Is Fried Green Tomatoes Based On A True Story? The Most Amusing Film Of 1991!

One of the most entertaining American comedy-drama films of 1991 happens to be “Fried Green Tomatoes”. Created by Jon Avnet, a movie which was made with only $11 million made a gross profit of around $119 million! Well, the numbers surely speak for themselves. Brimming with humour, comedy, melodrama and highly emotional scenes, the gripping plot of Fried Green Tomatoes is surely pretty hard to forget. 

Starring renowned actors like Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker and others, this movie was filled with too many eye-catching twists and turns. The ending of this thriller comedy truly caught our attention the most. But recently, the movie has again come back in talks. It seems like the audience would like to learn a bit more about the compelling plot of Fried Green Tomatoes. Thus, on popular demand, here is all you need to know about this popular film! 

Is Fried Green Tomatoes Based On A True Story? The Most Amusing Film Of 1991!

Is Fried Green Tomatoes Based On A True Story? The Most Amusing Film Of 1991!

Before digging deep into the riveting plot of Fried Green Tomatoes, let us quickly answer the most asked question out there. If you have read the original novel, then we are pretty sure you have seen the movie as well. We must say that the credit of this masterpiece directly goes to the renowned writer of all time, Fannie Flagg. If we are not wrong, the original novel, “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” was initially known to be a complete work of fiction! 

But later, the writer did reveal in an exclusive interview that the book was loosely inspired by a quirky cafe in Irondale, Alabama. Sources confirmed that the Irondale Cafe was nearly located around Flagg’s birthplace. Originally, around 1932, the cafe was owned and operated by Flagg’s aunt, Bess Fortenberry! She did reveal to us that two very dear friends of her aunt also used to be a part of this cafe. Further research showed that this cafe was run for over four decades and is still very much in existence. 

Surprisingly enough, just like the popular novel and movie, the original Irondale Cafe was also quite famous in town for its delicious recipe of fried green tomatoes. To sum it all up, we can say that the famous movie, Fried Green Tomatoes might not be completely based on a true story. But again, you can say that the plot of this comedy-drama was slightly inspired by the above-mentioned cafe! 

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of Fried Green Tomatoes! 

This heartwarming film starts with Evelyn and Ninny’s extremely uncommon and yet incredibly sweet friendship! On one hand, Evelyn happens to be a mediocre housewife. On the other hand, Ninny was just another patient in the nursing home. As their paths cross by fortune, we will see how Ninny starts recalling her life at Whistle Stop. Little did Evelyn know that these short tales would soon introduce her to the beautiful love story of Ruth Jamison and Idgie Threadgoode.   

Initially, Ruth was seen to be Buddy’s long-time beloved! But then one fine day, Young Idgie was shocked to the ground hearing about her older brother’s unfortunate death. This is where Ruth starts finding a soothing comfort within Idgie’s presence and friendship. Slowly and steadily, Ruth fell for the tomboy and over the whole summer, these two turned out to be inseparable. Everything seemed nearly perfect until Ruth had to move. It seems like she is all set and ready to marry a man named Frank Bennett. But as the story moves forward, we will see how a pregnant Ruth suffers under Frank’s brutal control and violence. 

In short, she would have eventually died in Valdosta, Georgia, but thanks to Idgie, for coming to her rescue. After escaping from Frank’s house, the lovebirds returned to their hometown. With the help of Papa Threadgoode, Idgie and Ruth managed to open up the Whistle Stop Cafe. With the pace of time and with the help of their long-time family cook, Sipsey, and her son, Big George, the cafe’s barbecue menu started catching everyone’s attention. Yet again, love conquered it all and soon the couple welcomed Buddy Jr. But the main twist appeared in the story when Frank came back to kidnap his infant son!

Fried Green Tomatoes Ending Explained – Did The Judge Drop All The Allegations Against Idgie And Big George? 

Is Fried Green Tomatoes Based On A True Story? The Most Amusing Film Of 1991!

It was quite thrilling to see that Frank was soon declared to be dead. Obviously, Idgie was a direct suspect in this shockingly tragic murder mystery. As the investigation begins, we are introduced to Sheriff Grady Kilgore. After digging deep into Frank’s past, Kilgore decides to take Idgie and Big George under charge! The cop tried to play smart and thought of offering Idgie to put all the blame on the worker. But given Idgie’s strong personality, she obviously turned the cop’s demand upside down. As the trials come into the picture, Reverend Scroggins decides to have Idgie and Big George’s back. 

Again, the judge was also made aware of Frank’s reputation as a drunkard! Moreover, since the body was never really found, the judge decided to bail out both Idgie and Big George from this particular case. But as Ninny continues to narrate the story, we will also see how Ruth will be diagnosed with terminal cancer! Sadly enough, with an immensely heavy heart, Idgie had to bid her beloved the last goodbye. Moreover, with no proper transportation facilities, Whistle Stop soon becomes a long-lost abandoned town. As most of the trains stopped visiting the station, their famous café eventually lost all of its character. 

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Who Originally Killed Frank? Was Idgie Still Alive? What Happened To Ninny? 

But hey there, this mesmerising love story doesn’t end with Ruth’s untimely death! Yes, everyone thought that Frank died in an accident, but Ninny was among the few individuals who actually knew all about the untold truth. As we once mentioned above, Frank did try to abduct Buddy Jr., but Sipsey saw it all and took strong and immediate action against it. In reality, he had hit Frank over the head with a strong cast iron skillet and that’s how he died. To make it all look like a regular accident, Frank’s truck was pushed into the river. Now, you must be wondering, what happened to his body? 

Well, Idgie somehow managed to convince Big George to go to the butcher and ask him to cut down Frank’s body into unrecognisable pieces. Later, Idgie thought of inviting Sheriff Curtis Smoot for a grand barbecue! Since he had done his best to investigate Frank’s disappearance, Idgie thought of paying him back by giving him a specially prepared barbecue of Frank’s dead body! The Sheriff had no clue about what he was eating and didn’t mind finishing it all up. But to everyone’s surprise, according to his words, this had to be the best barbecue of his life! 

Coming back to the nursing home, Evelyn soon discovers that Ninny has been discharged and thus she thinks of finding her out. Her initial guess just got right, as Ninny was still trying to recollect the ruins of her own house. Unfortunately, the house where all her memories lie is now completely condemned and demolished. Their uniquely developed friendship between these two was so strong that Evelyn offered Ninny to stay with her and Ed. 

The good part is without much hesitation, Ninny agrees to accompany the couple. The film concludes with Ninny and Evelyn visiting Ruth’s graveyard. To their surprise, someone has left a jar of honey and a honeycomb for Ruth. Well, that’s not all, but with the card unfolding, we all find out that “The Bee Charmer” aka Idgie was still alive! That’s all for today, to get more such updates on fascinating movies and drama series, stay connected with us, just right here.

Is Fried Green Tomatoes Based On A True Story? The Most Amusing Film Of 1991! – FAQs

1. Is the all-time famous film, Fried Green Tomatoes inspired by a real-life story? 

No, the all-time famous film, Fried Green Tomatoes is not inspired by a real-life story. 

2. Was Idgie truly responsible for Frank’s death?

Idgie Threadgoode did decide to barbecue Frank’s dead body, but in the end, it was Sipsey who killed him. 

3. How did Ruth die in the popular movie, Fried Green Tomatoes? 

Sadly enough, Ruth was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that’s how she died in the popular movie Fried Green Tomatoes. 

4. Was Idgie Threadgoode still alive? 

Yes, at the end of the popular movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, we did find out that Idgie Threadgoode was still alive. 

5. Can you watch the famous comedy-drama, Fried Green Tomatoes online?

Yes, the famous comedy-drama, Fried Green Tomatoes can be viewed online, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. 

6. Was Sheriff Grady Kilgore able to resolve the murder mystery? 

Idgie Threadgoode planned it all so well, that till the very end of the court rulings, Sheriff Grady Kilgore was not able to resolve the murder mystery. 

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