Is Skanda Based On A True Story? The Whole Truth

South indian movie fandom recently got an exciting addition to their library. Skanda is one of those action thriller films that is mostly full of action. If you think the movie is a mythological one by looking at the title, you are absolutely wrong. In this article, apart from talking about the movie, we will try to find out – is Skanda based on a true story?

The film revolves around a rivalry between two political leaders of a region – once that starts to increase like a wildfire, it affects the lives of other people. A future entrepreneur also gets involved in this political struggle and their life gets unnecessarily endangered. This movie has been up on the list of most searched movies after it’s release. Now, many people want to find out if the film is based on any true story or not.

Is Skanda Based On A True Story? Exploring The Facts

Every movie we see on the theatres leaves a mark on our minds. Be it a bollywood film, a Hollywood classic, or a south indian movie, the plot often affects the audience more than you can expect. Skanda, when it came out, garnered a lot of attention from all the moviegoers in South India. Like most of the trending genre, Skanda is an action thriller that has risen to the top due to it’s star cast. The film has been successful in creating a strong opinion about south indian cinema in general. Whether it is good or bad, depends entirely on your opinion after you have watched it.

Unless you are yet to watch Skanda, you must have built your own review about this film. Many telegu entertainment portals or South Indian media houses have praised Skanda for raising the bar on action movie genre. Apart from telling a story of power struggle, Skanda is full of excellent action packed sequences. The screenwriters and directors have knitted a well developed story and action scenes which are on point. However, a part of the audience has called this an absurd storyline only satisfying the needs of a massy audience.

Now that the movie was out there for a couple of months, the audience might want to know more about Skanda. Instead of talking about the possibility of this movie getting a new sequel, in this article, we will try to address something else. Is Skanda based on a true story? Is the film connected to reality in some point? If you think Skanda is based on a true story, you are wrong. The film is entirely a work of fiction from the Boyapati genre. Skanda is not at all connected to any real incident at all – all the characters of this action movie are works of imagination.

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Skanda: Story Of The Ram Pothineni Starrer

Skanda marks a collaboration between Ram Pothineni and Director Boyapati. Before you make any opinions about this film based in what you are reading online, please consider watching it first. The movie shows us an irrefutable rivalry – when two powerful people meet, there’s always a collision. This film, Skanda starts with the rivalry between two pivotal political characters. The two chief ministers of South India were at peace mostly but one incident started all the trouble. Everything started to go wrong when the son of Telengana’s Chief Minister marries the daughter of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradhesh. 

Apart from all this rivalry and collision of family values, Skanda shows a dark side of financial world. Rudrakanta Ramakrishna Raju is one of the wealthiest businessmen to exist in this plot. But his policies and tactics have allegedly taken the innocent lives of thirty five people. As a result, the judiciary system decides to teach him a lesson – Rudrakanta gets a punishment. The powerful political bodies are pressurising Rudrakanta to take the blame. His daughter Saiee has become a target for them and they are using her as a ransom. 

Then comes the big surprise for all of us. Ram Pothineni’s character enters into the plot as an amazing personality. He will be the saviour and unless the plot rolls forward with him, his heroic arc will not be able to initiate. He started to come up when he came to seek for some help. As Sreelalu’s friend, Ram’s character must help this entrepreneur to come out of the traps untouched. He must help the good to fight through the evil – this happens to be the main motto of Skanda. However, this Boyapati genre has disappointed some fans.

The Crew Of Skanda And Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie 

Ram Pothineni leads this movie in the role of Bhaskar Raju. Other notable cast members include Urvashi Rautela, Sreeleela, Raja, Srikanth, Ajay Purkar, Prince Cecil, Saiee Manjrekar, Prabhakar, Naga Mahesh, Sharath Lohistashwa, and Babloo Prithviraj. The film came out on 28th September, 2023. Although some people are curious if Skanda is based on a true story or not, it is fictional. If you want to watch Skanda, please head on to Disney+ Hotstar.

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