Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date Renewed Or Cancelled?

Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date could be announced anytime. Pup Academy is a television show that started premiering on 26th August 2019 on TVOntario in Canada and on Disney Channel in the United States. Created by Anna McRoberts the show stars Don Lake, Aria Birch, Christian Convery, and Gabrielle Miller. The first season of the show has already been released. The show gained great popularity all over the world and fans of the show are now wondering when could the Pup Academy Season 2 will release. We have got everything covered for you.

When the show was first premiered on Disney it had a total of 22 episodes but when The show streamed on Netflix in 2020 its first season had 12 episodes which means the rest will be shown in the second season. This shows that the product has already a storyline created and they just have to Start shooting and making it.

Pup Academy Storyline

The show revolves around a parallel-made world where people are taught how to become a dog. In the story, Charlie is a man who has secretly established a secret academy for the puppies in this parallel world. Charlie’s grandson Morgan also moves next door to his grandfather and they both started to educate the puppies.

The bond powered by the Canis Primus constellation begins between human beings and dogs started to fade. This further leads to a future prediction which involves a boy and a cute stray puppy in which DOG (Dean of Graduates) have to find that special stray and save the Pup Academy and so that they can restore the bond between the human race and dogs.

Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date

Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date
Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date

Netflix and Disney announced the premiere of Pup Academy on 15 October 2018. The series is produced by Robert Vince and Anna McRoberts. In February 2020 the show finally streamed on Netflix. Season two of the show should have been launched in 2020. According to the production details of the show Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date could be announced anytime.

There has been no official announcement made regarding Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date but we can tell from the previous seasons that the second season of the show was launched very soon after the first season ended. This time there could be a little delay due to the ongoing covid pandemic and covid protocols in different countries.

But there are chances for the show to Release in late 2021 or most probably in early 2022. The good news is season 3 has been renewed by the production and the Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date can be announced anytime now.

Pup Academy Season 2 Cast

The lead role of Charlie is played by Don Lake who is the janitor of the Pup Academy. Charlie’s grandson is played by Christian Convery as Morgan who also helps Charlie in the Pup Academy. Aria Birch has played the role of Izzy who is a girl which Morgans befriends. The voice of Spark is done by Riley O’Donnell who is a smart boxer. Morgan’s mother is played by Gabrielle Miller as Molly. Dylan Schombing has played the voice for Whiz and Chance Hurstfield has played the voice of Corazon who is a golden retriever. Brian George has played the role of D.O.G who is the Siberian Husky of the Pup Academy.

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Pup Academy Season 2 Storyline

Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date
Pup Academy Season 1

The first season of the show has not been ended on Netflix yet, but season 2 has already been renewed. Season two of the show was officially renewed after three weeks the first season started. If we talk about the story for season two, season 1 covers and builds their episodes to reveal the identity of Pup Academy dean, DOG, and Professor Fitz.

Therefore season 1 will end with the end of the friendship between Dogs and the Human race. In the first season, it is shown that Charlie, Morgan, and the company have to work together so that they can save the pup academy and the bond between the two races. Therefore there are chances that the second season could embrace the friendship between dogs and humans and how they will save everything in their parallel world. We can expect more comedy in the second season than in the first.

Pup Academy Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer released yet for Pup Academy Season 2. Hopefully, after the team reveals the Pup Academy Season 2 Release Date we can then expect a trailer from the production. But 6 months ago an official trailer for season 2 was released you can watch the trailer below:


Where To Watch Pup Academy Online?

The show earlier premiered on Disney in the United States Of America and it premiered on TVOntario in Canada. But now the show is available to watch all over the world on the streaming platform, Netflix. Till season 2 Releases, you can binge-watch the other season on Netflix.

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