Is Rush Hour Based on True Story?

Rush Hour is a police procedural comedy-drama American television series developed and created by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick that is based on a famous movie franchise of the same name. As in the movies, this series follows the investigation life of Detective Carter, a radical LAPD detective, and a Hong Kong-based Detective named Lee as they are forced to partner up in an unlikely relationship. This series was aired on CBS, CBS announced series on 8th May 2015. This show premiered on the 31st of March 2016.

Is Rush Hour Based on True Story?

This series is entirely a work of fiction and not based on any true event of real life. The creator of this TV show confirmed that it is based on Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour but not an adaptation or a remake but represents Rush Hour with a different story and theme. So, No, Rush Hour is not based on any true events.

Rush Hour Season 1 Recap

Is Rush Hour Based on True Events

A Hong Kong-based organization “Quantou”, steals valuable terracotta statues from a cargo plane in Los Angeles. Detective Lee, who is tasked to recover the stolen statue, travels to Los Angeles and is partnered with Detective James Carter from LAPD.

While they investigate the case, they find a noodle restaurant in Chinatown used by the Quantou. This leads to Captain who suspends Carter for his actions, and Lee is Ordered to return to Hong Kong but Carter convinces Lee to continue the investigation and to look for an empty mall, and they did find an empty mall containing the statues.

Lee meets his sister Kim inside the mall and learns that Thomas was responsible for the statues being stolen by Quanton. With the statues recovered, Carter is released from his suspension, and Lee is transferred into the LAPD office.

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Now they are called to arrest a drug dealer, who turns out to be Carter’s cousin Gerald, and he is arrested. When they discover that Gerald is wearing a stolen Rolex from a home invasion, Carter proposes that Gerald help them in exchange for avoiding prison, but Captain Cole refuses.

Gerald handcuffs Carter to a handrail and flees the scene, despite Carter’s attempts to free him. Carter leads them across the city before Gerald decides to free him anyway.

A man committed a series of bombings targeting people associated with a strip club that was demolished, and Detective Carter and Detective Lee Investigate. Their investigation reveals that the man responsible worked at the bakery that was destroyed in the demolition and that he had previously tried to get the building classified as a heritage site but was unsuccessful.

A tip regarding trafficked women held by the Quantou is provided by Detective Lee’s sister Kim when she visits him at Didi’s home. The investigation leads to the arrest of one of their leaders, who is also the head’s son.

It is revealed at the end that Kim is a Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) Agent working undercover in the Quantou under the command of MSS Agent Joseph Yun. Captain Cole meets with the FBI’s Myers and the CIA’s Westhusing. Agent Lee requests that her brother not be told about her assignment at this time.

Rush Hour Season 2

Is Rush Hour Based on True Events

CBS’s Rush Hour is an action-comedy series based on the movie franchise with the same name. This television series is now canceled after its first season, the network has decided not to continue the series for the second season. The first season receives average reviews from critics and audiences as IMDd gives Rush Hour 5.7 out of 10.

The Rush Hour Cast

Not many big names in the cast but here is the starring of The Rush Hour Jon Foo as Detective Jonathan Lee, Justin Hires as Detective Carter, Aimee Garcia as Sergeant “Didi” Diaz, Page Kennedy as Gerald Page, Wendie Malick as Captain Lindsay Cole, Jessika Van as Kim Lee, Kirk Fox as Donovan, Steele Gagnon as Derrick, James Hong as Dragon, Byron Mann as Fong, Diedrich Bader as Agent Westhusing, Julianna Guill as Alice Rosenberger, Brad Morris as Alex, Lyman Chen as Agent Myers, Ric Sababia as Pavlo Kulyka, Danny Hamouie as  Andrew Riggs, Janel Parrish as Nina Taylor and Michael Mosley as Jack Douglas.

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