Is Dollface Based On A True Story? Here’s The Answer!

As soon as new shows or movies are released, discussion around them commences amongst fans. Fans have curiosity about various elements of the show. Whether or not the story is true? If there is some gossip pertaining to the cast members. All these subjects are of interest to the audiences. So when the second season of the American series, Dollface was released recently, the series became a topic of discussion.

Dollface is a comedy TV series that also streams on Hulu. The series was created by Jordan Weiss. The series has 20 episodes in total. Each episode of the series has a runtime between 22 to 32 minutes. The executive producers of the show are Ira Ungerleider, Jules Weiss, Kat Dennings, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Brett Hedblom, Bryan Unkeless, Scott Morgan, Nicole King, Stephanie Laing, and Matt Spicer.

Is Dollface Based On A True Story?

Dollface has an engaging, interesting, and relatable premise. So is it a true story behind the series? The answer is no. The creator of the show, Jordan Weiss has admitted in interviews that the storyline of the show is inspired by her personal experiences. She has talked about how her college relationships negatively impacted her friendship with peers.

The concept was put forward to Jordan. She was able to come up quickly with a script draft. One of the decisions the makers took during the pre-production was that they will incorporate a majority of women in the team behind the series. This was done to ensure that a wide variety of perspectives from women of varying backgrounds was easily accessible. The lead actors have also shared how they could relate to the story of the protagonist.

Dollface Season 2 Release Date

Is Dollface Based On True Event

The first season of the series premiered on the 15th of November 2019. Later, the makers of the series decided to renew it for a new season in January 2020. The second season of the series was released on the 11th of February 2022. Melanie J. Elin and Michael Gray are the producers of the series.

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Dollface Season 2 Story

The premise of Dollface revolves around a young woman. The woman named Jules is a young web designer whose boyfriend dumps her all of a sudden. Drastically hurt by this abandonment, Jules is devastated. She feels like a big part of her identity has been ripped off her. This also changes her whole perspective in life. The realization comes that her relationship made her cut off her friends from her life.

The story continues as the series follows Jules trying to get her life back on track by reconnecting with her old friends. The series forms a connection with audiences as it is relatable to witness someone lose connection with older relationships for the sake of maintaining a single relationship.

Dollface Season 2 Cast

Is Dollface Based On True Event

Dollface is one of the comedies that are backed by not only a well-written script but also a stellar cast. The brilliant cast members of Dollface playing pivotal roles in the series include Kat Dennings playing the role of Jules Wiley, Brenda Song playing the role of Madison Maxwell, Shay Mitchell playing the role of Stella Cole, and Esther Povitsky playing the role of Izzy Levine.

The recurring cast members of the series include Beth Grant playing the role of Cat Lady, Connor Hines playing the role of Jeremy, Brianne Howey playing the role of Alison B., Vella Lovell playing the role of Alison S., Malin Åkerman playing the role of Celeste, Goran Visnjic playing the role of Colin, Jayson Blair playing the role of Liam, Corinne Foxx playing the role of Ruby, Chelsea Frei playing the role of Alison J. and Lilly Singh playing the role of Liv.

Some of the actors play guest roles in the series. These include RiRia playing the role of Cherry Mango, Nikki Reed playing the role of Bronwyn, Christina Pickles playing the role of Silvia Goldwyn, Margot Robbie playing the role of Imelda, Ben Lawson playing the role of Oliver, Derek Theler playing the role of Ryan, Macaulay Culkin playing the role of Dan Hacket, Camilla Belle playing the role of Melyssa and Dave Coulier playing the role of himself.

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