My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date. Are The Rumours True? Finding The Truth!

An Italian and Neapolitan 2018 released series, is breaking all the records all over the world by its demand of the release. Yes, the series is an epic one, showing the immense love among the friends of their childhood. Despite hundreds of ups and downs, where some leave each other’s side, on the other hand, there are a few who will be still seen beside each other and helping and supporting. But what is the series all about and why has it been liked so much by the audiences?

My Brilliant Friend is a four-season series, that was broadcast on HBO from the year 2018 and is ongoing till now. The film shows the friendship between two girls and how they supported each other, and despite jealousy and competition in every aspect of life, they still had the same bong throughout. So tell you about the series and why is it being loved so much we are here with this amazing article. So let us not prolong it further and move to the next part of the article.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date 

The series made its debut on 18th November 2018 with its first season, renewed for a second season, and released on 10th February 2020, with the renewal third season released on 28th February 2022, with the renewal of its fourth season, there’s no news about its release date. And this is why fans are confused about its upcoming. Well, to tell you about this we are here here. After finding out from so many interviews and reports, we have concluded that the dates are yet to be made public by the series makers, and thus, it is expected to be released by the summer of this year 2024. 

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Is The Series A True Story?

Well, after the release of the first season of the series, My Brilliant Freinds, and its amazing plot, the fans were excited to know about its origin. And now it’s been three seasons since its release, they are still feeling that the series is taken from some real-life event. Well, as per the research, this is wrong information, as the series is not taken from some true story, rather, the series is adapted from the four-series novel of the same name written in 2014 by Elena Ferrante in Italian while, it was translated into English and published in the year 2015. 

The series as it holds up four consecutive seasons, is the same adaptation of the four series of the novel. Where the first season title is “My Brilliant Friend”, the second season title is “The Story Of a New Name”, the third season title is “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay” and the fourth and the final season titles, “The Story Of The Lost Child”. All these seasons of the series and that of the novel have the same title and story as well. 

What Is The Series All About?

The series begins with its narrator and the protagonist’s best friend or we must say childhood friend, Elena who pens down this entire life story after she gets a call from Rimo, who is her best friend Lila’s son, that Lila has left the house, with no mere infromations and traces too. This reminds Elena, of Lila’s words that she used one time. The story begins with Elena and Lila growing up together in the same neighborhood. Where Elena was allowed to study further, Lila was forced to work in their heritage show shop and at 16 get married to Stefano Carracci. Season 1 ends with some evil happening to the two friends. 

Season 2 begins with the couple returning from their honeymoon, and Lila, Elena, Nino, Pinnucia, and Bruno going out for a vacation. Here, Pinnucia and Bruno fall in love, while Lila and Nino reject Elena falls in love, Lila gets pregnant with Nino’s child and gives birth to a boy Rimo. This season ends with Elena publishing her book The Blue Fairy she wrote in her school time, with the help of Adele, the mother of Elena’s boyfriend Pietro. Season 3 however, begins with Elena and Pietro married and pregnant with a daughter named Adele. Later, they were blessed with a second daughter Elsa. A rollercoaster of feelings, emotions, and relations takes place as they start the mishaps. Elena finds herself attracted to her ex Nino and leaves her husband Pietro for him. While Nino is still with Lila. No, this is the cliffhanger which will be solved once the fourth season is out. That who is with whom, the biggest question is this till now. 

Where Is The Series Available?

The series My Brilliant Friend is available for its fans on HBO, Rai 1, and TIMvision networks.

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