Where Was Hell or High Water Filmed?

The Oscar-nominated Western heist movie ‘Hell or High Water’ appears to follow brothers Toby and Tanner Howard. Upon robbing two Texas Midlands Bank branches, they discover themselves in a thrilling cat-and-mouse contest with Texas cowboys Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker. The action thriller transports audiences through bumpy and grimy landscapes as Toby and Tanner’s desperate act exacerbates their existences even further.

The visual effects are appropriate for the narrative, as the setup is typical of the best Western names. As a result, one cannot help wondering where was such a cinematographic marvel was shot. In that particular instance, what we’ve discovered might be of interest to the viewers.

‘Hell or High Water’ was largely shot in New Mexico, with some scenes also shot in Arizona. It’s fascinating how well the horizontal and vast landscapes look undeniably like Texas, but the production staff managed to finish off the previous section places as the Lone Star State. According to sources, creation took place between May and July of 2015. Presently, let’s take you to the numerous places which thus brought the movie to people’s lives.

Where Was Hell or High Water Filmed?

First Location Clovis, New Mexico

Where Was Hell or High Water Filmed?

Clovis is an important location for the production of Western crime films. The very first bank robbery occurs at the Texas Midlands Bank in Archer City. The above scene was shot at 1106 North Main Street in Clovis, which also occurs to be the workplace of Suddenlink, an internet company. You might recognize the cross-shaped window frames of St. James Episcopal Church. Which is seen furthest from the fictionalized bank’s tower, in the burglary sequence.

The robbers change their attitudes at the very last minute and make the choice to burglarize the Post bank. This scene was shot at 901 Pile Street. That also occurs to be the destination of the Western Bank of Clovis. The eatery depicted in the film as Bill’s Jumbo Burger is a hamburger joint with the same name positioned at 2113 North Main Street in Clovis. Olney’s bank robbery series was filmed in Portales, which itself is officially a part of the Clovis-Portales Combined Statistical Area. The action in this episode occurs at the James Polk Stone Community Bank.


Second Location Albuquerque Metro Area, New Mexico

Where Was Hell or High Water Filmed?

Several key scenes were filmed in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. Mostly in the film, the Texas Rangers headquarters are represented by the New Mexico Bank & Trust. Which is located at 320 Gold Avenue Southwest Suite 100 in Albuquerque. According to reporting requirements, the office building will be listed for sale during the first half of 2021. At the very same time, Oklahoma’s Comanche 66 Casino here seems like Route 66 Casino and Hotel.

The production staff also traveled to certain other sections of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. The Blue-Ribbon Bar & Grill on 315 5th Street in Estancia was also where Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker were obligated to buy the T-bone steak. It would seem that the institution is no longer operational. The Sunset Motel on East 501 Route 66, Moriarty. Is where the Rangers rented a hotel.

Third Location Graham County, Arizona

Even though the majority of the movie was captured in New Mexico, Graham County in Arizona also managed to play an important role in the development. The cast members were sighted shooting a movie in Safford. Which is the administrative center of Graham County and the primary city of the Safford Micropolitan Statistical Area. Several sequences were also reportedly shot in the neighborhood of Thatcher.

Many other locations in New Mexico were used by the actors and crew to complete the movie. A few scenes were shot in the Quay County town of Tucumcari. Furthermore, the helix bends that Hamilton and Parker encounter on their way to Post is located on New Mexico’s Highway 156. Tanner’s gunfight with the Rangers was shot against the scenery of the To’hajiilee Indian Reservation. A whole other significant scene was shot in Guadalupe County’s Alamogordo Valley. The main cast consists of Chris Pine as Toby Howard, Elsie played by Dale Dickey, Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton played by Jeff Bridges, Tanner Howard played by Ben Foster.