Is Triptych Based On A True Story? Finding The Truth!

An amazing documentary film came up to the theatres of the US in the year 2018, which told people about a rare incident that took place back in the year 1990s when triplets were separated as infants from each other and were made to adapt by different families from three different backgrounds. The triplets lived apart, from each other, but their destinies brought them together one day. But why did it all happen? Who were they? 

Triptych is the series, that made its debut on Netflix on 22nd February 2023. The series gained support from fans of all ages, from different parts of the world. Not only this, but the fans demanded for the series to be renewed soon, and return back to their screens with some extra special spices. Well, whether the series will be renewed or not is a secondary matter. The main thing that revolves in the brain of people is if the series is based on some true events.

To look for the answer and let you know the same, we are back again. In this article, we will be telling you the truth behind the series based on some true stories or real events. Also if it is based on the real story, when did it happen? Where these incidents took place in the series, everything will be discussed today. So let’s not wait for a moment een and rather speed up to the next part of the article. 

Is Triptych Based On A True Story?

The series Triptych is a story that revolves around the separated triplets, who were forced to adapt forcefully by different families. The series however as the teaser says is based on the true story, of the real-life triplets we mentioned back in the first paragraph of the article. Not a completely true story, as the series still adds some extra fiction crime, and drama to the story, to make the series look more attractive and way more interesting to watch than it is in the real world. What is the plot of the series, and how does it resemble the real-life story?

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What Is The Series About?

Triptych begins with the story of a detective or we must say an investigating female police officer, Aleida Trujano played by Maite Perroni. She was sent by her official to encounter and investigate a person, whom she found was not dead after the firing and also he was looking like her. She at the moment was frozen by the shock of how he looked like her, even when she didn’t have any siblings. 

further, as the story proceeded and Aleida tried investigating every small hint and clue that would lead her to this man, she then found out that till now she thought of being a single child, but actually they were a twin to her original birth parents, but due to some researches, the psychiatrist decided to sperate these twins and see what will be the record of the two kid. However, to know further about them you must watch the series now. 

How Does It Resemble With The Truth?

However, the series’ plot is inspired by a true story, moreover, it has highly fictional scenes, and a story of immense crime, drama, and thrill in it. The original story of these lost children is of triplets, not twins. It was in the year 1980 when two like-looking 19-year-old boys met each other. They both were named, Eddy Galland and Robert Shafran, who found themselves having many traits like each other, they had the same food taste, same hobbies, activities, and everything that twins or triplets resemble in each other.

Now, as the story of these twins went on viral another third person approaches them, David Kellman. The three then found that they were born triplets, but due to the experiments and to find their results they were separated and sent to three different families in three different conditions. However, the scientists have never come up with their reports of the things they were searching for. 

Later, the three went on to start a restaurant as business partners. Everything was going well, with the three brothers, living their happy jolly life, when in 1995 Gallan died due to suicide, as he was going through mental disorders. This is not just one story but many times, it has been recorded in the census, that twins or triplets who separated in infant age, are seen suicide in adults, for being mentally disturbed throughout their life. 

Where Is The Series Available?

The series, Triptych is available on Netflix for the fans to binge on. 

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