Maamla Legal Hai Release Date. When Is The Comedy Courtroom Series Hitting Your Screens? Knowing The Dates! 

Supercomedy films are the best of all in the Indian film industry. It allows the entire family to sit and laugh together. Despite their busy schedule comedy films give them a special time, to be free of all the burdens and just be jolly with their family for a few hours. Well, whenever we think of any comedy film, there can be a list of films, but the ones that hit our minds every time, are Rohit Shetty’s directed films, Hera Pheri and Golmaal. Isn’t it? Well, to add to this list, one more movie is being released this year soon.

But the film isn’t from Rohit Shetty’s direction, though is felt to match the level of these Indian comedy films. Do you know what it is? Yes, it is your favorite Ravi Bhaiya’s new film “Maamla Legal Hai”, directed by Rahul Pandey. The filmmaker has recently released its first poster officially in front of the audience, which discloses the film’s cast list. Along with it, the poster has a huge board on the background, saying Patparganj, Delhi District court. 

Now, if you have seen the poster, you might feel the film to be a crime thriller film, where the lawyers try to solve some mysterious case. But instead, it’s something different. The lawyers in the film are not trying to solve any mysterious and dark crime case, instead, they are solving cases with mee comedy. And that’s what will be in the film. 

Maamla Legal Hai Release Date 

With its first poster out, and news and rumors about the series coming up soon on the screen, the fans have been excited to know, when will the series be released and when will they get to watch this series. So in answer to this, the maker of the series and also the series’ main cast Ravi Kishan came up to his Twitter handle and posted the post of the series, saying “We will now meet in court” on the 1st of March this year. Yes, not much time left for the series to reach your screens and to entertain you to its utmost power.  

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What Do We Expect In Series?

Well, with the poster launch it shows several Indian film actors and actresses going to be seen in the series. Other than that, they all are seen in the lawyer’s court with the board of Patparganj District Court board behind them. This means, the series will be set in the district court of Delhi’s town, Patparganj. Adding to it, the makers in an interview made it clear, that the series will be a mere fun series and nothing much serious, as they have tried to avoid the criminals and thrilling scenes.

Moving ahead, the sources and reports also say, that it will be a covict and court session, headed by Ravi Kishan as Tyagi, who tries to complete and win the case to get a higher official post in Indian Government. At the same time, all of these lawyers working under Tyagi tried to execute the proceedings in a comedy session, and not put much burden on the series’ audiences. 

Who Are Staring The Series?

Maamla Legal Hai series has a star cast of the most famous actors and actresses in the Indian Film Industry. The male lead of the series involves Ravi Kishan one of the most popular actors, producer, and one of the famous Bhojpuri films singers. He is also a politician with a huge fan base. The others involved in the series are, Nidhi Bisht an actress, filmmaker, and lawyer too, Anant Joshi a famous actress of AltBlaaji works, Naila Grewal an Indian actress found famous for her supporting roles in films like Thappad opposite Tapsee Pannu, Anjum Batra a popular child actor with many lead roles in the Punjabi films is seen in this series, Yashpal Sharma is the known actors of Lagaan film and his other roles as the villain in Indian films, and at last but not the least its Vijay Rajoria joining them in the series cast, who is also known for his critic roles in the films like, Raid and the recent popular 12th Fail as well. 

Where Will The Series Stream?

The series “Maamla Legal Hai” is going to stream on Netflix for its fans to binge on it from 1st March 2024.

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