peter, the manager at a nursing home company is dumped by his girlfriend Anne with Logan. She is an English school teacher with whom he had a six years relationship. On the other hand, Emma, who is a receptionist also had a breakup with Noah, a personal trainer who finds a more mature shop owner girl, Ginny.

Being in their thirties, Peter and Emma had their plans to live a happy life with their partners ( who now become their exes ), but living with their grief and are afraid that they have to live alone. To get their exes back, the two strangers made plans to break their new relationships and to attract their exes as before. Peter is trying to be the best friend of Noah so that he can break his relationship with Ginny, while Emma is up to Logan. If one plan fails, then there comes the next: with this belief and power, they constantly try to make their exes fall in love with them as in the past.

I Want You Back Cast

Is I Want You Back Based on a True Story

The cast of the series is as awesome and amazing as the series itself. At last, the whole credit goes to these talented stars who beautifully depict the story before the audience. Charlie Day is seen as Peter, Jenny Slate as Emma, Scott Eastwood in the character of Noah, Gina Rodriguez seen as Anne, Manny Jacinto in the character of Logan along with Clark Backo as Ginny. Luke David Blumm is also seen as Trevor along with Giselle Torres as Chloe, Isabel May as Leighton, Quinn Cooke which has been seen in the character of Taylor and Pete Davidson Jase. Jami Gertz as Rita, Dylan Gelula was seen as Lisa, Mason Gooding as Paul, and Jordan Carlos as Mark have also been seen in the film.

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