Here is Why Friday Night Dinner Season 7 Won’t Be Happening!

A British sitcom, embellished with hilarious jokes and awkward moments, Friday Night Dinner is an idiosyncratic drama. Created by Robert Popper, the series revolves around the Goodman clan and their traditional Friday night dinners. As you might expect, Popper’s drama is jam-packed with relatable comic sequences and melodramatic reactions. However, the essence of this Jewish series lies in its chaos. Be it brotherly quarrels, motherly mollycoddling or fatherly insistence on snarky comments, Friday Night Dinner has everything blended together. Of course, this mishmash is often a bit stretched but totally, worth the hype.

Naturally, fanatics aren’t ready to let go of the drama just yet. However, it seems like these bizarre Goodmans have bid us farewell once and for all. Here is why, Friday Night Dinner Season 7 doesn’t seem to be happening.

Friday Night Dinner Season 7 Updates

Friday Night Dinner Season 7

Friday Night Dinner first aired on 25 February with its “salty waters” and extensive menus. The Goodmans, with their eccentricities and pranks, have since treated us to six seasons and thirty-seven episodes. 2 years later, Popper’s sitcom received three BAFTA nominations. Led by Simon Bird, Paul Ritter, Tamsin Greig and Tom Rosenthal, this family rom-com has been accepted for several accolades. Its popularity has propelled the creators to bring six consecutive seasons over a decade until they announced its closure.

Before Friday Night Dinner Season 6 was broadcast on Channel 4, Bird raised suspicions regarding the future of the series. “Every series it feels more like ‘OK, we’re ready to say goodbye to these characters – we’re really proud of it but we’re ready and happy to move on’,” he mentioned. Simon’s statement was soon overshadowed by Popper, who has helmed the script for the entire six seasons.

Robert mentioned, “You know, whenever you make a TV series, you always think, ‘Well, that’s probably our lot’ – you never really know,” he continued. “But obviously, the show has now become successful, which is lovely. So you’d like to think they’d do it again. I think they would. But it’s also down to me if I want to do it again. So I always have to think: do I want to do it again or not?”

It seems like Popper doesn’t want to continue with Friday Night Dinner Season 7. Moreover, Paul Ritters’ demise has set the fate of the sitcom in stone. However, a spin-off is still plausible, that is if Robert decides to continue the series with the Goodman brothers, who didn’t miss a single chance to leave their mark.

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What is the Friday Night Dinner Series About?

Friday Night Dinner is unequivocally a sitcom centred around the Goodman family. The highlight of the series is Jackie (Tamsin Greig) and Martin’s (Paul Ritter) children, Adam (Simon Bird) and Johnny (Tom Rosenthal). Adam is a musician with a knack for putting salt water, particularly in his younger brother’s beverages. Similarly, Johnny is a real estate agent, who harbours an uncanny sense of humour akin to his father, Martin. The peculiar Martin, despite a few outlandish habits like eating out-of-date food substances, is sublime in his role.

The entire Goodman clan has been inspired by Popper’s family as admitted by the latter. “Quite a lot of it [sequences on the show] did, yes. My brother and I still do childish things, like jumping and sitting on each other’s heads, and taping things from my mom’s phone. We would grab my mom’s phone and send each other disgusting texts, like “I’ve never loved you all,” “I wish you’d been an abortion,” etc. We got quite good at that,” he divulged in a prescreening interview. Though multiple sequences aren’t inspired by Robert’s clan, the series serves as a testament to all the exuberant dinners held at our parent’s place.

Friday Night Dinner Season 7: FAQs

1. What is the Friday Night Dinner Series About?

It is a British sitcom centred around the Goldman clan and their ritual of having family dinners every Friday night. 

2. Who is the Creator of the Friday Night Dinner Series?

Friday Night Dinner is helmed and developed by Robert Popper.

3. Is Friday Night Dinner Season 7 Cancelled?

Yes, it has been cancelled.

4. Why is Friday Night Dinner Season 7 Not Happening?

The significant reason why Friday Night Dinner Season 7 doesn’t seem to be happening is because Popper has wrapped the storyline entirely.

5. Will There be a Friday Night Dinner Spin-off?

Though the creators haven’t specified as such, a spin-off seems plausible.

6. Where to Watch Friday Night Dinner Online?

You can stream Friday Night Dinner online on Channel 4.

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