Where Stars Land Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

K-drama is famous worldwide, due to its widespread streaming services which also provide subtitles in many languages. Several Korean dramas have been adapted all over the world, and some have had a tremendous reaction in other countries. These dramas have drawn attention for their style, culture, and fashion throughout the world. The increase in popularity of Korean dramas had run to a huge gain to the fashion line. Now there is a K-drama that did a good work whose genres are Romance, Comedy, and Melodrama. Where Stars Land is SBS Viki network original Television series. The series was directed and written by Shin Woo Cheol and Kang Eun Kyung. It shows the employee’s lives at Incheon International Airport. Where Stars Land includes some amazing action scenes. The series, robotic parts looked real, so they nailed that part.

Where Stars Land Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Where Stars Land was started on 1 October 2018 and end on 26 November 2017. It broadcast Monday and Tuesday on SBS Viki. The drama has contained a total of 32 episodes of 30-32 minutes each. Where Stars Land was released in three languages Korean, English, and Filipino. The series writer Kang Eun Kyung also created a few good dramas like Gu Family Book and King of Baking. So that is enough to develop an interest in it. The story is fine bland as it pointed to people working at an airport. And while the trailers were decent. But then it was getting a good response by fans, and favorable recommendations for it week after week.

Currently, there is no announcement about the Where Stars Land Season 2 release date. Where Stars Land has already come to its ending and we are so sad to watch it go. So there are very few chances of renewal of the series.

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Expected Cast of the Second Season of Where Stars Land

The series is including one of the great cast members. Lee Je Hoon as Lee Soo Yeon who works at the airport in the passenger service department. He is decent at his job and likes to keep to himself. He only wishes to live a normal life. But a huge secret he makes him stay away from the people around him. Chae Soo Bin plays Han Yeo Reum. He has tried to earn her position at the airport and tends to get into problems a lot. But she is greatly kind with a huge heart and is much than wishing to work hard. When she gets coupled with Soo Yeon, they originally are at odds. But soon she gets notice of some different things about him and her wonder continues to attract her to him.

Where Stars Land Season 2 cast

Kim Jee Soo as Yang Seo Koon, who is the passenger service department Team Manager. She gets a little cold and stiff, but she is very fair and her heart is kind. She is always trying to do her best in her work as well as helping her team. Lee Dong Gun plays another manager as Seo In Woo. And this man was something else! His hostility towards Soo Yeon was extremely overwhelming. He appeared set on causing him difficulty and outing his secret. He is a character I never truly grew to like. If Where Stars Land Season 2 comes we expect the return of the same cast.

Where Stars Land Season 2 Storyline Expectations

Yeo Reum doing jobs at Incheon Airport. She is light-minded and often gets in difficulty. She is appointed under the care of one of her juniors Soo Yeon, to know how to work professionally. Soo Yeon is a perfectionist who works coldly towards everyone and mainly Yeo Reum. The two of them begin hating each other. But, Soo Yeon appears to be keeping something. He shows tremendous physical power from time to time and remembers Yeo Reum of a fellow who saved her in the past, though he denies having anything to do with it. Soon, still, we find his secret: Soo Yeon was paralyzed when he was younger and he is using robotic appliances to be able to move and walk in normal.

Where Stars Land Season 2 trailer

The story of the series is simple and still attractive. The twist of robotic parts is okay, near to fact than fantasy, and that supported the drama to be better comfortable and likable. The romance was gradually built and it retained some powerful chemistry to aid it. However, the conclusion was low. However, the minor cases that the characters had to handle were entertaining and had some suspense in them, even though they were easy and mostly concerned with airport security issues.

Also, the side stories were endearing, though not well finished. In the end, I must point out that some of the story’s threads remained incomplete, such as what happened to the girl’s father, or how the man invented the robotic aid. Significant remark the BTS shout-out and Army’s purple ribbon campaign for airport security. Now, we can not find anything about the story for the second season of Where Stars Land.

Where Stars Land Season 1 Reviews

Overall, the drama has performed quite well as a workplace drama. Through the conflicts with inappropriate passengers, we were also given some information about security guidelines airport. Few scenes were ordinary of office drama. Bit it is exciting to get the topic of airport privatization in this drama. You can also watch it on Netflix.

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