Is Kitz Season 2 Release Date Going To Face Delay?

Bored with every genre and wants to watch some thriller and mysterious drama series or program, then you are at the right place. The series, of which we are talking today is loaded with love, hatred, jealousy, murder, thriller, and mysteries. Kitz, the series is a German TV program. It is created by Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz – Dornburg. It is released under the production company of Odeon Fiction. The program has one season with a total of 6 episodes, which ran for about 40 to 50 minutes.

Kitz Season 2 Release Date

Kitz Season 2 Release Date

What is the release date of season 1? Season one of the series has recently released on December 30, 2021. It got 5 ratings on IMDb and was liked by approximately 90 % of people. As of now, the makers and Netflix have not announced anything about season 2 of the series and hence, it is not clear whether the series will have its next season or not. There is a 50 – 50 chance of the next season, so we have to wait till then.

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Kitz Season 2 Plot

The story is all about taking revenge. Elizabeth or commonly called Lisi by her friends and family is a 19 – years – an old waitress who has lost her brother Joseph, who had a tragic death, and now wants to take revenge from Vanessa, a rich girl of a wealthy family, for her brother’s death. Vanessa is a wealthy model and Lisi soon discovers that it was Vanessa alone, whose texts compelled her brother to reach to her, knowing that the road on which he is going is not good.

She somehow managed to win her belief and executed her plans. She even broke the friendship of Vanessa with her close friend as she doubted Kisi. After this, Lisi was her only best and close friend. Hans, Joseph’s and Lisi’s close friend also helped her in executing the plan.

She even get into a relationship with Dominik, Vanessa’s boyfriend, but did not get into any physical relationship, as she thinks it would be bad for her plans. Lisi once emailed Vanessa, pretending she is one of the directors who want to launch her in the next project. She asked for an audition video, and with the help of Lisi, she somehow managed to make a video. But, Lisi’s plans were different. Vanessa, when caught both red-handed became so angry that she even toured the sleeves of the dress Lisi had made.

Kitz Season 2 Release Date

Knowing how she ditched her and pretended to be her close friend, Vanessa still saves Lisi’s life in the fireplace when the place was set ablaze with fire, but couldn’t save herself and lost her life. Lisi, although wanting to take revenge on Vanessa, was not happy with her death. Later in the series, she was encountered with the truth Vanessa’s sister has told her. On her research, she discovered that it was not Vanessa who texted her brother but someone else. But who was the culprit?

We, later on, discovered that it was Dominik, the real culprit of the story. He was known that Vanessa is cheating on her him, and that’s why he got involved in the death of Joseph. Lisi was left with her all heartbroken, that how she mistook Vanessa and Dominik, and the latter one broke her love and belief. We then saw Dominik in Joseph’s car with the bottle of alcohol.

Kitz Season 2 Story

As we have taken Dominik into the list of doubt, it was not the final decision, whether he killed Joseph or not. However, season 1 wrapped up into mystery, leaving the audience to think, we would probably get the unfolding from the mystery of who is the real culprit. We would also encounter the events and truths of the past.

Kitz Season 2 Cast

Sofie Eifertinger in the character of Lisi, Krista Tcherneva in the character of Pippa, Bless Amanda in the character of Dominik, Valerie Huber in the character of Vanessa along with Zoran Pingel in the character of Kosh, and Ben Felipe in the character of Hans.

Kitz Season 2 Trailer

As it is not clear whether the series will have its next season or not, obviously the trailer is also not there. But, no worries, we have provided you with an introductory video about season 2. Watch it and you will know everything about it.

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