Is Beasts Of The Southern Wild Based On A True Story?

The beasts of the southern wild is an American drama movie released in the year  2012 and directed by Benh Zeitlin, it is quite famous for its drama and fantasy-based story line and won many awards in the year 2013, including the academy awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best adapted screenplay and Best actress and many more awards and also has been one of the viewers favorite for years, the story is completely based on the struggle of the 6-year-old character Hushpuppy, while she is going around searching for her long lost mother, while her father Wink is nearly on his deathbed and is asking Hushpuppy to leave him and go, we also see some mythical creatures introduced into the story while the moments of natural crisis arise in the movie and those events make the film even more beautiful than it already is, with certain small acts and characters having great symbolization.

But one question that has come to every person’s mind after seeing the fantasy film Is ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ a true story? Don’t worry we have always been here to solve your question and here we are again, no the complete story isn’t based on a true story, come on we are seeing mythological creatures in it, but an interesting fact is that the setting of the story, which still exists in Southern Louisiana, and is facing adverse natural calamities just like it was faced in the movie.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild Release Date

Is Beasts Of The Southern Wild Based On A True Story

The film’s limited theatrical release started on June 27, 2012, and it is completely unrelated to the book which shares the same title and was published in 1973, it is an adaptation by Benh Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar from Alibar’s one-act play named Juicy And Delicious. As we already know how appreciated it is by the audience, the movie has a runtime of 1 hour 33 minutes and is easily available on Netflix.

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The True Setting Of Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Though the storyline of the film is not true, the setting of the film and the adverse natural calamities faced by the homeland of Hushpuppy resembles the condition of the same land in the present day. The Isle de Jean Charles and Pointe au Chien which is called the region of bathtub is subjected to significant soil erosion and political red tape. As we see in the movie there is flooding all over the land, in real life also we can say that soil erosion and drainage of the complete silt from the land may lead to submerging of the area and flooding which will make the habitants suffer and move.

Though there have been constant cases between the tribes living there and the industries which caused much of the erosion, it was concluded that nothing could be done to protect their homeland and that they don’t have an option other than immigrating to another land though that will be government-funded. Not that we find much common setting in the movie and real-life but the conditions of the lands are almost the same and the struggle of the tribes in the movie and real-life is the same too.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild Story

 The basic storyline is about a 6-year-old girl named Hushpuppy whose world is completely shaken when her father falls extremely ill and is nearly on the death bed, the movie depicts the deep relation between them and how the natural calamities hit her homeland at the same time, and how she goes on a search for her mother in these chaotic natural conditions, she meets her mother in a bar who doesn’t recognize her and soon she returns to her father, we also see the introduction of mythical creatures named aurochs during the worsening natural conditions which also symbolizes the chaos and conflict in the child’s heart, we soon see how the little girl deals with them at the end as she deals with the mental chaos in her life and the passing of her father Wink, the story is completely suggestive of the young girls struggle and the connection of nature with the human mind and how we need to be strong and solve the problems ourselves.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild Trailer

Is Beasts Of The Southern Wild Based On A True Story

The movie, being so loved by the audience and having such a great review by all, is a top recommendation for all viewers and if u want to catch a glimpse of the story right now, go check out the trailer available on YouTube.

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