How Much Is Fernanda Gomez Net Worth? Here’s What We Know!

Boxing has been a favorite sport for many people worldwide. They can’t even miss a match when it comes to WBA and WBC. While talking about boxing, how can we forget to mention Canelo Alvarez? He is a Mexican professional boxer. His supporters know him well as a boxer and in personal life, Canelo Alvarez is married to Fernanda Gomez.

Being in a long-time relationship with this famous boxer, Fernanda became a star figure as well. People are now willing to know more and more about her. Most commonly, fans are always curious to find out the details about the celebrity’s personal life, and next comes the net worth. Fernanda Gomez does have a great number of followers on her social media accounts. My photos and posts are liked by thousands of individuals. After it was reportedly announced Canelo’s marriage with Fernanda, everybody began looking for her. This post will satisfy your hastiness concerning her career, boyfriend, net worth, and why is she famous. But before starting anything, let us get a brief introduction to Fernanda. Gomez.

Who Is Fernanda Gomez?

This is stunning personality was born in 1996 on the 3rd of July. Recently in 2021, she turned 25 years old. Fernanda Gomez had her birth in Chile. There are not many details about her family background. To date, the information about her siblings, education, and most of her personal life is secret and the media doesn’t know much about it. That’s the reason, it would be in very few cases when Fernanda Gomez appeared before the people in a limelight. However, the fact that she has a keen interest in fashion, as well as modeling, is known to most fans.
Fernando got married to Canelo Alvarez and both of them have a pretty daughter. She is active on social media platforms where she posts about her husband and daughter too.

Does Fernanda Gomez Have Any Ex-boyfriends?

Fernanda Gomez Net Worth

We didn’t come through any reports that clarified Fernanda being in a relationship other than Canelo Alvarez. It was in 2016 when both of them met each other for the first time. Their daughter, Maria Fernandez, was welcomed by the world in 2017. Canelo Alvarez had his first child when he was only 16. The eldest daughter, Emily Alvarez, turned 14 this year. After her, Fernanda blessed her husband with another daughter, and lastly, he has a son from Saul Adiel Sepulveda. She was his ex-girlfriend. Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez are a happy couple and have a cherishing family.

Why Fernanda Gomez Is Famous For?

Fernanda always had a passion for modeling and wanted to pursue her career in fashion. Therefore at the present time, she owns and runs a nail bar and boutique in Jalisco. She has especially dedicated an entire Instagram page to the brand that goes by the name @fernandagomezgdl. She frequently posts reels and photos showcasing her services as the nail bar owner. On 21st April 2021, Fernanda uploaded a short video clip that showed her beauty and the available facilities. As of 24th August 2021, the Instagram handle had 53.9K followers and this number is bound to increase for sure.

Fernanda Gomez Net Worth

The exact net worth is not known to the media and hence we can only speculate about her income and investments. But her luxurious lifestyle really depicts that Fernanda Gomez surely earns in millions. The sponsors also contribute to her net worth. She has also been to various TV shows. According to the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid athletes earning as of 6/4/2021, the salary or the winnings of Canelo Alvarez amount to $32 million while $2 million is his endorsements. He stands at the 48th position on the list. In addition to this, Fernanda’s nail bar and boutique provide a huge profit too.

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