How to set up an Instagram page Here’s the answer

Instagram is an American software that was launched in 2010, since then it has become fast growing integral medium for digital marketing. Instagram is now owned by Facebook, originally it was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and it was launched on iOS. The main idea for creating this app was to share photos and videos using social networking services. Recently the app has updated and launched new features that were released while keeping the demands of users in their mind. Instagram has become very popular among the youth generation for its new features such as Reels, IGTV, and many more. Most of the population of the world is on Instagram, this app is being used for various purposes such as some use it for business, some for personal interest and some loves to use this app to make themselves or to show their talent to the audience. Setting up an Instagram page is super easy just a few quick steps and then you can post relevant content according to your niche. Let’s get into the depth to How to set up an Instagram page in a few steps.

In the article below, we’ll discuss about

  • How-to sign-up Instagram page
  • How to upload your profile picture
  • How to switch your existing account to your professional account
  • How to get followers on Instagram

How to set up an Instagram page

Instagram is the primary app that has been used by most of the population of the world on their cellphones. Instagram does not have its web series or version to date. The app is being created in that way so that audiences of every age group can use this app easily. For the app, you must have

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Smart Tablet
How to set up an Instagram page
How to set up an Instagram page

Once you have installed the application on your mobile or smart tablet, and click on the logo you will be visible with two options first one is login and second one will be sign up.

  • If you already have an account with Instagram then you will log in with your username and password.
  • Otherwise, click Sign Up then you have to choose a new account or register with Facebook. It’s good if you choose the same E-mail address of your business to get the notifications of your Instagram account so that they can send all the details of your account to the same e-mail address which you use more frequently.
  • While choosing your username it is very important to choose the username related to the purpose for which you are signing up with Instagram. For example: if you are using it for personal use you can use your name, otherwise for business purposes choose the username with your brand’s name.
  • After filling in all the relevant information about yourself or your brand now you will create your account.

How to upload your Profile Picture

For the newcomers who have recently come to know about Instagram, somehow they created the account on Instagram. The most frequent question that arose in their minds is how they can upload their profile picture. So, lets dig into the answer:

  • Go to your profile, on the left-hand side, there will edit of your profile tab just click on it.
  • Tap on the change your profile picture link.
  • After that, it will show three options below such as New profile photo, Import from Facebook.
  • You can choose the profile picture by clicking any of the options.

How to switch your existing account to your professional account

  • Go to your profile, on the left-hand side, there will edit your profile tab just click on it.
  • Then Tap account settings
  • After that tap Switch to professional account
  • Then tab the category of the business you are in such as author, Musician/Band, Clothing and many more list will be shown to you.
  • You can also connect your Facebook business account with your Instagram account, this will help you to engage on both the accounts at the same time.
  • After switching your account, then you need to add details of your business such as category and contact information.
  • Lastly, tap done.

How to get followers on Instagram

On Instagram there has been a rat race among all the brands that are available on Instagram to gain more followers and become popular Instagram, there are some tips and tricks that I will share with you that can help you gain more followers.

Tip #1 Use of Hashtags

Hashtags have become more popular on Instagram these days. In fact, the audience can directly follow the hashtags which makes them more excited. The use of hashtags has made the content easier to be noticed on Instagram even to the ones who do not follow you. For instance: if you are a traveler, you will add an image which shows the beautiful view of nature along with the hashtag #naturelove and many other.

How to set up an Instagram page

Hashtags can also be used related to the content whose related services you are providing; these hashtags are also known as content hashtags. Content will depend on what type of category of your business you chose in the starting while making your business account.

  • Product
  • Lifestyle
  • Event
  • Location
  • Writing

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Then the question arises does hashtag effective?

According to research Instagram posts with one hashtag help the content to be popular around 12.6% from the content that has no hashtag.

Tip #2 Create Relevant content to your brand

Content is the king of any brand or website. If your content is relevant to what your business is about then you are good to go. You can only need to give at least one link in your biography. There is always an option to change the link, you can adjust the link in case you won’t play with the traffic back to your website.

Content needs to be share with Blog posts, Competitions, and new products.

Tip #3 Select your messages

Posting too many posts and updates on your Instagram page back-to-back may result in losing followers as too many updates can annoy the audience. You need to be very selective about the content and when to post what content on Instagram because the content is considered as the soul of the brand. Instead of post-back-to-back content on your posts make a list of what content you want to post regarding what product or services on what day.

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