Not Dead Yet Season 3 Release Date. What Are The News Saying? Is It Confirmed? Revealing!

ABC back in the year 2023 released a supernatural comedy theme series, titled Not Dead Yet. The series by the time its trailer was released, gained fans and supporters from different parts of the world. But with season 1’s termination, the fan’s demands startled the makers who never expected it to be soo much loved and supported, due to which they soon renewed it and released it the next year in 2024. You will be shocked to hear, that they took just a year less than its renewal to shoot and release the series. 

But, with such soo responses from the maker,s has made its fans realize that the series will be returning with a mere more seasons as well. What do you think is coming back? If yes then what you will see? Well, to let you know and give you the answers to such creepy and tricky questions we are here. We will let you know the facts about the series, its plot, cast, the expected ones, and of course some news related to its release date. Well, then why prolong it further, let us move ahead and know things more clearly. 

Not Dead Yet Season 3 Release Date 

The series was officially released on ABC Networks on 8th February 2023. With the immense love and support from its fans, the makers decided to renew the series for its second season on May 2023 and unexpectedly released the season second back on 7th February 2024, just a year after the series premiere Well, this makes the fans believe that the series will be renewed soon and will be released by the next year 2025. And even as per the research and reports we too feel the same, that the series will be renewed by the end of May 2024 and return till March 2025. 

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What To Expect From Season 3?

The series Not Dead Yet is a supernatural series, which shows a news reporter Nell Serrano, quitting her old job, just to get married to the love of her life and get settled in another city in the US. But as she left the place and her job, nothing went well, and Nell and her boyfriend decided to part ways. As Nell left her job which went smoothly, due to this she was accepted back to the same company but with a different position in the same job. She has good friendships with her colleagues and seniors, which led her to get a job once again in the same company. 

Nel, as she joined her old company SoCal back after a mere resignation, was appointed as an obituary writer. While writing obituaries for various dead people, she finds herself being able to possess the power of seeing and hearing the dead people whose obituaries she used to write. Not only this, but also she used to gather information and life lessons, and better ways to write notes. With this as soon as the obituary writing used to get finished, the ghosts would disappear But she enjoyed her task and loved being introduced to new ghosts every day. 

With not much disclosure of season 3’s story in the last season, nothing much can be expected and said about the plot of the next upcoming season. Rather it is sure to be more fun and comedy, as Nell would acquire new ghosts as she writes their obituary, and maybe others would get to know about her power as till now, none but only NEll knew about this that she can see hear and talk with the ghosts she write for the obituary. 

Who Can Be Seen In Season 3?

Wel, the fans of the series have been loving the show, because of the same cast in both the seasons of the series. So it’s sure that the main ones would not be replaced at any cost, rather some new can be added. The cast of the series thus involves, Nell Serrano, played by Gina Rodriguez the protagonist of the series, Sam by Hannah Simone Nell’s best friend, Edward by Rick Glassman Nell’s roommate, Lexi by Lauren Ash Nell’s boss, Duncan Rhodes by Brad Gareet is Lexi’s father and also the publishers of SoCal, and Dennis by Joshua Banday is Nell’s head who gives her topics for obituaries. The others in recurring roles are, Tina played by Maile Flanagan Nell’s co-worker as SoCal, Mason by Jimmy Bellinger who is an intern at SoCal, and many more as their guest appearances. 

Where Is The Series Available?

The series No Dead Yet is originally available on ABC with all its seasons released.

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