Most popular YouTubers In India

Youtube is the platform that has provided every individual a place to show their talent. It is free of cost and very vast spread all over the world. Creating a channel on youtube is only a few easy steps. It not only makes you popular but also makes you reach. There are so many people who have created a name and fame in this world through youtube.
In India many personalities are found by youtube from Carryminati to Ashish Chanchlani all have made their names in the list of most popular YouTubers of India. Here is the list of the topmost YouTubers of India.

Carry Minati, 28.7 million subscribers, the most popular among YouTubers of India

Carry Minati, the boy behind this name is Ajey Nagar who is just 21 years old. He is from Faridabad, India.
He is the most popular Youtubers of India with 28.7 million. And, yes he has the most subscribers in India followed by Amit Bhadana who has 22.4 million subscribers. Carry Minati is not a personality and name but has became an emotion now. Nobody can say the exact talent he has but we can see that he has done something that has stolen the heart of millions of people. He has more than 10.9 million of followers on Instagram.
Ajey Nagar is at the first rank in India. He is best known for his roasting videos. Ajey is also a PUBG and CS player.

He generally makes videos by giving his reactions to various online topics on his channel. He does commentaries to various videos which he doesn’t like. And basically, the youngsters don’t like it. He uses an energetic Hindi language that is loved by youngsters and his fans. He also does rap songs, his first rap song is ‘Yalgaar’ which got more than 205 million views. Two weeks ago he published a new song named ‘VARDAAN’ that has more than 31 million views within this short period of time. He came into many controversies when he roasted on Tiktokers through this he became more popular and famous. The video got so many viewers that it became the most liked video at the time. Tiktok vs Youtube was a topic on fire for his fans, it resulted in a clash between two supporting groups and finally, he had to remove the video for maintaining the legal privacy of Youtube.

Amit Bhadana, 22.4 million subscribers

Amit Bhadana an Indian comedian and Youtube personality. He is at the third rank position in most popular Youtubers of India. Amit was the first Indian Youtuber to get 20 million subscribers. He is a comedian who has created content with Bollywood stars including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and many ohers. One pf his videos was featured in 2018 global top 10 videos list on Youtube.
He is 26 years old, from Bulandshahr, India. He started his Youtube channel on 24th October 2012. his first video is titled Exam Be Like Board Preparation Be Like.

Ashish Chanchlani, million subscribers

Ashish Chanchlalini, The 2nd Ranked position in the most popular Youtubers of India. He is 27 years old and from Ulhasnagar, India. Ashish has a fanbase from across the country. He creates comedy contents with his friends. He became famous with his video titled as, “How to annoy people who say- tu mere baap ko janta hai”. Ashish has appeared in the web series of Alt Balaji named as, Class of 2017. He entertains people with another level of comedy that just catcthes the heart of people. Chanchlani is one the funniest youtuber of India. He make videos on general life problems with which we youngsters generally deal in our everyday life. Some of his videos is just for 18+ people because it contains abusive words but everything deals with entertainment and comedy.

BB Ki Vines – Bhuvan Bam, 20 million

We all must have heard the brand name Bhuvan Bam, BB ki vines is the name of his youtube channel. He is at 4th position now, but there was a time when only his craze was on demand. He is the first Indian YouTuber to get so popular in the audience. Bam was the first YouTuber to have 10 Million subscribers on YouTube that has reached to 20 million now. He uses words that is for the people of more than 18 years but he also gives focus on social topics. In the lockdown he made a video concerning about the plight poor workers and with transgenders who are often considered as a wrong personality to hold. Bhuvan is the first one to be invited at Davos to attend the annual meeting of World’s Economic Forum.

He is 26 years old, from Delhi India. He is not only a Youtuber but also a writer, singer, and songwriter. He has organized his own brand of clothing now. Bhuvan has entertained people from a very young age. His videos depict a life of an urban teenager who is frustrated in his life, he talks with his fellow friends who are none other than himself. He performs different characters in a video alone. His popular characters are Banchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, Bablu, Titu Mama, Janki, Mrs. Verma.
He appeared in a short film, Plus Minus with Divya Dutt which gave him a Film Fare award also. In December 2016 he started another channel named ‘Titu Talks’ and guess what? The first guest to talk with was Shahrukh Khan. He became the first Indian YouTuber to reach 3 billion views.

Technical Guruji – Most popular YouTubers In India

Gaurav Chaudhary, are you the one who never heard his name in terms of reviewing gadgets? No, it is not possible because he has created his name in this field for a long time. He creates videos concerning the topics of technologies in Hindi. He lives in Dubai. He is an engineer by education. The best part about his videos and contents are that he gives knowledge regarding some technology that is useful. Without creating a comedy video he has attained so many followers and fans. He is in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 list.
In his videos, he reviews smartphones, headphones, and other gadgets.

Sandeep Maheshwari, 18.8 Million Subscribers

Sandeep Maheshwari, the name is enough. He is the most popular motivational speaker in India. He influences people with positive thoughts while taking decisions. He is at the sixth position according to my research on YouTube. His words motivates people. He is among those who have done a lots of struggles in their life, he went through many failures. He has shared many thoughts with people, one of them is “If You Have More Than You Need, Simply Share It With Those Who Need It The Most”.

Round 2 hell, 18.5 Million Subscribers

Round 2 hell is a community YouTube channel created by three Friends– Nasim, Wasim, and Zayn. They started their channel on YouTube in 2016. This channel is at the 7th ranked pisition in India. They make comedy content with powerful entertainments. When they started their channel, their videos did not get many likes and didnot went on viral. But with their continious effort they reached at this position. Three weeks ago, they shared a video titled as, Decode or Die with more than 29 Million views.

FactTechz, 15.7 Million subscribers

Rajesh Kumar, the boy behind FactTechz. He creates videos on various facts about every kind of things. People subscribe to this channel as he comes with different interesting facts. He comes up with facts like which is the most expensive smarthphone, why smartphones don’t have batteries to change now, Sinchan ka Sach, iphone ka matlab etc. He is just 21 years old, from West Bengal.

Dr. Vivek Bindra, 15.2 Million subscribers

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a motivational Speaker. He is also in the list of most popular youtubers of India. He creates Hindi content about business and entrepreneurship. He also gives motivational speeches. He is also the founder and Ceo of Bada Business. This business runs an enterpreneurship programme which helps and promotes small businesses. He has been awarded Ph.D. Degree , Doctor of philoshophy. His monthly income is more than 80 lakhs rupees.

Emiway Bantai, 14.3 Million Subscribers

Emiway Bantai, a popular name found in almost every mind of Indian Rap lovers. His real name is Bilal Shaikh. He is 25 years old. He is a singer, rapper, writer, dancer, and editor. In recent years he became famous for his song named, Samajh me aaya kya which crossed 70 million views. His song is one of the best Indian Rap songs. He is on the list of the top ten Indian Youtubers. His rap song battle with Raftaar has become the most famous battle in this field. Both fights with their best talent rapping and just left the stain on our minds. He is one of the best Rapper in India now, his talent came to light through Youtube. Emiway was once rejected by India’s Got Talent. But he didn’t give up and now we can see how his courage and efforts resulted.


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