Pleas for the Ishq Murshid Season 2 Release Date Rise Before the Finale!

A Pakistani drama, Ishq Murshid is a contemporary and often sarcastic take on social bias. Though it trudges away from the trope far too many times, its essence remains undeviating. It is essentially a lighthearted drama, blended with the frothy romance genre and a comfort watch. It stars Bilal Abbas Khan and Durefishan Saleem in the lead roles along with a cast ensemble of over 20 artists. Ever since its release on Hum TV, the rom-com has joined the league of iconic Pakistani series such as Hania Amir’s Mere Humsafar and Iqra Aziz’s Suno Chanda, which recently concluded a third season.

Though Ishq Murshid doesn’t draw a resemblance to these shows, it harbours a distinctly compelling aura to them. Moreover, the intense chemistry between Bilal and Durefishan is akin to the glamour of Suno Chanda’s Arsal and Ajiya. Naturally, fanatics are curious to know whether Ishq Murshid Season 2 is in the makings. So, if you are one of them, here are the recent updates for you!

Ishq Murshid Season 2 Release Date

Bilal revealed his upcoming project, after Pyaar Ke Sadkay in March 2023 through his Instagram account. Later, even the broadcasting channel, Hum TV, took it to social media to announce Ishq Murshid in June. 2 months later, its OST, Tera Mera hai Pyaar sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb and penned by Sabir Zafar, was also released. A while later, a few teasers were released and Ishq Murshid finally began streaming on 8 October 2023.

As of now, the director, Farooq Raid, has released 18 episodes and has planned to broadcast a few more. The debut season is still on air and will likely continue until the last week of February. Moreover, the creators haven’t yet divulged their plans regarding the future of the series either. And since Pakistani dramas are rarely revived, it is highly unlikely that Ishq Murshid Season 2 will be approved. But if it happens to be an exception like Suno Chanda, the sequel to the Khan starrer could be released in late 2024.

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What is the Ishq Murshid Series About?

Ishq Murshid Season 2 Release Date

Ishq Murshid is the glitter fairytales and cheesy dramas are made up of. It features Saleem as Shibra Salman, a headstrong and gallant daughter of a government officer, Salman (Noor ul Hassan). She is unwavering in her opinion and is often misunderstood due to her boisterous personality. Shibra possesses an unrelenting obligation to stand against injustice and is vehemently opposed to material wealth. 

Meanwhile, Khan as Shahmeer Sikandar is an opulent businessman with a stern personality. He has returned from the UK for his best friend, Faraz’s (Awais Sulaman), wedding. As it happens, Faraz is tying the knot with Shibra’s mate, Maliha (Srha Asghar). Shahmeer stumbles upon Shibra at the wedding venue and is instantly enamoured by her valour. He soon discovers Shibra’s resistance to the wealthy and collaborates with Maliha and Faraz to get closer to the former. However, it is easier said than done, especially when Shibra harbours several issues in hand.

Ishq Murshid Season 2 Plot

Shahmeer then poses as an impecunious Fazal Baksh and freewheels his way to Salman’s office. As he inches closer to Shibra, his own issues become a hurdle for him. Shahmeer has been scarred in his childhood by his mother’s unfortunate demise but even more so by his father’s, Dawood (Omair Rana) relationship with the former’s caretaker, Zubaida (Samiya Mumtaz). Since Dawood is a leading politician, hiding his true identity from Shibra becomes a daunting chore for him. However, he has managed to conceal his identity so far.

In the previous episode, he almost gave up on the charade and came clean to Shibra. But in the end, Shameer couldn’t go through with his plan because of the fear of Shibra’s wrath. If Ishq Murshid’s upcoming episode doesn’t expose Shameer and he is not forgiven, the sequel could follow these plot arcs.

Ishq Murshid Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Ishq Murshid Series About?

It is a Pakistani rom-com centred around an affluent businessman, Shahmeer Sikandar and a stern Shibra Salman.

2. Who is the Creator of Ishq Murshid?

Ishq Murshid is directed by Farooq Rind and helmed by Abdul Khaliq Khan.

3. Is the Ishq Murshid Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When Will Ishq Murshid Season 2 Be Released?

If Ishq Murshid Season 2 is approved soon, it could be released in late 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available for Ishq Murshid Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where to Watch Ishq Murshid Online?

You can stream Ishq Murshid online on Hum TV.

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