Demands for the Safir Season 2 Release Date Confirmation are Gaining Traction!

Originally entitled, Safir aka Sapphire is a Turkish romance drama that could very well be referred to as a tragic tale. It features Turkey’s finest artists, İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız and Burak Berkay Akgül as the protagonists, Ateş, Feraye, and Yaman. It is essentially a contemporary take on the “love triangle” trope akin to the well-renowned Terzi aka The Tailor, which recently concluded its third season on Netflix. However, unlike the latter, Safir unravels a contradicting trajectory, putting two brothers against each other.

While its extensive episodes and seemingly far-fetched plot have resulted in negative reviews, the insistence on a sequel is still high. So, is the Safir Season 2 release date confirmed? Here is everything you need to know about it!

Safir Season 2 Release Date

The director, Semih Bagci began filming Safir in Cappadocia in late 2023. It was announced in August 2023 by ATV and premiered a month later, on September 4. The screenplay has been helmed by Gül Abus Semerci and Burcu Över with the production being managed by Mehmet Yiğit Alp. Safir was expected to be a “powerful drama” exploring the hidden love genre. However, it ended up exaggerating the plot, a contradiction to the actress Özge Yağız’s expectations.

In a pre-screening interview, she mentioned, “I am experiencing firsts in every sense. I am on ATV screens for the first time, I am coming to Cappadocia for the first time, this is the first time I am working with a team where our energies are matched. “I don’t think such an equation will have a bad outcome.” While Safir definitely didn’t have any bad outcome per se, it didn’t leave a lasting impression either.

This is not to say that Safir Season 2 would be cancelled because of it. But, it would be certainly impacted by the low ratings. Now that the drama is being released internationally, chances are that their optimistic response would propel the series’ growth. If Safir Season 2 is approved soon, it could be released in the latter half of 2024 or early 2025 on ATV. However, an official confirmation is still awaited.

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The Safir Series Overview

Set in Cappadocia, Safir, also entitled A Hidden Love Story, chronicles the tale of the Gülsoy brothers, Yaman and Ateş. The latter is the elder brother to Yaman and Okan who has recently arrived in Turkey, after completing his education abroad. Meanwhile, Yaman is the boisterous middle child, who is in a secret relationship with Feraye. Her parents work for the Gülsoy mansion and stay adjacent to them. She is pursuing a degree in Fashion Design and aspires to support her parents financially. Her stepmother, Cemile and stepsister, Aleyna, leave no chance to threaten her ambition though.

Yaman is about to disclose his relationship with Feraye but he has to hold back due to Ateş sudden arrival. His plans are further shattered when Cemile blackmails him into marrying Aleyna. Ateş then steps up and ties the knot with Feraye to protect her and her unborn child. Their relationships get entangled in a web of conspiracies and the four of them are left to endure the relationships imposed on them.

What Could Safir Season 2 Be About?

Ateş and Yaman, two brothers who were once ready to demolish the world for each other are transformed into enemies. Meanwhile, Ateş finds himself drawn to Feraye and her characteristic naivete. Their relationships are convoluted even more when new secrets are unveiled and plans of vengeance surface. Ateş and Yaman’s rivalry becomes the driving factor of the plot but eventually, several plot arcs are introduced into the storyline.

The last episodes featured Yaman dealing with a murderer and Ateş’ life being put in danger. Also, the latter has now developed a keen interest in Feraye, who has started reciprocating his feelings. If Safir returns for a sequel, it could revolve around Yaman begrudgingly accepting or maybe, conspiring against Ateş and Feraye’s relationship. Though it is unlikely, it is still a plausibility.

Safir Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Safir Series About?

It is a Turkish romance thriller, centred around the Gülsoy brothers. It chronicles their tale of weaving through unexpected relationship twists.

2. Who is the Creator of the Safir Series?

Safir has been directed by Semih Bagci with the screenplay being penned by Gül Abus Semerci and Burcu Över.

3. Is the Safir Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed.

4. When will Safir Season 2 be Released?

Safir Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available For Safir Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for Safir Season 2.

6. Where to Watch the Safir Series Online?

You can watch the drama online on the ATV series’ platform and mobile application.

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