Is Crowdsource Murder Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

When disaster strikes, it is normal to feel absolutely desperate for a solution. Especially when the pressure is on your family. Crowdsource Murder tells a similar tale; in this article, we will talk – is Crowdsource Murder based on a true story?

The story revolves around a mother who felt desperate when her daughter’s life is at stake. But the series of events that followed were seriously dramatic. Apart from discussing if Crowdsource Murder is based on a true story or not, we will also tell you about the story in brief.

Is Crowdsource Murder Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

If you have ever watched crime dramas or thrillers, you must have noticed one thing. Usually, they happen to be documentaries or series that are adapted from some source. That’s what makes them thrilling as well as intriguing. As someone who loves to watch thrilling stories be it movie or a series, I can confirm this very well. Crowdsource Murder is a dramatic film which tells us an unique tell. The movie might seem a family drama cliché, but if you watch it till the end, you will understand how deep the story is. 

Crowdsource Murder revolves around the story of a mother and daughter. When the mother sees her daughter in such a turmoil, she could not help but take drastic steps for her own good. As the title suggests, she arranged for a funding resource but things did not go as planned at all. Based on a couple of things, the film can be considered a classic drama. Apart from a few disappointed viewers, Crowdsource Murder has scored well. It successfully showcases the horrors of one of the most used systems by the public.

That’s why, people have genuinely shown their appreciation towards this mystery thriller. They want to know more about this drama film. So, is Crowdsource Murder based on a true story? Is the film connected to real events? If you think is Crowdsource Murder based on a true story, it isn’t. It’s a product of Jordan Robinson, the creative mind behind Requiem For A Scream and Trap House. The way he has shown everything in this film, it makes people believe that Crowdsource Murder is based on a true story.

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Crowdsource Murder: An Unique But Dull Approach

Imagine someone in your family getting devastated by some illness. Won’t you react in a pretty impulsive manner? Won’t you take drastic decisions to improve their state? This is exactly what Monica did. Crowdsource Murder revolves around the story of Monica, who happens to be a mother. She works really hard and manages to earn a living. Monica might not have a lot of bright spots in her life, but she loves to live for her only daughter, Shannon. Together, they were spending a pretty nice life until tragedy struck.

One day, Monica comes to know about something shocking and horrifying. Shannon has faced a serious accident – the incident has left her damaged with serious injuries. Her situation is absolutely critical due to the gravity of her wounds. When Monica heard that Shannon is in danger, she could not stop but rush to her daughter. Shannon’s injuries made Monica feel sad and desperate for her daughter’s life. At that point, Monica would do anything to save her daughter’s life. Doctors revealed that Shannon is in a threat that is harming her life gradually. The only way to save her would be to arrange for an operation.

Monica now had a huge mountain of hospital bills piled up and had a very few friends in her life.  One of them came to help her out. She suggested that Monica should start a crowdfunding campaign. Shannon must go through a series of critical surgeries and they cost a lot. Soon, Monica discovered that someone named Noah has donated huge amount in that fund. Not once or twice, but the charming man has donated regularly. Naturally, she doubted this uncalled help and started to suspect Noah. As time passes, she discovers the real intention and nature of Noah.

The Team Behind Crowdsource Murder And Official Streaming Platform Of This Drama

Nicole Weber leads this series as Monica, the distressed mother. James Hyde stars as Noah, the charming philanthropic man. Other notable cast members include Francesca Barker, Terry Woodberry, Lexi Minetree, Emrhys Cooper, Del Harrison, and Clark Moore. Since you know if Crowdsource Murder is based on a true story or not, let’s proceed. If you want to watch Crowdsource Murder, please head on to Lifetime.

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