Is Onmyōji Arena Like League Of Legends? Are The Rumours True?

One of the oldest and most noteworthy Japanese manga happens to be Onmyōji. Serialising since 1986, there is barely anyone who isn’t aware of this blockbuster manga series. But today we are not talking about the recently launched Netflix adaptation! Our topic for today will remain confined to the original game, Onmyōji Arena. Inspired by the historic novel series, Onmyōji Arena is highly popular among the young crowd. 

Not only in Japan but gamers all around the world find this game highly attractive and compelling. Recently, a new rumour around Onmyōji Arena has come under our interest list. It seems like the game is not only inspired by the original novel but might also be influenced by League of Legends. Thus, on popular request, here is all we have gathered about the recent gossip. 

Is Onmyōji Arena Like League Of Legends? Are The Rumours True?

Is Onmyōji Arena Like League Of Legends? Are The Rumours True?

Before we tell you more about Onmyōji Arena, let us quickly answer the most asked question out there. It is indeed true that Onmyōji Arena does remind us of League of Legends. But again, there are some visible differences between the two. Both are multiplayer games, but their graphics differ to a huge extent. Speaking solely of the ratings, we do think that Onmyōji Arena is slightly better than League Of Legends. Some have even claimed that the battlefield of Onmyōji Arena is more impressive and eye-catching.

Again, we cannot forget that League of Legends takes us through Wild Rift, whereas Onmyōji Arena has been inspired by the old period Kyoto. The creators of both the games are also different. Onmyōji Arena has been formed by NetEase Games and NetEase Inc. While the master blaster game, League of Legends has been created by Riot Games. Coming back to the main question, we do think that the creators of Onmyōji Arena wanted to bring a more impactful MOBA game. Thus, gamers using Android and iOS can also easily run this application.

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Onmyōji Arena – Latest Updates & More!

Unlike League of Legends, which happens to be an old online battlefield game, Onmyōji Arena was rolled out just a few years ago. But despite being a new game, Onmyōji Arena managed to get an impressive hold of gamers. In addition to impressive graphics, the game also has a vast list of characters. As per various online sources, the very latest version of the game rolled out around November 2023. Moreover, the current revenue collected by this game will surely shock you a lot. 

As per the information collected by us, Onmyōji Arena has successfully touched the mark of one billion. As of 2023, the revenue stands to be around $1,129 million! It might not rank as the number one game in the world, but it is surely counted among the best-grossing gacha games. If we are not wrong, the popular game has also led the way forward for a blockbuster Onmyōji movie. The recently launched Netflix series might not be influenced by the game, but some of the characters will surely remain the same. 

Is Onmyōji Arena Based On A Movie? 

Is Onmyōji Arena Like League Of Legends? Are The Rumours True?

Another eye-catching rumour around the game happens to be this one. The popular Chinese game is loosely related to the original novel and is surely not adapted from any form of Japanese or Chinese movie. But you will be surprised to know that the game was the main inspiration behind the creation of the famous Chinese live-action film, The Yinyang Master. Yes, you heard it right, the director of the movie, Li Weiran was very much impressed by the setup of the game. Well, Onmyōji Arena still has a long way to go. 

As per our estimates, in the coming years, we will see even better versions of the game. So far, the game hasn’t been criticised by many, thus it shows the consistent growth of the game. But again, as of now, there haven’t been any major modifications to the game. In the long run, to maintain consistency and create a huge impact, NetEase must try to level up the battlefield arena! The gamers will surely like to experience something new from Onmyōji Arena. That’s all for today, to get more such intriguing updates on the latest online and mobile games, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is Onmyōji Arena Like League Of Legends? Are The Rumours True? – FAQs

1. Is Onmyōji Arena an exact copy of League Of Legends?

No, Onmyōji Arena is not an exact copy of League Of Legends. 

2. Is Onmyōji Arena available in India?

Unfortunately, due to the ban imposed, gamers around India don’t have access to Onmyōji Arena. 

3. Is Onmyōji Arena better than League Of Legends?

Yes, some do say that Onmyōji Arena is quite better than League Of Legends.

4. Is Onmyōji Arena based on a Japanese novel?

Yes, the popular game, Onmyōji Arena is based on a Japanese novel of the same name. 

5. How is the graphics of Onmyōji Arena?

As per the information gathered by us, the graphics of Onmyōji Arena are near to excellent. 

6. Is Onmyōji Arena accessible to Android users?

Yes, Onmyōji Arena is accessible for both Android and iOS users.

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