Netflix’s Motel Makeover Season 2 Release Date Out? Or Cancelled?

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms. You will get various types of series/shows and movies here. From television shows to big-budget movies, Netflix has a lot to entertain you, and not only in the English language, even in different languages. So, today also we brought an American television reality show, named Motel Makeover. This American renovation television reality show was released recently on 25 August 2021. This is the story revolves around two women, who dropped their desk job and turned into businesswomen. They started work on their passion, we can say that this show is going to be a very knowledgeable one. Here in this article, you will get to know about Motel Makeover season 2 release date, crew, and trailer.

Motel Makeover Season 1 Recap

As we said above this is going to be a knowledgeable show. And of course, it revolves around two women April Brown and Sarah Sklash. They dropped their nine to five desk jobs and turned into businesswomen as they followed their passion for designing and renovation. April and Sarah is the owner of the motel and they turned that motel, situated in Sauble Beach, Ontario, from the ruined place to fabulous place.

In the show, we will have seen the beautiful transformation and renovation of a motel, that is why the name of the show is the Motel Makeover. There will be some challenges in front of Sarah and Brown, as they have to work under a specific budget and in this coronavirus pandemic because the season was shot in 2020 amidst the pandemic. Designing lovers will definitely be going to love the show.

Motel Makeover
Motel Makeover

Motel Makeover Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show was released recently on Netflix on 25 August 2021. And the show was launched in the presence of two hundred people, where the first two episodes of the series were shown to them. Now the fans or we can say the reality shows lovers wanted to know about Motel Makeover season 2. When it will release? What is the renewal status? They want the answers to such unanswered questions. No worries, we will give you all the information.

As this six episodes series was released recently, so, there is no release date for the second season now. Netflix always prefers to focus first on the performance of the recent season of the show, then they decide whether to renew the series or not? There is no official information regarding the second season of this reality show. So now, it takes time, at least two months to think about the renewal of the series from the side of Netflix. Till then, you have to wait for some time until the official announcement comes.

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Motel Makeover Season 2 Cast

In the first season, you will see two ladies, April Brown and Sarah Sklash who turned to be a businesswoman by renovating and designing their motel. The further crew of the show is not revealed yet. But this is almost confirmed that in season 2 of Motel Makeover comes then both the leading ladies will be, come back with the show. Most probably the two ladies Sarah and April may return.

To know more about the future cast and the second season you have to wait for a little more. Hope the makers of the show or Netflix will announce something regarding the renewal of the show.

Motel Makeover Season 2 Cast
Motel Makeover Season 2 Cast

Motel Makeover Season 2 Expected Story

The story of the next season will remain the same as the story or plot of season 1. Maybe the motel will change, but the plot will remain the same. In season 2 you will find some more interesting renovations and designs.

Motel Makeover Season 1 Trailer

We are dropping the trailer of season 1 of Motel Makeover, and you can also watch the whole six episodes series on Netflix.

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