Who Actually Killed The Haysoms?

Many of you Will be very well aware of the recent production of Netflix till murder do us part, which is actually based on the Soering and Haysom case. The Haysom case when it happened in a lot of attention all over the world because of the gruesome acts of a daughter towards her own parents and the conviction of Jens Soerings, who based on many facts and perceptions is actually not related to the murders of the Haysom couple but ended up serving a long sentence. For all those who don’t have any idea about this particular series or the Haysom case, it is basically the story of two youngsters who are in a relationship but out of certain circumstances they end up murdering the parents of the female partner and then act as if they were no wear related to it and also fled the country. Following this we get to see that they were arrested and both of them were subjected to life imprisonment because of diplomatic reasons. However, the convicted Joe Soering has not pleaded guilty in front of the court and their lies are the main question behind the lies and the true identity of the real murderer.

Recently as we know this particular incident has been properly studied, researched upon, and finally made into a documentary series where we get the point of view and perception of both the convicted felons who are related to the particular Haysom case, along with that we also get to see the different facts and truths according to the jurisdiction body which is in charge of this particular case. Now although the series was a huge success, Joe Soering was himself not very happy regarding the series because of how it twisted his words and portrayed him. Following that based on all circumstances, the main question that we have been asked is regarding who is the actual Murderer. To know more read this article till the end.

Haysom Case: Actual Killer

Who Actually Killed The Haysoms?

If we look into the series, that has been brought in front of us the fans have a basic perception that has been transmitted into their Mind from the makers and the jurisdiction bodies’ point of view that Joe Soering is the real murderer, and Elizabeth Haysom was actually only an accessory to murder for which also she ends up facing life imprisonment. Following that when it comes to the true incident that happened and for all those who don’t have any idea regarding this particular case, Elizabeth and Jens, ended up dating in college life but soon after dating for a few days, we get to see that Elizabeth’s parents were murdered and their bodies were found out many days later in a worn-out condition. At first, there were no suspicions regarding the couple but soon enough after studying all the circumstantial evidence and finding out that many of the facts stated by this young couple were not true, the real investigation began.

According to most reports many times Jens has admitted that he is guilty of the murder but according to him that has only been his statement, so that he could save Elizabeth Haysom from being convicted, but soon enough when he landed in front of the court he did not plead guilty. Following that we get to see, that after the release of the series it almost gave out the statement that Jens is the real murderer, which is almost a duplicate copy of the jurisdiction’s point of view. It was brought in front of us from Jen’s statement that the makers have actually not stated all the information that was given to them by him such as the fact that none of the DNA samples that were tested matched his DNA sample, which completely removed the suspicion regarding him. Along with that, it was also found out that there was an unidentified DNA sample which supposedly should raise a huge question regarding his innocence. Now the real answer regarding who the actual Murderer is still not known to us, but one thing that we can state is regarding Soering has a huge chance of not being the real murderer.

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Till Murder Do Us Part Season 2

Now we also have received a lot of questions regarding when we are going to receive the second season of this particular series, and unfortunately as of now, there have been no particular updates regarding it. But according to the trial and many other facts which have yet not been disclosed to us there remains still a chance that we may get to see the second season very soon.

Where Can We Watch Till Murder Do Us Part?

This particular TV mini series is currently available for streaming on the Netflix platform only and that is because it is a Netflix original series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Jens Soering still alive?

Yes he is still alive, and currently serving his sentence.

2.Where can we watch Till Murder do us part?

This series is available only on the Netflix platform.

3.Is Till Murder Do Us Part based on a true story?

Yes, it is completely based on a true story.

4.Will there be a second season of Till Murder do us part?

As of now, there has been no updates regarding it.

5.Is Till Murder do us part canceled?

No, the show has not been canceled as of now.

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