Aggretsuko Season 4: The Most Famous Anime Has A Release Date?

Aggretsuko is a show replete with relatability in the form of a red anthropomorphic panda who is working in a toxic work environment and venting his anger out by visiting a karaoke bar and singing death metal.

We as millennial owing to the exigency of earning a living, often gets stranded in such work environment which has nothing to offer them except a pittance and a lot of headache. However, not many of us are able to transfigure our frustrations into something productive, but watching Aggretsuko would surely leave you with a thought. And this quality of the show supplemented by a comedic setting, which is of course extolled by the fans worldwide.
The show’s original Japanese name is Aggressive Retsuko, which pretty much captures the essence of the show then a mere title Aggretsuko. The show first made it appearance on Netflix in April, 2018 followed by 2 more seasons, one in June 2019 followed by a third season in August 2020.

Here are the details we know about Aggretsuko Season 4.

The cast of the show comprises of the director Rarecho who has also written and it and a long list of producers. The animations studio involved in creating this cartoonish anime is Fanworks.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Release Date

The first three season of the anime, as previously mentioned were hailed by both critics and fans alike for its relatable storyline, with the lack of any superfluous characters having no relation with reality whatsoever.

The fans earlier thought that the season 3 would be conclusive and the story could no longer proceed further, but brace yourselves for the good news. The animated series is finally going to make its way back to us on the fall of this year that is December 2021 with some interesting new characters and a unique story line.

This decision came during Netflix’s TUDUM Global Live Event streamed exclusively for fans, perhaps for the first time. Many release dates of popular shows were also announced during this event such as Super Crooks. So mark your calendars and set up your alarms as Aggretsuko season 4 is on its way.

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Aggretsuko Season 4 Story

Aggretsuko Season 4

As of now not much has been revealed about the plot of the 4th season except teasing a new character with glasses, which perhaps will play a major role in the direction of the story. Also, the poster released on Twitter was spotted featuring Retusko in a Christmas attire, which could provide us some imitation into the plot.

The story line of the third season would pick up from where it left. The panda after having paid off her debts and almost getting killed, she realizes that the only place she can find solace is her old accountant job, no matter how much stressing it was.
The relationship between Retsu and Haida would also be explored. However, based on the unfolding of events in the last episode, it is hard to interpret whether they will remain as friends or will take it one step forward.

This will perhaps be the most important aspect of the show that the fans would be eagerly waiting for. The new director Himoro was introduced after the previous one fell ill and as of now his intents and motives are not clear. The next season could possibly tell us more about him, whether he wants to jeopardize his relationship with his employees or whether he is an amiable person, still remains to be seen.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Recap

The plot follows a 25 years old Red Panda, who is working as an accountant in a Japanese trading firm. Owing to the exploitative nature of her superiors she finds herself palled with anxiety and later finds her refuge in the form of going to a karaoke bar and singing death metal. After continuing her daily hustle for five years, she begins to succumb to troubles in their various forms. A trouble as big as almost costing her life, renders her life miserable. Furthermore, nothing seems to be going in accordance with her way as her relationship with her co-workers also debases.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Characters

Apart from the white dog with the glasses character, no new information or any indication of the introduction of new characters for season 4 has been announced. So, we will have to wait until any further information. However, those making their comebacks will be:
Retsuko- voiced by Rarecho (vocals), Kaolip and Jaminson Boaz (vocals) and Erical Mendez
Director Ton- voiced by Souta Arai and Josh Petersdorf
Fenneko – voiced by Rina Inoue and Katelyn Gault
Haida – voiced by Shingo Kato and Ben Diskin

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