Will There Be Odd Taxi Season 2 Release Date?

Anime shows with Anthropomorphic characters are rarely made, with some even arguing that they are farcical. However, keeping aside the animal’s body lodged in a human’s soul, the emotions they exude are from phantasm and often end up being relatable. The borderline then remains that it is not the appearance of the character that matters but rather what narrative is being perpetuated through them. Let’s face it animation can transcend beyond what real films can’t.

One such anime that deals with such characters and a complex mystery surrounding a high school girl are none other than Odd Taxi. You would get to know more about the story in the plot section.

The anime is based on the manga written and illustrated by Kazuya Konomoto and Takeichi Abaraya which first appeared on January 25, 2021. This anime shares the same writer as the show, which is not so ubiquitous and worked in tandem with the director Baku Kinoshita. The show was produced jointly by the studio OLM and PICS and was released on the original networks, TV Tokyo and AT-X.

The show through its course of 13 episodes has made people fancy it, owing to its unique premise that offers more than just mystery. A sense of uneasiness will shroud your experience of watching it.

Odd Taxi Season 2 Release Date

Odd Taxi Season 2

The first season of the anime ran from April 6, 2021, to June 29, 2021. It is probably one of those rare instances where a show is briskly adapted from its source material, within a matter of months that is. You would often come across fans raving about the virtues of the anime. But, will they be able to engage with another season of the show? From the maker’s perspective, no official confirmation regarding the renewal or the cancellation of the show has been made so far. Sometimes, the announcement comes right after the final episode of a season finishes airing, but most of the time it takes years.

Besides, the most important aspect that we have to take into consideration is how much content is there in the manga waiting to be adopted. The answer is none. The manga in total has 2 volumes and owing to the brevity thereof, the show has adapted all of it. So, this is one of the major aspects mitigating the renewal of the show within a shorter duration. On the flip side, the manga is not yet concluded so it could perhaps serve as a positive sign for the anime’s future. If the anime was to reappear for season 2 then, it should have at least a substantial amount of content worth adapting. And by our prediction, it will take about 2-3 years for enough content to pile up to be transfigured into a season 2.

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Odd Taxi Reception

Talking about the popularity, the IMBD rating of 8.6  and MyAnimeList rating of 8.8 can vouch for that. The business side of the anime shows us that the odd taxi has not yet reached the 300 mark of its blu ray DVD sales pre-orders which is responsible for the further release of the discs. However, sales statistics in this regard are irrelevant as they generally tend to bring out the profits and not the quality of the anime that has been created. Whether an anime is good or bad is not for numbers to decide, but only you.

Odd Taxi Season 2 Plot

The story of the anime is set in Tokyo, where a 41 years old walrus taxi driver Odokawa hustles all day and night to make his living life a life that of a recluse, as his parents left him while he was still in elementary school. Owing to his antisocial nature, he doesn’t talk much except when he is conversing with his customers. However, soon these conversations will unfold into peculiar mysteries taking the shape of a high school girl that went missing and acts of violence.

Odd Taxi Season 2 Characters

This is the same as the release date case, nothing remains certain. However, the character that will be back in limelight will be:

  • Hiroshi Odokawa: Voiced by Natsuki Hanae
  • Miho Shirakawa: Voiced by Riho Lida
  • Ayumu Gouriki: Voiced by Ryohei Kimura
  • Eiji Kakihana: Voiced by Kappri Yamaguchi

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