Is Pushpa Impossible Ending? Are The Rumors True? Finding The Reality!

Indian TV serials are the best time pass shows, we all must agree. It is our Indian moms who love watching TV serials, and because of them none of us are left behind to take the update of the show. Now, these TV serials were a few years ago, telecasted only on TV channels like Sony TV or Sony Sab and others. But now with the technologies emerging, TV shows are also heading and releasing their serials episodes in OTT platforms, majorly in Sony LIV. But why are we talking about TV serials so much and not about the movies or series? 

Today we will be discussing the ongoing TV series, Pushpa Impossible. Many of you must have watched it and if not, you would know about it by reading this amazing article today. So, what is this show Pushpa Impossible? Does it have some relation with Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa or not? What is its plot? Who are the cast of the serial? Where is it shot? What’s Its Ending? All of this is the most frequently asked question from the serial’s fans. Now, to answer all of this stuff we are here.

Yes, today we won’t be discussing any popular film or web series, neither will we discuss the life story of some famous person nor any documentary. But today we will see the most celebrated and most watched TV serial from our hometown. Yes, it’s none other than Pusphoa Impossible. It has gained many fans in the last two years it has been telecasted on the Sony SAB and OTT platforms. So let us not waste much time, and move ahead to know more about the serial.

Is Pushpa Impossible Ending?

The TV series, Pushpa Impossible is an Indian series, which made its debut on June 6, 2022, on the Sony SAB channel. Later, it was also released on the Sony LIV OTT platform. With the show, releasing new episodes every day of the week, from Monday to Saturday, it has plenty of stories written, shot, and telecasted for its fans. Well, the series going on till now for its fans to get entertained and be stress-free while they watch it, for 30 mins a day. But then, people still feel that s there are no turns and turns coming up in the episodes of the serial, it must be on its way to termination. 

So how far are the rumors true? Well, this news is just a rumor though. Yes, neither the makers of the show nor its cast members have ever said about the show’s termination. They are happy with the love and support they are getting from their fans and so they are even ready to work hard and meet the demands of their fans. Thus, the show is going on, and has no point in terminating this early. Instead the show, is coming back with a new time slot and time gap, which will excite and entertain the fans even more.

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How Is The Show Going?

The Indian TV serial Pushpa Impossible started its journey on 6th June 2022 in Sony SAB. The show revolves around a 45-year-old woman, Pushpa who has been separated long years back from her husband Dilip, due to some tortures she has to face in her married life. Pushpa decided to leave her maternal hometown and got stelled in Bapodhra Chawl of Mumbai with her three children, two sons and a daughter. She being a single mother and a divorcee has to undergo lots of struggles mentally, and physically. 

However, the show revolves around her and the struggle she faces, inside her home which is in her personal life, and outside in the society. His elder son Ashwin is an employee married to the CEO of his company, Deepti, Pushpa’s younger son Chirag is a college student and a businessman married to Prarthana, while Pushpa’s youngest child her daughter, Rashi is a school student. Well, to run her home, and let her children study, she runs a small tiffin business in her home, to earn some money and feed her children.

Who Are Involved In The Serial?

The show has a huge cast with its protagonist being, Pushpa played by Karuna Pandey Vaidya, and mother of three children and divorced wife of Dilip. Following her are her children, Ashwin Patel played by Naveen Pandita, Pushpa’s elder son, and husband of Deepti, Chirag Patel played by Darshan Gurjar the second son of Pushpa and husband of Prarthana, and Rashi Patel the only daughter of Pushpa played by Dehsna Dugad. On the other hand, Prarthana Bapodra Patel played by Indraxi Kanjilal is the daughter of Sushila and Narhari Bapodra, and Deepti Parikh Patel played by Garima Parihar is the daughter of Manisha and Sonal Patel. followed by Narhari Bapodra by Jayesh Barbhaya, Sushila Bapodra by Tulika Patel, and many more from the chawl who are involved in the serial cast.

Where Is The Show Telecasted?

Pushpa Impossible is telecasted on Sony SAB for its TV fans, while on Sony LIV for its OTT fans.

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