Penthouse Season 3 Release Date Announced!

Penthouse Season 3 Release Date has finally been renewed. Penthouse has been an incredible show that was loved by all, last year in 2020 the first season aired and had all the attention towards it. The first season of penthouse consisted of about 21 episodes which aired between 26th October and 5th January. The show has a lot of drama and revelations that a common man will relate to. The story is perfect in every sense and has a lot of mysteries that need to be revealed yet.

The first season has been seen by almost 5.3 Million viewers that’s a milestone in itself and the makers have officially announced the release of Penthouse season 2 as well as Penthouse season 3.

The Korean drama based on family life, greed, and the mysteries involved are incredibly in every way. The cast and the well-developed music have their own essence that was loved by the audience and made them crave for Penthouse season 2. The show became the 8th highest viewed show in the whole nation. That’s for sure when the Season 2 of Penthouse will release it will climb up the ratings as well.

Penthouse Season 3 Cast

The show will have the same characters as it had before. Kim So Yeon, Eugene, lee Ji aah will be seen in the main role. There are various other supporting characters as well such as Uhm ki Joon, Yoon jong hoon, and many more. The well-imagined cast has made the show much more interesting and thrilling for the audience as every role fits perfectly and can be imagined in real-life as well. The cast even won many awards in SBS Drama, which was held recently. Not only this the Awards were in the main categories as well.

 Penthouse Season 3 Plot

The show is based on a complicated lifestyle and the problems involved in it. The name of the show is based on a multi-apartment consisting of 100 floors. Every floor has several problems and questions involved that have been portrayed in the show and is the main factor that makes it more interesting. Every family that lives on a particular floor has such problems and secrets that might thrill up the audience. As it gets dark and the modern problematic world is portrayed.

The penthouse is called as Heera Palace. Where on Shim Su Ryeon is the queen of the penthouse that has infinite wealth but has her own problem to deal with. Her husband has some secrets to hide from and that’s what makes her in a situation that no one wants to be in. Here the lifestyle of wealthy people has been shown even after having so much wealth the people living in such a lifestyle too have problems that corrode them from inside.

Penthouse Season 3 Release Date
Penthouse Season 3 Release Date

Another story is of Cheon Seo Jin who is a mother of a daughter who is furious all the time. She tries every way to provide her with the best. Not only this there is a love triangle that revolves around her. She desires Ha Yoon Cheol’s love whereas Oh Yoon loves her a lot.

Here also a life that is wished by everyone is shown. A mother who has a daughter and a person who loves him yet things turn around and the daughter becomes a rebel and the mother starts loving another man. This is all that destroys the peaceful life one desires, thue is unpredictable when life might take a turn even after having everything one desires.

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Another story is about Oh Yoon Hee who is a financially poor girl and Hustles every day to climb up the rich people’s life and want to have one as well. The story is so contrary in nature that makes us think for a second if we should always struggle hard to become rich and what if more problems are waiting for us ahead.

While the stories are portrayed Min Seol Ah is found dead in the penthouse and many dark secrets are revealed that make the audience more curious about what might happen next.

The most important thing is that all the leads have been shown as females and the struggles they have, which is quite phenomenal. Such stories are rarely shown and the penthouse has done this work remarkably.

Penthouse season 2 plot

The penthouse Season 2 started airing on 19th February and the storyline took a spike, the final episodes are yet in making and have to be aired yet. The show is loved a lot earlier the ratings were 16.7 and now they’ve just doubled up on just the release of two episodes and rose to 19.7.

Previously the show’s demographic was considered to be between 19 and 24 but now just as the first season has been seen by the adults as well the demographic has drastically changed and now many middle-aged people are also watching the show. The concept of Penthouse is what makes the show remarkably awesome.

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The plot of penthouse season 2 focuses more on the things that are more of an after-effect. In the first season Oh- Yoon hee struggles to climb up the rich chain to make her child’s future more bright. Yet in season 2 she is more focused on taking revenge on everyone that has betrayed her. Even other characters are more focused on the betrayal and revenge part.

Penthouse Season 3 Release Date
Penthouse Season 2

Cheon Seo-jin wants to get married but as the story progresses she meets her ex-boyfriend. Things take a steep turn and her ex-boyfriend is caught by the police on accusations of her wife’s murder. Things are explicit in every way.

Bae Ro-na is bullied and abused in her school as his father was accused of murder, she faces a lot of boycotting in her group. Her classmates call her the daughter of a murderer and she becomes mentally dull. Stress and embarrassment accompany her and her world starts to shatter. Not only this her mother is also done with the things around her, the husband is accused of murder makes her life devastated

One more important scene that is relatively important is when Yoo Jenny, Bae Ro Na, Ha Eun Byul, Joo Seok Kyung, go to show their skills in a talent show. And what happens next is something that the audience might never forget. The show was on a pause when the winners had to be announced and just at that moment a boy falls and bleeds until death. This makes the story take a turn and various such scenes bring out goosebumps for the viewers as many internal family affairs and greed, manipulation, and intrigue event happen.

The Korean entertainment industry is leveling up by such remarkable shows. The standards have been set high bars and every new season of Penthouse is a treat for the viewers.

Penthouse Season 3 Release Date

Penthouse Season 3 Release Date
Penthouse Season 3 Release Date

The second season of the penthouse has just been finished on 2nd April and there was merely one month gap between season one and two. If such consistency is carried on the Penthouse season 3 will definitely air by the end of May 2021. Penthouse Season 3 Release Date can be revealed anytime soon.

The penthouse season 2 is in its ending phase as the climax and the finale parts have been shot, the season 3 Will start its shoot by ending April or maximum May end. The remarkable show has many more secrets to reveal about how a person suffers in his life whether be rich or poor.

Penthouse season 3 will be a more loved show as the guidelines and the plot has been somewhat told to the audience and season 2 and season 3 will be an adrenaline boost for the viewers. The show is expected to break a few earlier records as well. Till then we have to wait for Penthouse Season 3 Release Date.

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