When To Expect Anohana Season 2 Release Date?

We all tend to fight with respect to different realities, but one such tenable reality that is all-encompassing remains as the ‘death’. The mere fact that people die is enough to make anyone humble, but at what cost?

The cost of constant reminiscence of those enamoring memories, the pall of clouds that are replete with sorrow, the cessation of a segment of life that you would have otherwise enjoyed with that person. There is something inherent in death that is profound and its effects manifest in our actions or the way we then conduct our being. But, it is not a generalizing statement as it may not be applicable to all humans, however to those who tend to have an inclination towards a much multidimensional view.

The same issue is dealt with in the ‘life of the slice’ anime titled’ Anohana: The Flower we saw that day. Unlike other anime that we have mostly discussed on this website, this anime interestingly is not based on any light novel or manga as such and is a creation that a collective group of artists known as super peace busters consisting of director Tatsuyuki Nagai, Mari Okada who undertook the task of screenwriting and Masayoshi, the character designer.

It is probably one of those few anime that inspired a manga rather than the other way around which was written and illustrated by Mari Okada and Mitsu Izumi and ran for a short duration, collecting under its belt 3 volumes.

Will there be a Season 2 of Anohana?

Anohana Season 2 release date
Anohana Season 2 release date

The show undoubtedly left an indelible mark upon all of us in just a matter of 11 episodes. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the show is a huge success in its attempt to weave that emotional thread that is underlying these perishable bodies.
The first season ran from April 14, 2011- June 23, 2011. This has left the fans perturbed regarding the prospects of the show.

Anohana Season 2 Release Date

Let me tell you that, as of now no official confirmation regarding the renewal of the anime has been made by A-1, the production studio involved in the making of the show, or any entity involved whatsoever. Does that mean there will be no season 2?

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to hold such a view, as the show is pretty much concluded in the course of its first season and there is not much room left for the continuation of the story from those ostensibly incomplete bits. If the show had been based upon source material then it would have been easier to gauge the situation, as their future pretty much depends upon the availability of content left for adaptation.
However, there was a move that was released in 2013 which acted as a sequel to the anime and was set up during the summer vacation a year after the events of the anime, titled Menma e no Tagami or A letter to Menma which dealt with some of the previous flashbacks that are in symbiosis with new memories.

Moreover, an event was recently held on 28th August in celebration of the 10 years that the show has completed. This was majorly a private event and surprisingly many fans and websites are still living in oblivion as to what happened and what really took place.

Anohana Season 2 Plot

The story is set in the town of Saitama where there are six sixth-graders, living under the shelter of different kinds of thoughts. However, soon their gaiety comes to an end when Menma, one of the members who is also the love interest of Jinta, perishes in an accident. The group split apart and after five years the once active leader is now rendered as merely an introvert who doesn’t like to indulge in society anymore. On one summer day, an older Menma reveals herself and stipulates a wish that is needed to be fulfilled in order to achieve salvation.

At first, he is cynical as to whether to entertain her wishes or not but soon he gathers all the 4 friends back so that with their concerted efforts they will be better able to solve the problem. However, they are unable to see Menma and blame Jinta for not getting over her and call it an act of mere hallucination. However, soon the memories are rekindled and they begin to succumb to dismay as all of them receive flashbacks of the cherished past.

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