Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew Season 2 Roku Release Date. When Is It Making A Come Back?

A 2021 series relatively dedicated to the lovers of cars and the dreamers who have always dreamed of good and expensive cars, made an aiming imprint of the series on the hearts of its fans, and no, after three years passed they are jumping like anything out of excitement and demanding the makes to release its season second soon. But what is the series? And what is it about that everyone likes it and demands it so much?

The series, that has made everyone go crazy in the world after its release is “Muscle Car Crew”. The series showcased a group of car lovers, who decided to open up their own, modification and restoration car center, and do business altogether. The series made its debut in the year 2021, with Kevin Hart as the lead of the series, whose mere hard work and patience made the series break all records though it was unscripted. Not only this, but it even let them, win in life’s struggle and achieve their dreams.

So to let you know more about the series and its plot, we are here. But if we have come, we won’t let you go without something good, yes to answer your question, about the series’ second season release date, we are here. So let us not waste a moment and move ahead with the series. 

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew Season 2 Roku Release Date 

Season 1 of Muscle Car Crew was released on July 2, 2021. It was made official on Motor Trend and Motor Trend+ websites only. But the love and support from fans, have now made its makers release the series even on the Roku website, originally to make it accessible for audiences even from different parts of the world. However the series was renewed successfully for its second season, but there is confusion that what’s the date for its release. Is it publicly announced the release date for season 2 of the series? Well, as per the reports, the makers of the series have successfully renewed the show, but have yet not scheduled its release date. So its fans will have to wait for a few more days to know the release date of their favorite series. 

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What Is The Series About?

Muscel Car Crew as the name suggests is wholely dedicated to the cars and their lovers. The series casts Kevin Hart who in companionship with his friends decides to open up a car modification agency and make their own car models. To this, they all set on a journey to know more about the cars. Yes, Kevin Hart along with his boys’ group titled, “The Plastic Cup Boyz” set on a journey to find for themselves a trainer who can give them knowledge about cars, and there they hired Lucky Costa to teach them about the cars. Further, they headed to Irwindale Drag Strip, to get themselves trained about the engines of the cars and how are they used to boost up the speeds of the cars. 

 After knowing about cars and their speeds, they decide to learn about the different driving skills, which is a must for them and they learned it from Radford Racing School in Arizona. Later, all of them visited a car museum and decided to start up a club under Mr. Cartoon’s Clubhuse of cars. While all of them worked together in the club, Joey was traveling to learn skills of modifying the cars and restoring the old ones into new ones. On the other side, all of them have completed the work and reached out to publications to let the world know about their work. While, the series season 1 ends, with them induced into an argument and Kevin bringing a new task for them. 

Who Are Involved In The Series?

The series Muscle Car Crew as said involves a group of boys, who will be together in the entire series and work for their dreams. However, the ones joining the series are, Kevin Hart the protagonist of the series and his team members are, Rone Evrline, Joey Walls, Will Horton, Lucky Costa, John Clausell, and Harry Ratchford. These are the people who you will see in the series, fighting and struggling hard for their dreams. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

The series season 1 is available on Motor Trend and Motore Trend+, while the second season will be available on both of these websites and also on Roku and is streaming on Prime Video as well.

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