The Great Escapists Season 2 Release Date Coming Soon!

The Great Escapists is a type of survival web series in which Richard Hammond and Torry Belleville will be introduced as hosts. They both were confined on an island situated on the coast of Panama. An island situated on the beautiful verge of the Pacific with ocean waves touching feet of sand. But with this, the duo has nothing on the island, a lack of technology, resources, and a very low creative mind to manage in this new world with no resources.

Well, the same as the first season run, fans are excited for the upcoming The Great Escapists Season 2 web show full of educational, entertainment mixed content in a single series. For survival on such an abandoned island, the duo consistently tried to experiment with different things through available resources for survival which make the audience to watch the show with full curiosity. So it’s obvious that fans are excited for the upcoming second part as soon as possible. Here we have everything in detail about The Great Escapists Season 2.

The Great Escapists Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of The Great Escapists released on 29 January 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. With a duration of 30-40 minutes, it consists of a total of 6 episodes. All the episodes released simultaneously. On this platform. Because of the series focusing on educational stuff and applying and connecting it with daily life, it received an enormously positive response from the experts.


As the second season ends with their rescued part from the island. So about its renewal. There are no such updates regarding this. As the last episode was a good conclusion, so its second season was not like that much expected. But Richard Hammond in an interview revealed that he wants to return back for part two with Tory Belleci if it gets renewed. Most probably The Great Escapists Season 2 is expected to release in 2022.

The Great Escapists Season 2 Host Details

Well, season 1 was hosted by the pair of Richard Hammond and Tori Belleci. Full of energy and a bubbly nature kind of person Richard Hammond always was interrogating for different creative ideas which will helo then to survive at such an island lack of resources. His partner Tori Belleci helps Richard by giving his own ideas but sometimes Richard didn’t like his ideas and that becomes a situation of the clash between both. Both found random things for different issues which was a quite comical side of the show for the audience. It is possible that both will return for the second season.

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The Great Escapists Season 2 Plot Details

After all this, both of them try to resolve their misunderstanding and conflicts and try to find a mutual solution to escape from this island. They were trying to invent a machine that will helo them to fly from the surface of that island. A vessel attached to lots of balloons will help to release a flight. But this idea didn’t work upon and a burst of ballons happened and the plan was a flop show.

But after all this. they were rescued by the police of Panama and were kept in custody after that. They were charged in the accused case of Clarkson murder case but soon proved guilty and then they both walk away freely.

Well, it is expected that season 2 will be about some random island trip or maybe any other setup with its own challenges. Well, the plot may be anything, but the viewers are excited for this duo work and their creative mind behind the story.

The Great Escapists Season 2 Trailer

The information regarding the trailer of The Great Escapists season 2 has not yet been revealed. As the pandemic has affected every sector in one or another way, let’s see when will the official information regarding the trailer will be released.

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