Is Don’t F**k With Cats Based On A True Story?

Being scared of animals is one thing, but going to an extreme to physically hurt the animals is just another level of cruelty. Well, this takes us back to one of the most-watched documentaries on Netflix! Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is by far the most intriguing true-crime docuseries we have seen so far. Directed and written by Mark Lewis, this eye-catching documentary premiered somewhere in 2019 and took the whole world by storm. 

It is indeed sad to see how some humans can be so brutal on animals. Well, in this case, only cats were taken into consideration but again this wasn’t the first time we have seen such a horrific incident! You will be highly shocked to know how monstrous a human can be in reality! Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is not only a thrilling documentary but also counted among the top 5 shows on Netflix!  

Is Don’t F**k With Cats Based On A True Story?

Is Don't F**k With Cats Based On A True Story?

Just like you all, we also will be highly surprised if someone calls him a sane individual. It all started with that terrifying viral video of 2010. That’s how the world came to know about Luka Magnotta! His extremely cruel actions cannot be justified at all. But before we tell you more about him and his crimes, let us quickly answer the most asked question out there. Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is based on a true story! Everything portrayed in the 3-episode documentary is centred around accurate facts and data. 

The highly poignant and captivating gripping storyline of the show was filled with too many shocking truth bombs. There is no doubt in the fact that the Canadian pornographic actor had a rotten mindset. After all, only a beast can be so evil on kittens! It was truly traumatising for animal lovers to see how those small cats were suffocated to death! This brings us down to the amateur internet sleuths who decided to take strong action against him! 

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Who Is Deanna Thompson And John Green?

Deanna Thompson originally comes from Las Vegas and as per records, she is a data analyst. Whereas John Green is from Los Angeles. We must admit that these two individuals were extremely brave to voice up against the wrong done to kittens. Eventually, Thompson and Green started their fight by creating a Facebook group to gather more and more details about Luka. 

Their ultimate goal always was to find the main perpetrator. Again, we cannot overlook the fact that the social media platform played a very huge role here. Thompson and Green were lucky enough to find people who were ready to join their campaign. Slowly and steadily, all the people in the group started to analyse every bit of the online video! All the little details present in the room were included in the analysis! 

Is Luka Magnotta A Sound-Minded Criminal? 

Is Don't F**k With Cats Based On A True Story?

The video named “1 Boy 2 Kittens” displayed how an ordinary man was initially playing with cats until he decided to behave otherwise! As one continues to watch, we will see how Luka locks them up in a very tight vacuum-sealed bag. Things became even worse when he vacuumed out the air and thus the two kittens couldn’t breathe anymore! To everyone’s surprise, this wasn’t the only murder committed by him. Two years later, particularly in 2012, he was charged with killing a university student. As the cops continue to search for this mediocre boy, an anonymous video titled 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick was uploaded online. 

Thus, we come to know about Jun Lin! Back then, looking at the cruelty showcased in the video, the cops were quite confident that cannibalism was performed by the murderer. The whole city was in deep shock when his body parts were mysteriously found in different locations! Some strongly felt that Luka was trying to gain national attention. Looking at the pattern of the murder, one can easily say that Luka is not only a dangerous human being but also a true psychopath. That’s all for now, to get more such information on intriguing drama series and true-crime documentaries, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is Don’t F**k With Cats Based On A True Story? – FAQs

1. Is the dangerous criminal, Luka Magnotta still alive?

Yes, the dangerous criminal, Luka Magnotta is still alive. 

2. Is Don’t F**k With Cats based on facts?

Yes, Don’t F**k With Cats is based on facts. 

3. Is Luka Magnotta still in prison?

Yes, Luka Magnotta is still in prison. 

4. Can you watch the popular documentary, Don’t F**k With Cats online?

Yes, the popular documentary, Don’t F**k With Cats is available on Netflix. 

5. Is Luka Magnotta a sound-minded criminal?

Yes, Luka Magnotta is a sound-minded criminal. 

6. Is Luka Magnotta mentally ill?

Reports do claim that Luka Magnotta is mentally ill. 

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