Is Kalki 2898 AD postponed? More About The Prabhas Starrer

If you have read mythology, you must have heard about the avatars of Vishnu right? Well, Kalki 2898 AD tells a similar tale about one of the avatars of Vishnu. In this article, we will try to find – is Kalki 2898 AD postponed?

Till now, this is set to be one of the blockbuster action movies of Prabhas, the South Indian star. Just when the movie was announced, it started to gain all out attention in a very less amount of time. People started to know more about this movie and it’s future updates. The fans of Prabhas and many others are eager to get a proper release date of this movie. Let us talk about the fact if Kalki 2898 AD is postponed or not.

Is Kalki 2898 AD postponed? Or Is It Just A Rumour?

In Hindu mythology, we have lord Vishnu who is one of the most strong protectors of every life form. Just like ages, according to mythology, we have a number of ages too. Satya, Treta, Dwapar were the names of three different periods of time that passed centuries ago. According to that calculation, we are living in Kali Yuga now – this time period is the age of sins or the age of suffering. Families will be broken, people will suffer and natural disasters will allegedly break the very planet  Earth in different pieces.

This movie focuses on combining this mythological side along with a science fictional part. Although this is indeed an innovative piece of idea to bring on the big screens, there are a lot of issues. A huge part of India is still sensitive to any modifications to the mythology of India, this might backfire Kalki 2898 AD in the long run. Since they are focusing on a mythological figure, there is a huge risk for them. However, as per sources, I think the makers are updating a lot of things that are associated with the plot of the film. 

Now, these news has created a situation for people to wonder more about the film. So, is Kalki 2898 AD postponed? Will the film get a proper release date soon? Well, we do have some news for all the fans. Kalki 2898 AD is postponed. In an interview with News 18, director Nag Ashwin has confirmed the delay of this film. I guess this is only for the betterment of the movie. The team is busy with the story and VFX modules. Kalki 2898 AD will probably get a late 2024 date for release.

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Kalki 2898 AD: The Last Hope For Mankind 

They say in the mythological stories that Kali yuga is the worst times to live in. In the previous parts of this article, you must have read about the introductory part about different ages of time that exist. Since kaliyuga is said to be the worst of all times to come, mankind will face all sorts of threats. In the upcoming days and years, it will be hard to live for humankind to live. The pages of mythology tells us about that the moment when everything will finally cross the threshold.

Before everything falls apart, a man will come to rescue us from the upcoming debris of darkness. He will be the sole rescuer and the only hope for all of us. He is known as Kalki Avatar – we are destined to meet this person at the end of all peril, at the end of the universe. Kalki 2898 AD tries a different approach from being in the completely science fiction comicbook superhero category. The film takes us back to an apocalypse ridden world where everything is in absolute turmoil. This future world is ruled by an oppressive system and everyone is terrified.

People are forced to follow orders and the oppression keeps on growing as more days pass. Only a miracle can save all the people now and it seems that the saviour is finally here. Lord Vishnu could not see humans suffering like this for decades and hence, he decides to set an example. In Kalki 2898 AD, Lord Vishnu transforms himself into a human avatar, the Kalki Avatar and comes to Earth. His mission is to save people of Earth from the fangs of danger. Entitled as Project K, the film will show us a science fiction approach to a mythological saga.

The Cast Of Kalki 2898 AD And More About The Team Behind

South Indian mega filmstar Prabhas leads this film as Kalki Avatar. The movie features a star studded cast that includes Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Kamal Hassan, Saswata Chatterjee, Dulquer Salman, Disha Patani, Rana Daggubati, Gaurav Chopra, Anand Vidhat Sharma, and Mandava Sai Kumar. After the announcement of this film in San Diego Comic-con, all we know now is that Kalki 2898 AD is postponed. As long as the makers announce a proper release date, we will have to wait for this Prabhas starrer. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the official first look at Kalki 2898 AD via Prabhas’s Instagram Post.

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