Predatory Marriage Chapter 25 Release Date, Storyline & Everything You Must Know!

A romantic and sizzling romance story of a princess and a prince is taking the hearts away of its fans. The series has completed its 24 chapters, now and so the fans await for its chapter 25 to release soon. But when will it come off? The most asked question is to be answered here. But why is it loved so much? Well, it’s because of the plot, we must say. Then what’s the plot? Wanna know! Come we’ll tell you. 

Predatory Marriage revolves around the life of a Princess of Estia, how after the death of her biological mother, she is tortured by her step-mom. Not only this, but even the princess is beaten and forced to get married to a family, with no possessions, and just a common man. This man is a psychopath and has a sex addiction. The man treats the princess like a slave and is not concerned but more psychopathic towards her. 

Well, this is all about the series. But, who is the princess, who is the man, and everything else, is still unfolded. To know this and to know every part of the series, from the beginning to till now release, you must read the article below. Thus without any further detail let’s move ahead and know the truth of the manhwa. 

Predatory Marriage Chapter 25 Release Date

Predatory Marriage is a manhwa series, that has ruled the hearts of its fans for a few weeks due to its amazing plot and fascinating cast. The series is adapted from the novel of the same name and has a story revolving around the unexpected love story of a prince and a princess from two different towns. Well with the release of 24 chapters of the series now, people demand of getting the next chapter 25 super soon. And so they ask for its release date. As per reports, the series releases its new chapter every week on Friday. So according to that, the series will release its chapter 25 on February 16, 2024. 

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Scenario Behind The Series

Predatory Marriage shows the love story of the Princess of Estia, Leah, and the Prince of Kurkan, Ishakan. The story begins as Leah’s mother an ordinary woman on the treet, was loved by the king. The king decided to marry her mother, things for a common woman were difficult in the royal family. She didn’t have any support except for the king’s love and affection. But all this changed when Leah was born, and her mother was thrown off the kingdom, for not blessing the royal family with the son. 

When Leah, was just 3 years old, Leah’s mother made her promise that she would never deny and argue and disrespect a woman named Serdina, and killed herself. Where Leah was tied with the promise by her dead mother, she was forced, manipulated, and tortured by her stepmother Serdina, who came to the king’s palace, with a cunning mind of taking care of Leah, and gave the king a boy for his royal family. On one side in front of the world, Serdina was a good and caring mom, but behind the doors, it was different for Leah. She has to pay off every second for not being her real daughter. 

Expected Plot Of Chapter 25

In the last chapter 24, where Leah a royal princess is forced by her stepmother to marry Margrave, who was just a common man, and a psychopath, as he always wished to keep a hold of Leah. The night royal family threw a party in the night and Leah was the host, everyone joined it including, Margrave, her going-to-be husband, and also her love, Ishakan. While Leah and Ishakan sighed with relief seeing each other, Margrave dragged Leah’s hands to the lawn and started questioning her character.

He said he didn’t want her wife to cheat on her and be sexually intimated to anyone. Also, he offered Leah a drink full of sex drugs. But, Leah managed to escape Margrave’s hold and fell into the arms of Ishakan, who asked her if he should kill MArgrave. But to keep the royal family’s pride, she refused and Ishakan took her to an intimate place in the palace, they talked exchanged love, and even got intimated. at the same time, Ishakan joked with her for giving an antidote to Margrave’s sex drug, in the form of intimacy. 

Where Is The Series Available?

Fans can read Predatory Marriage on Ridibooks.

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