Does XXXTENTACION Have A Son? Everything Revealed Here!

XXTENTACION, the world-renowned rapper, one of the growing idols of the industry, a rapper loved by all ages with his unique style of music mostly themed on depression and alienation. Though a very controversial figure regarding all the legal cases he faced and the rumors regarding his death. Oh yes, the rapper passed away on June 18, 2018, and yes, we won’t get any of his groovy ‘SAD’ beats anymore, midnights troubles are really going to miss his music. But some of us are curious whether the legacy of the legendary rapper is continued or not?

Of course, it’s a common question, we all have heard how he was shot dead and no proper motive was stated for the kill, but coming to the main answer, yes, the legacy of the legend is being carried on by his own boy, XXXTENTACION or Jahseh has a son who was born 7 months after his father’s death, the boy may have never met his father but it is confirmed by his mother and grandmother, that the boy knows all about his father and carries on his legacy in his heart. The little boy is loved by all XXXTENTACION fan community and will always be the star of our eyes and hoped to bring those groovy beats back to us.



XXXTENTACION or Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy has got a forerunner for his legacy, his own son whose name is Gekyume Onfroy who was born after 7 months of the rapper’s death, it was announced to us by the rapper’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, through her Instagram story. It was announced that the late rapper’s girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez is the mother of his son, Gekyume was born on 26th January 2019, quite a relation we can say between the late father and son, both of them being Aquarius, having three days gap between each other’s birthday, though the child never gets to meet his father, it was confirmed to us by his mother and grandmother that the child will always be dearly told about what great a father he would have got and how much he loved him and though the child may get affected by his father’s life later, nothing would be kept a secret from him.

Though it was also asserted that Jessica doesn’t believe in XXXTENTACION’s past stories and knows only about him as a great person. The child’s name was specifically selected by X and it meant “different state or next universe of thought” and in the family, Gekyume is commonly known as Yume.

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 On June 18, 2018, the US rapper XXXTENTACION or Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was shot dead and killed in the afternoon in an apartment robbery accident that took place outside the RIVA Motorsports located on Deerfield Beach, Florida. The four men robbed XXXTENTACION and ran away in an SUV, though the four men were taken under arrest and were charged with murder, no proper motive for the murder was suggested. The names of the four men as announced were Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, and Robert Allen. All four men were charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and armed robbery and are still in custody.

Gekyume On Social Media


Born in 2019, Gekyume is going to turn 2 years old in 2022 and fans get enough of the little X pictures from his mother’s Instagram profile, we see a lovely relationship between Jenesis and Yume and how she is always so concerned about him, and also making constant efforts of never letting him realize the absence of his father, we see small Yume often wearing a locket with his father’s photo on it and the Instagram captions regarding how Jahseh is always with them and supporting her, though he is just a kid right now, we can’t wait for the small X to have his own social media account soon and know more about him.


Though we may not get any more songs from the rapper, he has left his fans with a ton of great hits to cherish, most of his songs were often found at the top rankings of billboards and were a great sale among the new generation.  Some of his most famous songs include “look at me”, “moonlight”, “sad”,” hope”. If you want to listen to him, go start with these songs.

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